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  1. will2

    Hello Margo! Everybody has different recoveries and rates. Looking back I found my best recovery work was immediately following stroke. Both in-patient and even a few months out-patient. As previously mentioned, give yourself recovery rest from stroke fatigue if needed. I felt my best after fatigue sleep, rested and ready for more rehab. Your doing great, keep up the good work, and be encouraged by all you have accomplished, Lord knows we all understand what your going thru and this is a great site for understanding and receiving the encouragement when needed. One of the most unique things is
  2. will2

    Ray, this condition of your knee buckling is one of two of the main reasons I retired from my job after almost 5-1/2mos of rehab. I finally got my Doctors to give me a release and I returned to work. I did so prematurely as just out of fear of loosing a well paid career, I held my reservations hidden and hoped I could get by. It wasn't until one particular day up on the back of a flatbed truck standing erect my right leg just completely gave way and down I went and rolled off the flatbed too.. A few of my coworkers witnessed it and agreed not to mention it as safety is paramount in the electri
  3. will2

    Hi Alan, as of 2020 there are 35 states in the US that have implemented some kind of medical cannabis programs and 11 that have legalized it for recreational use, so soon or a later it will become more widely acceptable on the remainder state levels and in the long run my guess is that it will have a profound impact at the Federal level in reclassifying it away from being Schedule I on the Controlled Substances. Personally I could care less about the legalization of it's recreational use, my needs are strictly medicinal and I'm proof that it does have an impact on pain management a
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Would definitely agree with Kelli, see your doctor and explain these headaches. Heavens, I'm 13yrs post stroke and I had headaches before the stroke and still having them currently. There are so many things that could be causing them to include even stress, so a doctor needs to know...and welcome to the stroke board!
  5. Though I may be invisible to the eye here in cyberspace, you definitely have many ears here when you're ready..
  6. will2

    razrbak94, forgive me that I hadn't posted in your thread concerning your question about using a CBD product. I did however post in the other thread about CBD use concerns with an aneurysm. I was both hesitant in posting in either because I use medical cannabis products that are infused with both CBD and THC hybrids. I posted mainly in the other thread because my stroke was associated with an aneurysm. And though I did not experience any neurologic pain associated with the stroke directly after the surgery, the pain first reared it's ugly head within a year following. Actually I didn't even co
  7. will2

    teacher, though I do not take CBD to treat any seizures, I am under the care of a qualified Medical Cannabis doctor here in Florida and have CBD/THC product recommendations from him to treat neurologic pain associated from a brain aneurysm. Here in Florida with an approved card from the Dept of Health you can then acquire from a approved licensed Doctor medical cannabis. NOTE: this is legal on the state level but under Federal law it is still classified as a Schedule I controlled substance and still considered illegal for the time being. I'd suppose soon or a later medical marijuana will be re
  8. will2

    Greg, I had surgery to repair a ruptured aneurysm in the left vertebral artery, and in my discharge paperwork it is noted that they "sacrificed" the parent artery. I would guess that this is what you're describing as having no blood flow in that vessel. I was told by my neurosurgeon that my brain would try and build new pathways to compensate and that I probably wouldn't notice any specific deficiencies. However, the stroke that followed from the aneurysm and surgery would overshadow that in itself because of all the deficits resulting from the stroke, as with many here deal with. I however wa
  9. will2

    Thank you Kara. And actually my stroke and subsequent deficits are so commonplace here as everybody has a story to relate. And from them so many others may be comforted and educated. It mostly helps. At least for me the best healer has just been time, I've learned so much about things, life and other priorities. I wish you well as time marches forward for you and always feel comfortable asking. I say thanks just for being here!
  10. will2

    Kara, welcome. I don't know if it's any kind of reassurance however, several years before my brain injury I had a small car accident in which when transported and treated at the hospital they did an MRI scan. The attending physician told me at that time that unrelated to my car injury I had suffered several mini strokes that I was totally unaware of in the past as I've never recognized any symptoms and/or problems. I was dismissive as I've sustained a lot of previous head type injuries associated with physical contact sports and activities. Currently fast forward to my current pos
  11. will2

    Hello, and welcome Carlton! I'm post stroke now 13yrs and still hanging in there. When I retired from my job shortly after stroking, I found I had plenty of time to sharpen my computer skills so enjoy the journey. Things to include your computer skills will improve along with your stroke recovery. I'm 68yrs old and this dog is still learning new tricks
  12. Oh Lord, hear my prayer for all those in these difficult days. May you strengthen and protect them in these days ahead. Keep them safe and in good health. Move fast from us this disease that rages and threatens our health and livelihoods. My gaze and heart is upon you Father, watch over us with a close eye and keep all manner of evil and wrong doing from our doors. Place your mighty angels of protection around each and every one. Thank you for hearing my prayer...
  13. will2

    Patti, just letting you know, James is remembered, always..
  14. will2

    Now, I really like that!
  15. Tracy, I am amazed that the hospital discharged you in 48hrs. No CT scan, no MRI??? Though my situation and condition may have been slightly different, I can't imagine a hospital being more thorough and checking everything, especially with those conditions you mentioned. You may have died without proper treatment and at the very least considered personal harm given your condition with the dizziness, lack of mobility, etc. With the correct diagnosis you could have been given stroke preventative medications as a precaution in the event of a bleed...unbelievable!