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  1. will2

    Greg, I had surgery to repair a ruptured aneurysm in the left vertebral artery, and in my discharge paperwork it is noted that they "sacrificed" the parent artery. I would guess that this is what you're describing as having no blood flow in that vessel. I was told by my neurosurgeon that my brain would try and build new pathways to compensate and that I probably wouldn't notice any specific deficiencies. However, the stroke that followed from the aneurysm and surgery would overshadow that in itself because of all the deficits resulting from the stroke, as with many here deal with. I however wasn't told that there would be any lifespan change. Though I'd suspect that in many other ways my lifespan could be shortened by falls from my balance issues and other difficulties just dealing with the hardships caused from stroke. I'm 13yrs post stroke btw, and likely reached a plateau in my recovery physically. Being 68yrs old now also has it's challenges too, but all in all, I'm good for what it's worth and satisfied with many physical accomplishments post stroke. It has it's challenges but also rewards, never ever give up..despite what many along the way told me to settle for expected outcomes. I've superseded those expectations and always set new goals. You can achieve anything you set your mind to, keep on keeping on! I wish you well in your recovery, and be encouraged at your achievements along the way. Today's a good day to be alive! A copy of the text from my hospitals discharge paperwork...
  2. will2

    Hello Deigh, and thank you for all your comments. I learned many years ago being an ole timer in a few online forums, anything and everything you post is up for public scrutiny. It matters not what you say, both good and/or revealing, somebody is going to agree with you and others may not. Thats just the way the internet is. Whenever you make a post in a thread topic, so many folks known and unknown will see it and have an opinion. The only sad part in that is mostly that those people will likely never really know who I really am in person...face to face. My real content, who I really am. If I so offend another, I offer my apologies in advance. I will say stupid stuff over long periods, the nature of the proverbial internet beast I guess. I'd like to think that to whom, or whatever I may post, or in response to another's would understand that underneath my intentions are good and decent, and usually in the spirit of helping or assuring another. We need to know that sometimes, especially governed under the internet "invisible" rules of conduct and behavior. And thats not to say, we often step on another, not necessarily maliciously but unintentionally. Thats just the way it is. Especially in these days of higher than usual stress, things will be said and things will be forgiving, after all we're just human. I personally enjoy your informative and insightful posts. I'd like to think of you as a fella I could sit back and enjoy a cool drink with and talk about all sorts of stuff. Just my opinion. And what I can see here in this forum, there are many fine caliber folks with a lot more common sense and smarts than I. I always take things to heart, maybe too much sometimes.. Thank you Deigh for being you, I appreciate it more than you can imagine.
  3. will2

    Deigh, I'm very optimistic about the future regardless of the pandemic. I stress to my wife almost daily that so many of the folks that are infected, sick, or tested positive are recovering. Her thinking is a definite death sentence, and nothing I say will help change that idea in her head. In fact, yesterday she was mentioning that any kind of faith in God, or believing in miracles of cured cancer patients just don't happen from prayer, and how could I believe that. This is an almost complete reversal from her from the beginning of our relationship. I'm a believer in God, faith and miracles, always have been. In fact we had that in common to a point prior to marriage as I would not have engaged in marriage to a godless woman regardless, because of my belief system. Thats just me, your mileage may vary. And I'm not an evangelist type that preaches about to others, my beliefs are personal and I've never imposed them on another, ever. Everybody's got a freedom to choose there paths in life. Her's has just changed so dramatically recently, along with a dim view and outlook on this pandemic. She is Russian born and is constantly talking to her Russian friends daily. I don't know if this is just the mindset of that particular crowd, but she's having a real difficult time with this containment policy, and the "Corona death sentence." Me, on the other hand just look at it like since we live in such a densely populated state, we stand a greater chance of being infected before this thing is over, that is if they don't discover a vaccine before that time. I'm ok and fine either way. It's definitely not an automatic death sentence. But I cannot get that through to her..period. To be honest, since my recent heart attack and other declining health issues, I'm counting the blessings on my punch card each day. I just don't talk about it so much. But I've come to terms with that. I'm struggling with my one kidney and other stuff I'd rather not get into, but it just puts things into perspective and I've recently been taking measures of getting my affairs in order just in case, even months before the pandemic. So I'm ok with what comes next and have been keeping my wits about things and life. I'm good actually, I just try and avoid my conversation with my wife about this virus, she's really coming apart slowly and does not want to hear any positive or encouraging comments about it from me. I really don't like to air our laundry publicly much, everybody is having there own difficulties and we're no different. I'm just seeing a new side to her and our relationship now, as this is the first real time things are being tested so to speak, being cooped up together 24hrs and her perceived paranoia about getting sick...honestly this is a new side of her I've never experienced and it's just going to take time and adjustment to get through this. I'm doing good though, but I definitely have to remain vigilant and not engage those topics that can decline quickly..
  4. will2

