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  1. will2

    Kev, you are a brave man, my hats off to ya. Coincidentally, those were a couple of the reasons that sadly I needed to retire from my job. One instance, I had climbed up a side ladder onto a bucket truck and when I stood up, my left leg buckled at the knee and I fell. Luckily nobody saw it around me but I knew that in my line of work where I could possibly put another's safety into jeopardy, I had to put those concerns above mine. I worked everyday in very high voltage environments where as a team, we all needed to constantly watch and support each others back. They were my peers for 25yrs and willing to cover for my shortcomings or weaknesses, I just couldn't allow them to do extra to cover my responsibilities in good conscience. So I took long term disability and eventually retired soon afterwards not seeing too much improvement at that point. Even these days, climbing a ladder is a big one for me. Especially when I climbed so many extension ladders in my work in areas where a bucket truck couldn't be used with much of our large high voltage equipment in electrical Substations, my department. In recent years I've begrudgingly had to cough up the $$ to pay others to climb 6' ladders just to change batteries or adjust outside motion sensor lights and cameras. I know you're your own man, but in light of you mentioning you leg trustworthiness, please be extra mindful, it can or might happen as I found out. Having taken a couple of hard spills on the pavement recently has reinforced my extra attention to potential hazards. With that said, beautiful Christmas decorations, well done! You have a wonderful home
  2. I just checked and there is almost 3 pages of invisible internet friends answering the call to prayer for James. They are some of the finest people I've had the pleasure to know, and honored to be a part of their cyber community. Composed of doctors, lawyers, surgeons, military and law enforcement people and others of just about every walk of life. This is a group that found out a year or so ago, that another member had lost his job and apartment out of misfortune, and was living in a broken down vehicle trying to get back on his feet. The membership reached out in his state of Virginia and we all collected almost $18,000 to assist and help him purchase a better vehicle and get into an apartment. He is now fully employed and looking for ways to help pay it forward to another and pass on the blessing. I myself have never hunted or carried a handgun, mine were used in sport target shooting until I no longer had the endurance for the rigors of the target ranges. I haven't used any in many years. I've since sold all but one and it's just gathering dust. After I'm gone the wife has expressed no desire to keep one at home. I've just respected and enjoyed them for sport.
  3. Good Morning Patti, I belong to and have been a member of all things, a firearm enthusiasts forum for over 10yrs now. Despite the unpopular views concerning firearms I was raised as a kid with firearms my Dad being an avid trap/skeet and target shooter Veteran from WWII. They are a wonderful group of enthusiasts and a large population of Christians. They are almost 100k strong worldwide in membership and a wide range of interests, to include a thread topic about cats that has over 3 million views and 8,000 posts. Lots of photos and laughs from cat and animal lovers alike. Anyway, I posted a thread topic calling to prayer for James and the membership has already started responding as expected from these guys for James.
  4. will2

    Posting this topic has had me doing web searches in state legalized medical marijuana programs. I would add that some of this forum members are very fortunate to have more liberal programs and products available. I see that many here also can cultivate their own plants for personal consumption as well as wide ranges of available edible type products. Florida overwhelmingly passed by a 75% margin of voters for legalization of medical marijuana in 2016. There were initial speculation that patients that qualified would be included to cultivate a limited amount of plants for personal consumption, all kinds of rumors were being presented. However, many groups who were more opposed to voting for legalization caused the state Legislature to drag it's feet with implementation and/or controls of the products available. Basically a lot of fear mongering ie; marijuana is a gateway drug that would increase abuse and addiction, or would lead to many children being hooked on pot, on and on. Our Legislature caved and put a lot of restrictions of qualifications and product availability. Gone was personal cultivation of limited amount of plants for personal use of qualified patients, no edibles, they didn't even permit the use of the smokable flower until late 2018. Having qualified for both chronic pain conditions and PTSD, I was permitted a Compassionate Use Registry Card early in 2017. I tried just about all the costly products available in the few dispensaries here for almost a year and let my card expire because the products available could not manage my neurological pain. Late in 2018 the state passed another law allowing the smokable flower so having given up on opiate use my doctor recommended trying the new smokable flower. Well Hallelujah, a product finally worked. Not only did it immediately take the pain away, it had a very relaxing over all feeling throughout my body which aided in both sleep and temporary relief from the awareness of muscle spasticity. Still Florida is in it's medical cannabis program infancy and slowly advancing in product availability and a wider range of products to include edibles plus allow personal cultivation of a limited amount of plants for medical purposes. Me. I'll just take the edibles any day. Though I'm not a real big fan of smoking the product, it works superbly for pain management imo. Those of you like KevRider and Willis and others are fortunate to have the state legal products you have available as well as personal plant cultivation if you so choose. I hope in my life time Florida stops dragging their feet and allow the qualified patients use of more wider personal choices.
  5. will2

