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  1. will2

    Absolutely! It was sorely missed. I exchanged emails with Willis a few times and in that course he had a type of seizure during Church services accompanied by his wife. I'd ask a small favor or request to add a little prayer or well wishes his way. I hope he's doing ok and responds here. Willis, you are a great friend and dearly missed. Nothing can take the place of the type of care and comradery of the members here.
  2. will2

    Spirit Airlines
  3. What always gets me is the intermittent or unexpected foot drops that come and go. It's not an ordinary event either, and catches me unwittingly and off-guard. As a result I've taken my share of tumbles and hospitalized with a fractured vertebrae over the years. My first fall was even in the hospital after the brain surgery, they didn't tie me down to my bed, nor was I aware that my legs didn't work and slipped off the bed to use the bathroom and down I went. The collapse resulted in 7 stitches above my left eye and the panic that ensued from the staff that ran to assist. And that was just day
  4. will2

    Wow Janelle, you're so very lucky to live in such a great place that they even acknowledge your complaints and/or opinion. In the state I live here in Florida with a population of 20.7 million and my local population of Miami-Dade County we have 2.7 million I'd consider it a blessing that they listen and not fall on deaf ears. In fact, where I live many of the residents are now complaining about too many handicap parking spaces and are lobbying to get those spaces reduced to handle the unaffected population segments. I never realized the value of those parking spaces until I became mobility co
  5. will2

    Green Peace
  6. will2

    Thanks Wil, received the article and read thru. A good read. The wife and I thought that having purchased a Sleep Number bed with the separate individual adjustments for each side would help with the toss-n-turn issue, it would still keep me awake because I couldn't get comfortable and I'd often be up and about trying to occupy my time till the fatigue would overcome my restlessness. Since the wife was still working at her job at the time it wasn't fair to disturb her needed rest before work. So sleeping apart was a simple solution in the short of it. Eventually I discovered that I actually sl
  7. will2

    Janelle, I'm in the camp that having had a brain injury it's not such a bad idea to have an MRI every once in awhile anyways, just for peace of mind. Those annoying migrating odd pains every now and again always kinda raise a red flag for me. Always one of those added bonuses of being a member here, knowing that other survivors in recovery share many of these common concerns. Though our individual brains may widely vary in recovery, just knowing that others here experience similar experiences helps me to adjust my anxiety levels accordingly. Thanks as always for sharing! Did you use contrast w
  8. will2

    Deigh, sometimes in the past I too have questioned the consistency of a particular prescribed medication because the normal effects of the medicine were absent. I couldn't imagine that a prescription pill would be inconsistent in it's composition leading my more rational thinking to say that it's me, perhaps something that I ate or did or didn't do altered the effects of the medication. That lead me to believe that it was in fact my biological chemistry that altered the effects at the onset. I just couldn't wrap my head around a shift in the composition of the pharmaceutical makeup of the pill
  9. will2

    Actually Wil, when I first moved into this home built in 56' they had those low-riders in both bathrooms. Maybe Hobbits lived here prior. I installed the higher elongated bowl in the master bath when I remodeled but the guest bathroom still has the Hobbit bowl. I have a split floor plan and my wife took up one of the spare bedrooms and likes using it. I'm in the master bedroom on the other side of the house. We decided that we would sleep better without my tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, if we split up rooms. I ended up getting and fully reclining office chair w/foot rest to sle
  10. will2

    Your welcome, and I just saw your post and was ready to reply with some instructions. I've been posting images on several sites for many years. Post-stroke I did a lot of dslr photography and joined my online photo hosting site Zenfolio, and just upload all my photos to my host and copy the URL's and just paste in the media URL tab. Easy peasy. Glad you got it. BTW Madade, beautiful pool and decking. I almost went with similar type decorative wood decking but after several years of taking care of my front yard decking/benches, I eventually felt it wasn't worth the upkeep with all the high humi
  11. will2

    Ring doorbell
  12. will2

    This incontinence comments brought up another point post-stroke, for me that is. Now I sit to pee and no longer stand. Additionally it could be medicine related and/or age related but it's harder to get started and takes a little time thus the sitting for the duration. Though my time in the bathroom has increased exponentially, it's a good time to think and plan or just reflect. It's an odd topic to discuss but there's added humor in there too. Thanks Janelle, hugs back at you. And to all the 4-legged lovers everywhere, it improves my quality of life each and every day for me and s
  13. will2

    Since we've basically no problems with ambient temps year round here in South Florida the pool is comfortable for relaxing 24/7. Sometimes even edging close to luke-warm in summers. Growing up here in Miami pools have been a mainstay, a necessary luxury, and a much needed stress reliever throughout the years. Since moving to this home pre-stroke I never realized how differently the pool environment would change post-stroke. One of the biggest differences noticed were entering the pool and how odd the sensations of the numb side of my body felt all the way to the up to the top of my head felt,
  14. will2

    Box, or bag, mine enjoys them both. Though a word of caution about getting your feet too close to the bag when occupied.
  15. will2

    Tracy, what excellent buddies to keep you company! I have a few Chewy boxes scattered about in my house too