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Jean & Don:


congratulation on arrival of your new puppy Levi he is sooooo cute. I love the way he sleeps in his dogbed. Levi is fortunate to have you both as his parents and cooper as Guardian angel, man I am getting jealous.




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Levi is A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!! Can't wait to hear more about the bouncing bundle of fur. It's nice that Cooper is helping out Levi with his blogging. Can't wait to hear of Cooper's antics that are passed down as well. Afterall, the traditions must continue.

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Guest lwisman


With a little luck Levi will not find out about Cooper's trick of unrolling the toilet paper. Keep it quiet!


Congrats to all three of you!

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from cooper's perspective on how levi has begun to fit right in, looks like life will be kept busy with many active and heartwarming moments for you and don! levi looks like a bundle of joy!

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I have to admit. You had me going there for a bit with your title ~ lol the wonders of brain damage.

You blew Seinfeld's theory out of the water. The baby is absolutely adorable


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jean, what a gorgeous puppy. cooper will guide him i am sure. you both are lucky to have each other to start this next step in your lives. i send levi a bunch of tummy rubs. have fun with your new baby.

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Thanks, everyone. Levi really is a sweet little guy. He's all signed up for puppy classes so that should be fun.



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