    Hi Deigh, though I don't have the medical definition of vertigo, since brain surgery, I'm not sure if it's the subsequent stroke that followed the surgery or what it may be but since, for the life of me, I cannot look straight up without falling over if I haven't anything to hold on to for support. I first became aware of this shortly after I tried to return albeit prematurely, to my job. I was on the second shift at night and somebody on top of a large tall power transformer asked me to toss a small tool up to him, when I looked up to toss the tool I fell to the ground almost immediately. Talk about a rude awakening. In the years since, I've never asked a doctor about it since I hardly ever look up, my neck is way too tight, but I suspect that it's damage from surgery and/or bleed. It is definitely balance and dizziness associated but I don't think it's considered vertigo but someday I'll ask and get an explanation. Thanks for that link KevRider, it may be associated with BPPV (benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo) as the link suggested by those crystals of calcium in the inner ear getting loose when tilting the head up??
  6. will2

    Hello Jacquie, and welcome. I see that you're in the US and if I'm correct in MI you have a medical cannabis program that you can purchase through a licensed medical cannabis doctors recommendation, cannabis for accepted patient use. I'm sure that Willis may drop in on this thread seeing that he too is from Michigan and has much more information on the topic of state legalized use of the products. I live in Florida and we too have state legalized medical cannabis programs available. I can tell you from my experiences having now been almost 13yrs post stroke and dealing with being relegated to pain management for several years and prescribed round-the-clock morphine and other various opioids for severe neurological pain, I was able to manage the pain but the use of opioids side effects made it prohibitive in my case. Not to mention the absolute awful withdrawals when you stop using them. I tried so many other prescription medications for neurological pain like Cymbalta, Neurotin, Lyrica, and other various treatments for the pain without any success either. That too doesn't mean that they may not work for you but, did not in my case. In my thread about neurologic pain that started in my left eye post stroke, deteriorated to the point that it was as if the eye was on fire (for lack of better words). I tried many alternative treatments with my Opthalmologist like silicone implants in the tear ducts, artificial tear meds, courses of Restasis, etc, eventually he recommended me to his professor from the University of Miami who currently was one of the leading specialists in neuro ophthalmology at the Bask and Palmer Eye Center here in Miami. After several visits with him without success, he relegated me to pain management and as mentioned, several years of opioid treatments. Long story short. I obtained a Compassionate Use Card here to accept a licensed cannabis doctors recommendation (they cannot legally "prescribe" medical marijuana) the products selection expanded within the Florida initial legalized use in 2016, eventually allowing the use of smokable flower for the "entourage effect" of the whole plant, it worked, and almost immediately took the pain away making it manageable when it gets to the point that the pain is raging. There are no real conceivable bad side effects, and additionally it can relax you to aid in sleeping. As far as the muscle spasticity, it helps to relax the whole body thus distracting from the spasticity, but it will invariably return as always. There are others who may not tolerate medical cannabis with THC and for those the use of products with just CBD may help without the effects of the THC. I've tried both, and for my situation, the only thing I've found so far is the smokable flower with a % of THC that is effective.
  7. will2