    Welcome and ask away. There's a wealth of knowledge and experience here.
  5. will2

    Hiya Sue! Boy, thats easier and trouble free to type in than your other id without auto correct being a nuisance. And btw, just the other day on one of our local News broadcasts, they mentioned a small business owner here in Miami who has his factory set up to make and produce his own branded Rum. Things slowing a bit due to the pandemic, he decided to keep his employees and convert all his distillery machinery over to product hand sanitizer and a spray disinfectant using his stocked alcohol used for making his own product Rum. The first products off the assembly line have gone to hospitals and first responders (his way of helping the community COVID 19 outbreak) and in another week the supply will be available to the public for purchase and use by ordering online. So in the end, things have a way of working out with a little patience! Thank you.
  6. will2

    And thank you so much for the reply. We did discuss the spraying and agreed that we would try to find a product/s that would work such as Lysol wipes/spray or others. The searches that we did came up with some products from big retailers like Amazon had the products but were either out of stock or prioritized for hospitals. I've tried with local deliveries from places from the largest chains here in the states such as Walmarts, Publix etc, and even them ordering anything has you put into a future spot almost of a week from now. I did put in an order here locally from the Publix grocery chain but since they've been finding worker's showing positive in the local stores, it's a wait and see if they can fill the order and deliver. In my area south of Miami, FL they have a mandatory stay at home which is enforced and the wife refuses to leave the house, so deliver services is the only way to get anything. The delivery services are now reassessing their positions and updating their policy as the virus spreads, so thats getting iffy at this point. It is scary, sadly my wife broke down in tears this morning...gosh thats hard, I just wanted to be there for her so I just mainly listened from across the table. She's hardly ever cried in over 20 yrs unless we had a real difficult situation or temp fallout as with most marrieds may encounter thru the years. I want to be as supportive as possible without speaking too much. I'm more optimistic but it's not really what she needs to hear, that just doesn't sink in for her. I believe in my heart that we stand a good 50/50 chance of one or both of us may be infected in the future here in a densely populated state with almost 23 million people. Just my city of Miami alone is densely populated with almost 3 million. However with keeping that and the media "doom and gloom" drum beat, even if we are to get it I believe we'll survive it. Lord know's with all the close scrapes with death just recently and getting thru them, I've been a bit hardened and lean on the outcome in the hands of our creator. But I don't think my wife needs to hear my optimism like that as much as just an ear to listen and hear up difficulties out. Wow, each day brings so much new and fast pace choices which require plans and changing strategies. I have a deep rooted faith in God and have my talks daily.. Thank you swilkinson, thats a hard one to type as my computer keeps trying to auto-correct my spelling when I type your name!
  7. will2

