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Remember Me?





It's been about a month since Don's aorta aneurysm surgery and then his eight day hospitalization that followed. He's doing great now and so am I....except I took a little detour with my free time. If you want to know more, you can read my blogger's blog at: http://fromtheplanetaphasia.blogspot.com/ (See the January 21st and December 29th entries to catch up to the last time I blogged here at Strokenet.)




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She speaks...lol - glad to hear all is going well in your neck of the woods and the "frozen tundra" :beer: We're mighty cold here in Western PA - it's 19 degrees as I'm typing this reply ^_^ .

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Congratulations on both fronts, his recovery and your detour. Hope all is well and recovery will resume. "I will never forget you and Don." So I remember!

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I was checking your site regularly in the end in desparation I googled you in trying to find any other blog area where you might be blogging but instead you I found bigfoot on AC pretty funny guy.


I am glad everything is going on well in your neck of woods. I wish and pray nothing less for you both.


please update us around here, since some of us here do worry & wonder about you both.




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DONNA, It hasn't been over 20 degrees here in a over a week. I can't wait until tomorrow when it's suppose to warm up. You should be getting it soon, too.


FRED, I'll never forget you either. I really enjoyed working with you and getting to know you through your posts.


ASHA, I should have PMed you but went through a couple of weeks when I didn't seem to want to communicate with friends. I'm glad you enjoy the Barefoot. He's one of my favorite friends from Associated Content.





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I had checked your blogs on your other site and was worried when I didn't see any recent updates. Glad to see you are back and things are going okay for both you and Don.




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Hey Jean it's great to hear from my favorite blogger. Glad things are going better and that Don seems to be on the rebound. Congrats on the writing award but I'm hardly surprised. Like I've stated before you are the Charles Dickens of the blog world. And I think I would hate it if you suddenly had the ability to write your thoughts in just a few words. You use words the same way a painter uses a brush. And I don't mean house painter however the metaphor remains the same. Jean I think that the biggest reward a writer can receive you got a long time ago and continue to receive every day. That reward being all those who faithfully read your blog as fast as you can write it, and because of that being allowed to share in your adventures both good and bad. So Jean thanks for the privilege of reading the words that you weave into a rich tapestry of life.

Keep it up Girl your devoted fan Clark Taylor

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