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Wait Until You Hear What Happened to Me!



For those who've said they enjoy reading The Cooper Chronicles (which, of course, is also about Don's and my life) you won't want to miss this particular entry. Click here.




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Hi Jean:


I read Cooper's blog, and I believe the Funeral Director made a mistake on the obituary. According to the obituary, Cooper was almost 216 years old. (That IS human years).


In other words, Cooper IS still alive, because the obituary has Cooper entering the Rainbow Bridge on April 24, 2208. That IS 200 years from now.




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i'm so sorry about the passing of cooper. he went in peace with you and don there. from reading cooper's chronicles, it was obvious that he was deeply loved and he loved both of you. did you end up getting that pup? although no other pup will replace cooper, i'm sure cooper's spirit will live in your hearts always.

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Thanks for the smile, Denny. That date got corrected soon after it was posted.


Thank you, Louise, for the kind words. Yes, we did bring the little schnauzer home with us and the Cooper's Chronicles will become The Levi and Cooper Chronicles. I'll introduce him soon.



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Jean, Sorry to hear about your loss. I will miss hearing about Cooper's adventures, but will look forward to hearing the joys of having a new puppy.


Take Care,


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Jean and Don,


We are so sorry for your loss. I know how very difficult it must have been for you to lose such a valued member of your family. Cooper will be missed by all of us who enjoyed following his blogs.


Sarah, Gary and Pookie







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Jean and Don,


Cooper will always live on in your hearts and I'm sure the puppy will be taught a few of ol Cooper's tricks in order to keep you and Don on your toes.


Cooper - gonna miss hearing about you - you're one-of-a-kind. Enjoy your after-life...hope you have an endless supply of socks to chase.

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jean, how very sad to hear of cooper's passing. it is so hard to let them go. may he forever be in your hearts as he enjoys his everlasting life with friends, in a new place. i hope your grief passes quickly as you enjoy your new friend. cooper is watching over you both and your new buddy. i will miss his blogs.

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Jean & Don:


I am so sorry for your loss, but from Cooper's last blog it sounds like he is better place and will watching over your family. can't wait to hear about Levi's new adventures. cooper will forever stay in your heart till we all meet again on that rainbow bridge.




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Jean and Don,


My condolences on the passing of Cooper, but we know he is in a better place. Is Levi miniature, standard, or giant? He'll make a good companion.



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Guest lwisman




Sorry to hear about Cooper. It is hard to loss a pet. They really are a part of the family.


Thinking about you and Don.

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Sorry to hear of Coopers passing... so nice that you were there and comforted him

in his last moments... he sounds like he is in a happy place now.. our friends just lost their Bejion at Xmas. Their doggie was also around 15 years old and she had a real personality and definately a member of the family..I don't think they will get another as they like to travel.. My hubby's nephew has a cross-- shitsu and minaiture doberman,,very cute and she just loves him follows him all over and licks his pudding cup or anything that he gives her...Enjoy your new doggie, loved Coopers blog????

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I am sad to hear of your loss Jean and Don. I am sending you hugs from Denny and I and a good old fashioned wet dog nose kiss from my best buddies, Kelly and Kojo.

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