    You know, I've already posted a few times in other threads regarding this topic, everywhere or everyone I've talked to is talking the pandemic buzzwords. I'm just not very encouraged at what I'm hearing more and more, we just heard via another media outlet that the shopping center that is within walking distance, my favorite place to grocery shop at one of the largest best chain stores Publix, an employee has been infected and now the media is calling my hometown a hotspot! I want to scream... In my 68yrs who would have imagined this? Though maybe a once in a lifetime event, or whats next, should I still be around? I really care about folks, and to see so many of them, wife included to get a bit unraveled is mind numbing. I'm doing my best to just stay in my room and hang with my cat. My wife is on the other side of the house using two rooms and her bathroom. We meet in just passing but she's honestly getting a little crazy with the cleaners and spray bottle disinfectant's. The fumes were so strong in the house that I just closed my bedroom door and opened a window. Even with the a/c on it makes it worse, especially with 91º heat outside. It closed up my sinuses for almost 12hrs. I can't imagine going for another couple months. Our state here of Florida with a largely dense population, the media has predicted doom and gloom for us. On top of that were just a month away from hurricane season...honestly, I'm overwhelmed. Sorry for the vent, I guess after today I'm getting a bit stressed myself.
  8. will2

    Thank you Kara. And actually my stroke and subsequent deficits are so commonplace here as everybody has a story to relate. And from them so many others may be comforted and educated. It mostly helps. At least for me the best healer has just been time, I've learned so much about things, life and other priorities. I wish you well as time marches forward for you and always feel comfortable asking. I say thanks just for being here!
  9. will2

    Deigh, with those statistics in NZ you're very fortunate, besides just a wonderful place to live. Things here even at home are getting nutty. We had some free home delivered food today from a service that was provided for seniors 65 and older but, when delivered my wife brought everything in the kitchen and out comes her Clorox spray mixture and everything wiped down. What I wasn't expecting was my strong reaction to the spray fumes, and had to close my bedroom door and open the windows as it was affecting my sinuses and giving me a headache. Bless my wife, I appreciate how thorough her cleaning and sterilization of everything is in the spirit of keeping us safe, but as predicted, things are expected to decline heavily in the next few weeks I can't imagine breathing this toxic solution for much longer. I'm starting to wonder how different my olfactory sense has changed post stroke and if it's just that I'm more sensitive to certain fumes. Just reported the other day here in Miami-Dade county where I live we've had over 4,300 infected cases and 35 deaths and I think that was on Monday. Naturally the News are predicting many more infected and associated deaths, grim as it actually is I only catch up and record maybe an hour of news once every 4-5 days. In Florida the current population is just at 23 million and where I live in South Florida we only have just coming up on 3 million, I hope to stay outside the odds but only that will be determined by time and how quickly a vaccine may be made. I'm keeping optimistic but certainly makes me appreciate where you live in NZ. I'm sure too that the Mama Cloud leopard isn't sweating the population decrease and attention. She'll have plenty of time giving the attention to her kittens without distraction.
  10. will2

    Kelli, in my area of the world of South Florida and living on the outskirts of Miami with a population on 2.78 million people and my county having the current highest amount of infected case in our state, we are taking many precautions naturally. I currently cut the satellite cord and have gone exclusively with streaming TV. So I have a lot of new stuff to explore with Netflix and Sling TV apps. Tons of new viewing content to keep me busy during this Corona business. With that said, I'm mostly homebound these days currently just normally before the pandemic so my daily activities around the home haven't changed hardly at all but my wife is getting a bit pandemic paranoid and at this point practicing mandatory "social distancing" that she is in another side of my house in the guest bedroom and almost at the point of wearing a mask indoors which almost makes me feel like a leper case. The media here has so hyped individual's being of higher risk ie; age, compromised health, etc, that she's almost afraid of me! My take is that being in such a hot spot of rapid infections spreading in our state of Florida my sense is that it may be 50/50 that at some point either her or I may possibly be infected and hope that some type of intervention either a vaccine or some other measure to prevent or aid a person may be available at that time. They don't report on the News many of the current populations that have been infected and have recovered fine...that doesn't sell I guess. Being a high hurricane prone area of Southeast Florida coastline I've managed many hurricanes and are immune to the media scares that cause many panics both at the store's for supplies and at home. Time and time again in my 65yrs of living in Miami I seen this happen over the years. While I don't really watch the news on TV, I do stay advised via the internet and family. I'm riding this pandemic out but do mention in my prayer for my wife to get thru. With that said I would say as this little fella "Hang in There!" one of our most recent new borns at our local zoo here in Miami. A pair of endangered Cloud Leopard kittens, both male and female...And naturally my cat the "Fuzz" couldn't be interested in the least. Food and treats are his main priorities!
  11. will2