    Hi Babu and welcome! I've been post stroke now almost 13yrs and still have those pesky left side numbness/weakness. For me, only a good bit of rehab after my stroke did I see really good strides. I pretty much reached a plateau after several years and only slight improvements over time by just staying as active as I can manage. There are those days I am however reminded of the weakness or numbness, when I do something that I guess is more muscle memory (forgetting the weakness/numbness) and drop something or knock things over with my left arm/hand. I have a topic called Angry Extremities someplace that goes into detail of one of those frustrating times of knocking stuff over because the use of my left hand. It's more a comment of the initial frustrations and the slight humor that followed. These days it's more about the things I can still do than those "pesky deficits" mostly because there's not all too much I can do about them outside of minimal functioning. If you find yourself slipping into depression and/or feeling hopeless, please talk to some kind of professional if possible. There are medications that can aid in helping with the depression, and I've never avoided talking about my issues with a good therapist to help sort things. The very least, bring it here, we've all mostly experienced what you're dealing with, ask away. Just posting in this thread is a good start. Many, many fine folks that are always willing to share from their experiences. I was mostly quiet for the most part after joining many years ago and recently started posting more frequently, it's been eye-opening and rewarding to be with such good people who, like you and I, have been there or are going thru it currently and have some great wisdom they will share.
  8. Though I'm pretty homebound these days, I'll continue my dedication in prayer and please keep us informed as to any kind of changes and/or needs. More prayer traffic inbound..
  9. will2

    Here is just another perfect example of how in reading thru the Word I find another unrelated reference to exactly what I'm currently reading in Exodus 37:17 just an hour ago referring to the construction of the temple lamp stands ..It could be said that you can read this kind of thing everywhere but notice it now because I'm more in tune with it. Something like purchasing a car and then noticing so many like it on the highways. Either way, as I read this "phenomena" seems to be following me around in sync! "Times, the author remarks that the symbol is somewhat reminiscent of the Menorah, the seven-armed lampstand of pure gold crafted during the Exodus which was once housed Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem" an earlier excerpt taken from an article unrelated to the Bible references I read each day, this excerpt was in an article about Sonia Matossian a member of the French La Rochefoucauld family who owns a castle built on a rock foundation. As strange as it may seem, a coincidence? Thank you Kelli very kind of you, prayers are always welcome. I'm reminded of a strong conversation I had with a coworker almost 30yrs ago who was a grounded atheist and had a strong dispassion for God related subjects. To this day I still pray for his change of heart and believe that although we've many years ago lost touch, that by some miraculous chance prayer would be answered in my life time. Like a dog with a bone I'll not let go of this prayer, it's a passion thats become a mission.
  10. will2

    Will, yes, I was thinking about you as well just last night and overdue for a update, I'll send one your way very soon. I'm doing well as expected and everything else I take meds and ibuprofen for Janelle, I have a "God plan" that helps as to keep me keep on track daily in prayer and reading the Word. This is my third time reading thru, I'm currently in Exodus again. So it's not unusual or surprising that as I've been reading, externally I hear things things or current news that falls directly in line with the very same chapters I've been reading thru, strange as it may sound. What an incredible story and inspiration knowing that so many of those popular biblical characters were no different than I am, they all had their strengths and weaknesses and stories of their faith and courage facing the challenges of the times helps shape and renew mine daily. And as Colten's sister in the movie "Heaven is for Real" said "He's no angel either" would apply as well to me!
  11. will2

