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William Adams

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My name is William Adams and I had a massive stroke in September 2006 due to bacterial endocarditis. The host was mosquitoes and I acquired a staph infection. I have no other health problems that caused my stroke caused by mosquito bites. A piece of staph broke away from my heart and l had the stroke. I have aphasia, blindness in all of my left eye, half of my right, and paralyzed on my right side. I can walk with a pyramid cane just a little bit but I am making progress. My wife helps me with therapy and I hope to walk on my own some day.
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I'm sorry to hear this William, my first stroke wasn't until Dec. 10, 2006. It effecived my right side. I walked with a four proned cane and had an APO on my right leg. Then in Sept. 20th, 2010 I had an Anerismy sugery and had a second stroke that caused me to become parlized from the waist down. So now I sit in a wheel chair all day long! But I get around! I never give up!


Bruce Schwentker

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