    Kara, welcome. I don't know if it's any kind of reassurance however, several years before my brain injury I had a small car accident in which when transported and treated at the hospital they did an MRI scan. The attending physician told me at that time that unrelated to my car injury I had suffered several mini strokes that I was totally unaware of in the past as I've never recognized any symptoms and/or problems. I was dismissive as I've sustained a lot of previous head type injuries associated with physical contact sports and activities. Currently fast forward to my current post stroke condition related to brain surgery bleed and repair, I often have headaches or pains in specific parts of my brain or head, that I'm much more sensitive to. At one point I did have a follow-up MRI scan without contrast and my Neurologist reviewed the scan and reported that I was fine. No new bleeds. I had originally been hospitalized for a ruptured aneurysm and during surgery to repair the bleed I stroked. My main concerns post stroke was that there weren't any signs of any problems with the repair site in my left veterbral artery which was repaired with coil embolization and there were no knew signs of additional future problems brewing. I'm way more sensitive to ever having a repeat of that experience however, now 13yrs post stroke I take a lot of those non-specific or head ache anomalies more calmly. It would always benefit you to err on the side of caution if you're having any kind of problematic brain issues to seek the help of a good Neurologist to have a look/see. I was under the care of my Neurologist for many issues that followed a year later post stroke from neurological pain so I was highly sensitive to anything going on in my head and brain. I wish you the best in your post recovery and asking questions is what this site is all about. We've been there..
  12. will2

    Hello, and welcome Carlton! I'm post stroke now 13yrs and still hanging in there. When I retired from my job shortly after stroking, I found I had plenty of time to sharpen my computer skills so enjoy the journey. Things to include your computer skills will improve along with your stroke recovery. I'm 68yrs old and this dog is still learning new tricks
  13. Oh Lord, hear my prayer for all those in these difficult days. May you strengthen and protect them in these days ahead. Keep them safe and in good health. Move fast from us this disease that rages and threatens our health and livelihoods. My gaze and heart is upon you Father, watch over us with a close eye and keep all manner of evil and wrong doing from our doors. Place your mighty angels of protection around each and every one. Thank you for hearing my prayer...
  14. will2

    Hello and welcome Audrey. Like others here, this is certainly the place if any, to moan, commiserate, share victories and successes and express any concerns you may have with many other's just like yourself. I'm 13yrs post stroke currently, and honestly with the left side weakness and numbness, I'm so used to it at this point that if my arm or hand are stationary like sitting on an arm rest of a chair, I almost loose site of the physical deficits that is, until I move it or bump it, then the sensations or lack of return once again. So yea, those sensations that you describe are very common. Over time the only thing that has really helped was physical therapy and use of the arm and hand like minor weights or squeezing a soft ball. Excercise really helps and strengthens the affected arm, hand, or extremity. The strangest sensation body-wise I experienced post stroke was the first time I got into my pool, talk about strange or unusual sensations, that was a surprise! Some things will improve over time, others more slowly, and some you just get used to that you cannot effect any change..
  15. Kelli, what a great history to have. I'm sure you have many stories and great memories. I would have loved to have family members that shared my enthusiasm for the Arts. I do have many life long friends that we all forged a great bond together throughout the years. I'll always carry those thoughts with me, always. Now as the clock is winding down I'm wondering what to do with all my keepsakes, certificates, old belts, etc. It's such a part of my history it's hard to let go. I know the commitment and how hard you and your family worked to get to those places. I just was a month short of my 3rd Dan when I had to succumb to the demands of my job, they owned me 24/7 and at times a couple months on the road, so my teaching and going to school had to be put on the back burner. Which bring me to date, it's difficult to imagine all those techniques I worked so hard to perfect and yet today just getting up steps is a milestone. I can't help but wonder if my balance would be worse if I didn't have all those years of training. Congrats to you and your family on their accomplishments! Doug, my apologies for the small thread drift, it's all those great memories coming up..
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