    You know in retrospect, I'm so conscious of my posts and never seem to want to come off as a whiner or victim, sometimes I go back and delete or edit posts because of me over-thinking it. I'm constantly reminding myself that I'm among other's who like myself have suffered and struggle daily to regain some sense of being post stroke. I have both the good and bad days like many here. You'd often think that living with stroke deficits most days are bad, or difficult, because pre-stroke for the most part we were all whole, physically anyways. These days even when I say there are "good days" just feeling any improvement is good, even the very minor things like a day free of neuro-pain, or headache free, the small things I count as blessings, just being alive. Thats why I'm so glad to be here among others who know what it's like post stroke, you get it. I was talking with my wife yesterday about her taking a more active role in the management of our home, mortgage, upkeep, maintenance, and things like taxes, stuff for the most part I've handled myself. For the most part, she really never showed much interest in those things and I've been doing it all myself just being married 17yrs now, so it was only natural to continue doing so. She commented that I look healthy, and that those who are really sick are bed ridden, and cannot hardly talk or do anything. I told her I wished she could live in this body for an hour just to understand the challenges, and better know why I want her just to be better prepared. Her understanding is that those who stroke eventually recover completely and not to be worried. There is a bit of truth to that however, some instances where age and/or health may prevent full recovery, things often may go south. I just want to her to understand some of the realities and being more proactive on her part takes a little of the pressures off me. Lord knows trying to keep it all together just paying all the bills, mortgage, insurances, taxes, etc is a challenge with some short term memory loss. She's definitely got the capacity to handle all these things, she's been on her own for many years prior to our marriage and has an engineering degree, she's definitely got the brains! Such is another day and thoughts in the life of a stroker.. Anyway, as always, thank you for your comments and support, and to StrokeNet for a place to share our stories and small bit's and pieces of our lives. Maybe on the positive side of things my tumble on the ground brought the reality that anything can happen at any time, without warning and to be as best prepared as possible by being more proactive.
  12. will2

    Though it may seem a bit strange, I've always been, and most recently a more renewed prayer warrior. Sometimes it's the most that I can do for anybody that is in need. I would just ask a small favor, I recently replied in a thread for Patti (new member) she has a son in a coma and I offered up a prayer as I could not answer more specifically her question in her topic. I made a personal commitment several years back to pray for those in need as I just believe that it's something that has been put on my heart to do in the very least for another, as I would also if I was in need. Lord knows, I have many that have sent their prayer my way. This small request would just be a first name, thats all, I've just always felt a little more personable when addressing those needs in specific ways. In my mind and heart it just seems to flow a bit more smoothly instead of "that person on the internet or otherwise" I know on the internet information can sometimes be a privacy issue so I just ask for the very least a first name. God knows the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would often say. Additionally too, I'm sure more reassuring that folks that make prayer requests feel acknowledged when many make replies and/or comments that they are in fact heard or know that they're receiving prayer, many many times if I see a request for prayer I just do it. Most importantly has been my continued commitment to God to pray for those in need, but to do it in kinda anonymity, even when giving gifts, as I know most importantly is what God see's in my heart, not really so much for public acknowledgement or accolade, it's just a personal code I've committed myself to do. I will go as far to say that I've received so much more in my life that I could ever possibly give, it just empowers me with the fuel to go to greater and further heights. Ask, and you shall receive, and if I find or see the prayer requests, I'll do it. Yea, I don't live in a prayer monastery or anything, and I do as much as I can if possible, between reading the Word and prayer as my daily God plan, I cannot tell you in so many words how much I've received in returns, but it's unimaginable both in changes and answered prayer. Definitely a life changer for me. Prayer works...
  13. Patti, may I ask his name? Though I said a prayer for him, it always seems to me, at least, a little more personable when I use a first name. I know it may seem silly but it just seems to add a little more of my heart...thanks.
  14. Hi Patti, and welcome. Though I had to have surgery to repair a ruptured aneurysm and they drilled and installed a drain also, my condition did not result in a coma. Brain swelling was a concern. I will certainly offer up prayer and a believer in miracles, faith has often pulled me through some rather dark times, it may sound trivial, but helped me a lot when there wasn't a lot of answers, or things were on a shoestring.