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Mid-Summer Update



We went out for pizza with old friends last night which was both a happy and sad time. Happy because it's always great to see old friends but sad because it accentuated yet another growing post stroke problem..... Click here to read the rest of this blog entry.


I haven't been blogging much for myself but the dogs have been really active, even won several bloggers' awards in the process. You can read up on their adventures here.


I recently got a job offer writing articles that evolved out of that article I wrote last month for the contest with a $5,000 prize. I didn't win but someone happened to see my entry, liked my writing style and contacted me. The money offered isn't bad but I haven't decided, yet, if I want to get involved writing on a someone else's schedule.


Until next time....




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It does not surprise me that you've been offered a job for what you do so so very well. If your hectic schedule could permit it, I'd say go for it!!


Bet if you wrote a book it would be a best seller.

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Writing with the talent you have only comes with a passion and love for writing you obviously have. It's understandable that having deadlines and parameters might make you apprehensive - kinda takes the fun out of it. Every piece you write won't be competing for an award. Don't be so hard on yourself and give it a shot. You may find it to be a blessing in disguise. It may turn out to be very rewarding and something you truly enjoy.


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I would love to see your writing in any forms, everything you write is amazing. I still miss your sunday sermons. I would pay for it if you agree to write it.


I am still waiting for your book to come out and I can come with you on oprah if you want to promote it.




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Sweet Woman!

So sorry to hear of Don's hearing deficit. This not only isolates Don further, but it is adding to the load you already are carrying. Here's a huge cyber hug. :hug: [[[[Hug]]]]

You continue to do a wonderful job of caring for the love of your life.

I try to not preach, but I'll say it anyway....things could be a lot worse. He could have Ahlzheimers.

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