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The Aphasia and Apraxia Challenge for Caregivers





Yesterday Don and I had a half hour 'conversation' about something he really wanted to tell me but the only words he could get out during the entire time were: feet, baker, dad, and gone. Click here to read the full 'aphasia and apraxia challenge' blog entry.


Another recent entry, Summer in Caregiverville, can be found here.


On another note, my 'Levi and Cooper Chronicles' blog has been keeping me very busy and that has earned me a nomination for an 'Awesome Blog of the Month' award in a community of 850 dog blogs. Click here if you want to check it out. It's not just about the dogs. Don's stroke and caregiving have a way of making their presence known in some of the entries.


Until next time,




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Jean, I often use you blogs on 360, blogspot and what you've published at Associated Content as my pre-bedtime reading.


I have had a sad day today as I took a dear friend out who has cancer, with both of us trying to be brave and forget that situation for a while. I was okay when I was with her but not so okay afterwards. So I read a few of your blogs and was struck once again by one entitled "The Long, Hard Road to Happiness". I wish you'd republish it here so a few of the newbie caregivers and survivors could read it.


I appreciate all you write and some things resonate with me more than others. I also read "I miss Dancing". Amen to that!



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