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  1. Hi Janelle, I'd love to have a solution or could magically wish away all your health issues. What I can do in the least is add a small prayer your way. It helps. You're a very kind, compassionate, and caring person, it's almost difficult to imagine that so many good people are afflicted by health issues, and most difficult some of the terminal kind. My prayer for you is that God strengthen your heart, mind, and body that you continue to give support to and encourage many that suffer many debilitating issues and struggles as you do. Your words have been soothing and helpful to many that needed
  2. will2

    Hi Paul, I would add that you've made a few comments in the past about short-term memory issues, mine like yours is also a disaster. If there has indeed anything good that ever came from that is that it helped me qualify for SSDI. When the Social Worker was administering the oral test, he ended up cutting it short because my responses were laughable. At one point he stopped me because I was totally way off in my recollection and interpretation of the short stories and mathematics questions he asked....imagine that?? I was laughing with him at one point it was such a disaster, while I was hone
  3. will2

    Wil, there is such great value and wisdom on this site, I've recommended and linked this site to many folks on other boards that have stroked or TBI's. This thread is not much different than so many others posted here, such great advice and experiences coming from those who live these conditions, and ways of bettering themselves. It's a single most pivotal point made that "I'm not alone" to me that makes the difference. Thank you all, and thank you Alan for the topic.
  4. will2

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Wil, I would add that use of those products have been a godsend in help relieving the stiffness and tightness of muscle spasticity also. Unfortunately since the recent heart attack I've very limited physical endurance for walking distances and other tasks that require longer lengths of time, my breathing is not near capacity and I fear pushing those boundaries as I don't wish another repeat. I'm not complaining, it is what it is, I just try and listen to what my body is telling me as being prudent. Though I'd love to walk, or even dream of running any distances,
  5. will2

    Exactly. I've noticed this as well just recently. My thinking was "great" now some prelude to possible mild Parkinson symptoms. I realized it was exclusive to my deficit side arm/hand only, not non-affected areas. Though mildly relieved, now that I know what to expect, I don't/won't reach out for hot coffee with my left hand if avoidable.
  6. will2

    Alan. I'm now around 13yrs post stroke and if anything, the spasticity has got a bit more pronounced in my left arm/hand. Sometimes it feels like a bag of hard sand, no feeling except the numbness and tightening. The only positive relief over the years for temporary relief has been to stretch the muscles out, if possible daily each morning. The only other thing that has been suggested in another thread on this topic is to try medication, and Baclofen had been suggested, by Becky if I remember. Anyway I ask my primary care physician if I could try it and he decided that it wouldn't be in my bes
  7. will2

    Heather, yea he's more than familiar with that trick. I made this "meme" of him in the past reflecting this diabolical trap!
  8. will2

    Hey Kelli, mine's a great listener...that is when he's not in his favorite chair.. :-)
  9. will2

    LG, yes by god you are being heard. I just honestly don't know the right words to add other than what has already been said by folks here with much more wisdom on this kind of topic than myself. I can certainly emphasize with your situation, and support you in prayer but truthfully I'm hardly the one to understand relationships and emotions. Since my stroke, my relationship with my wife has went from a close relationship to more of a business type one. Stroke has definitely short circuited my feelings and emotional expressions. I'm hardly hostile, cruel, or abusive but one of really mixed feel
  10. Yes, just reading and refraining from posting on the forum. Kinda sparing the good folks here a break from my longer posts that may or may not make any sense! Thank you for the reply and tip about the PT doc. Unfortunately with the myriad of other more pressing issues currently the likelihood of doing any PT would be slim. With that said, now if you have a MSW therapist or free online psychologist, I'm in. ;-)
  11. Oh...and an afterthought...I know, hard to imagine I'm back again right? I use a 3-legged chair in the shower these days. I was just thinking about your comment about difficulties in using the bath and exiting!
  12. Hello Marcia. So much of what you posted of I can share with you, especially the above quote. First off, today was no different from your very real fears of falls. Though I've never did the stair tumbling, I have had my share recently and particularly those that EMS has been called by my family at a god awful early hour. I hate any of those trips to the ER and have to go to enormous lengths to convince my family otherwise and send the EMS folks on their way. Additionally, having my wife call to my sister and BIL at 5am and have them drive here out of concerns is also a bit disconcerting though
  13. will2

    swilkinson and janelle, thank you for your kind thoughts. In retrospect, looking back on some of my more long-winded posts and I felt a need to side step and defer to those with more experience and relevant knowledge. It just seemed to be the more prudent path in my estimation. It never stopped me from reading and praying for those who I felt could benefit, even if they weren't aware I would intercede on their behalf privately, I care. I've always remained in PM contact with my good friend Willis and have on occasion expressed to him my need to just be silent and listen more, all the while car
  14. will2

    Janelle, I'm just quiet and on the periphery. I read though, and wish everybody well. Best Regards, Will.
  15. Janaailene, hello and welcome to the forum. I don't post as much these days but reading your post I felt compelled to add my thoughts. Firstly, you certainly sound as the type to not go down without a fight, and yet determined to find some answers and comfort knowing that your not in this alone, and you've come to the right place. All of us share in many ways your fears and hopes of a more positive outcome mentally and emotionally, and possibly assurances. We share our experiences, for example my stroke was cause during surgery to repair a ruptured aneurysm in the left vertebral artery at 54yr