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  1. will2

    Alan, though in my State and 35 others we have legalized medical marijuana programs to many varying degrees. Here in Florida it became legal in 2016, albeit limited in access and product availability. In the past, I've posted about my desperate search and experiences with post stroke neurological pain, mine was localized to my left eye for reasons unknown. I spent countless hours and time with lists of doctors, neurologists, ophthalmologists, and finally a leading neuro-opthalmologist from the Bask and Palmer Eye Institute here in Miami. After the assortments of checks, scans, and testing it w
  2. Watched Jills complete video, very informative. I really felt her emotions when she described her own experience. As part of my rehab I attended therapy and had the most difficult time describing my hospital experience without breaking down. Up till that time it was the single most emotionally difficult experience of my life.
  3. will2


    Janelle, funny that you should mention this. As one of the things my Russian wife might have been concerned with is possible access to information that may not be relevant to our purposes. By nature being Russian born and raised they are a bit more cautious in giving personal information freely by nature. And though she did not express this directly to me or the representative, I could sense it with my limited knowledge of her personality. I didn't question it at the time but respected her opinion that we should investigate other options available.
  4. will2

    LG, Yes you are heard. I've followed all your posts since your started this thread. Though in my situation I've not much to say mostly because I've really nothing all that constructive to add. I'm not the greatest person to give any advise when it comes to relationships, especially abusive ones. I would only tell somebody that nobody deserves any kind of abuse. My parents were very dysfunctional and I've no stomach for it. It takes great strength to get away from abuse, and I've seen too many compromises made because either spouse thought it was worth salvaging. Sure an argument here, or there
  5. will2


    As my neuro ophthalmologist told me, the pain may be just in your head as there isn't any kind of physical damage that can be repaired thus relegating me to a pain management clinic for help. I've often wondered wondered about hypnosis and if it could be used to manage the pain if "it's just all in my head" and no repairable physical damage possibilities. It may work to "trick or distract" the mind into perceiving pain to a degree. It didn't escape the possibilities, and I did go with my wife to a hypnosis clinic to inquire but, after we met with the representative my wife and I bo
  6. will2

    If interested Alan, here's a snap of my 59's historic Les Paul reissue that I had original vintage PAF's, pots, caps installed. Definitely my favorite flavored electric and hardest to let go after the stroke. They were always the heavier axe to wield during extended playing over the much lighter and ergonomic Strats, but loved that Gibson humbucker tones over the single coils at times.
  7. will2

    Deigh, just wanted to quickly check in with you and confirm that you did get the personal message with the link provided that you requested? I sent it a week or so ago.
  8. will2

    Amazing Alan, I can't even imagine having accomplished all that you have. All I have from those years is nothing but the best of memories and friendships that have lasted all my life. I bet there are hours and hours of stories from your exposure to the endless hours of playing and gigging and people that you met along the journey. I'm guessing that from your post that your playing guitar may have been interrupted by your stroke? No question in my case that I'd still be playing or at the very least still have a guitar or two too play when the mood strikes. It was almost second natur
  9. will2


    You know Janelle, in my case and with all the searching for something to manage the pain when it gets really difficult, I'm almost prompted to find some kind of solution and/or compromise that will suffice. And if or when that happens I'll certainly pass on my experience to others. Keeping in mind too is that what may work for me might otherwise give another a different outcome. I will however share, as we all should. I've picked up on so many good tips and ideas here on the site making it such a valuable resource, and it's important that all here know that. And just maybe the smallest tip or
  10. will2

    Thanks for the compliment. In those days I was quite the Dennis the Menace, a very rambunctious kid. Though I did however turn out pretty ok, it would take it's share of hard knocks to get me there. I'd also mention that it's very likely that at some point sooner or later Carrah or Connor will pick the guitar up again for another go, and maybe it'll stick with them. I believe that I mainly stuck with it was just about most of my neighbors growing up played or had bands to play in. I did, mine was called the "Invaders". Two of my bandmates who were brothers had a father who was a excellent Adv
  11. will2


    Actually Boop, as Heather mentioned above as she did a search for CPS. I was checking my Profile to see if my posts would have my reply to the Centralized Pain post I made some time ago. I was going to just copy and paste it here as it was a bit lengthy describing my neurologic pain in my left eye, and being relegated to a pain management clinic here in Miami as a last resorts. I could not locate it in my profile to paste here so I'll make a short summation of what I remember writing. When I had an aneurysm rupture, I stroked during surgery. Shortly after the surgery/stroke I started having th
  12. will2

    Tracy, in the least I can confirm the frustration aspect. I'm not particularly fond of this new reaction but understand it better now that I hear others here having the same issues, whereas others around me try to help me with the frustrations by normal reactions like "just take it easy" or "just calm down" They don't really understand how new this reaction is even to me and hard to explain why I do it to them...thats almost equally as frustrating! But over time they start to understand this is new behavior even for me and that I'm trying to adjust and compensate the differences.
  13. will2

    Wow, Alan, quite an extensive procedure and follow up, I had no idea. I'll continue to add support prayer in your direction and check back on any progress and/or successes for you. Also, I never really looked carefully at your avatar and see you too are a guitar player. I added a post in Deigh's thread about my numbness, weakness and "wooden finger" issues that have ceased my playing after 43yrs. I mentioned that if you had any issues with numbness that this stem cell treatment may help with that. I would really be interested. Anyway, God Bless and I'll be in continued prayer in yo
  14. will2

    Hi Deigh, no worries. I actually thought I remembered in your original post that there were no photo's accompanied by it so I thought you were editing during my post and I just missed you. In any event, my thoughts have been condensed down so I'll give it a quick synopsis. During my 43 yrs of playing I enjoyed it every step of the way, the guitars both acoustic and electrics, amps, settings, equipment. Just getting to the point at age about 54yrs when the aneurysm ruptured. The stroke damage was caused during surgery but there were also extenuating circumstances during transport that delayed t
  15. will2

    Deigh, The other night when you posted I typed in a kinda lengthy reply to your post being a guitar player of 43yrs of my 68 on earth so far but, when I hit the submit reply button it had an error was made and no topic was found??? I went back in albeit a bit frustrated and could not find your topic either?? So it was left as was. I'm kinda wary of re-typing another reply because it would almost certainly cause a meltdown on my end if I got that error message again...thats when the point of frustration that my mind's brain signal path would probably look like a jigsaw puzzle Though