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  1. will2

    I think the little beast dosed me with a "Micky" or "Roofie" whenever I look at him I've never seem him so colorful mannn...
  2. Jannelle, hearing this often myself and thinking and feeling no different than what Heather posted above. I don't always have an appropriate reply, so I might just nod. Like you Jannelle, this last week I've had several good days and others not so much. Fortunately for me, I spend a great majority of time alone (Fuzz not included) so it's not always from somebody's comment. I can wake up like that. When I have some of those difficult times I pray a lot, whether you're a believer or not, it helps me in very positive ways. I usually start feeling better, make conscious choices to do some things to snap out of the funk, just move or shift my world around me a little. I'm not sure of the science or psychology behind it, and of course there will be many explanations I'm certain! It just seems to help me. Maybe changes my perspective a fraction, just enough to see clear of my present thinking and slowly pull myself free of them, kinda moving away and putting time and space between those more uncomfortable thoughts. Lord knows Jannelle, I have my share of those situations as others here, all the time. We are indeed a very unique group, us strokers. Find consolation in that alone, tell us, were here to listen and help..
  3. will2

    Deigh, I made the leap to acoustic guitar from the solid bodies and found found I loved playing them as much as I did with the solid bodies. I was cut from the rhythm and blues cloth in the late 60's early 70's, never much into hard rock or metal. I had a friend that played wonderful blues with a semi-hollow ES 335 that I enjoyed playing but never owned one. Over the years of playing acoustic I played a Martin D-28 and HD-35. My favorite was the 28, she was so resonate and could ring forever a sweet sound. My only experience with any kind of computer was a 4-track recorder so I could put down rhythm tracks and play lead tracks over them for personal amusement. I wish you the best Deigh, and let me know how your playing is going. I'm right handed and picking, strumming or finger picking isn't the problem, all my fret work is done with the affected arm and hand. It's painful just to attempt, fret buzzes, muted strings, and my strength to just keep my hand on the neck leaves something to be desired. Boy do I appreciate good guitar music and chops..
  4. will2

    Hi Jannelle, and thank you for the offer. Actually my leather bonded larger Bible is kinda the reason for ordering this one. Since my left hand is the non-functioning limb I have such a hard time keeping the leather Bible from flopping around as the pages and book just bend open and flex without proper support, making it hard to read, in addition to the smaller print. The one I ordered is a hardback with large print so it should make it much easier to read. I managed to find my way through the book two times since I first really started reading and studying almost 60yrs ago. Always found comfort and wisdom in the pages alone and a lot of Bible studies. My reading interests are so varied, but lately I find myself in need of more of a spiritual fill-up.
  5. will2

    This guitar is the vintage Sunburst 65' strat ,I was lucky to find. Sounded great, classic strat tone and the smaller radius neck design made playing a joy. I wish I still had them. But anyway, like I mentioned I still at least have photos, better than nothing I guess. My favorite is the fat tone of hum buckers and some of the bluesy sustain you can coax out of them. Keep up the good work Deigh, I'd like to hear you sometime! 65' Sunburst Strat and blackface Pro Reverb
  6. will2

    Kudos to you Deigh for your effort. I played guitar for a good many years and it will always be a passion. I collected and played some fine vintage Strats, LP's, and a couple of Martins and many others. I put together a nice collections of vintage blackface Fenders too, my preference for the older tubes. Sadly all I have left is the photos, some beautiful flame top LP's with vintage PAF's I managed to find. I made an attempt to try and finger the fretboard post stroke but my hand and fingers are way too numb. Even a bar chord was horrendous. I'm really lacking the strength in my fingers and hand. Just putting the tips of my fingers on the strings gave me a uncomfortable feeling. I tried squeezing a ball for awhile to strengthen the grip and to just distract the numbness but I didn't keep up too long. I see your avatar and I think Scotts that have a photo of a guitar in hand. All my gear has been sold off except an old vintage Ampeg Gemini l, that I was going to restore...never got to it. I do have all the fantastic memories of all the jams growing up. Just in a 3 block radius there were seven aspiring guitar players. We played most every day for many a years, not to mention the other countless hours over the years playing with many of the best unknowns. It's one of those things I'll always miss the most but, admire others who do. My hats of to you. I went back to my host a dug this one out. My favorite flame top that I installed both vintage PAF's. It was just an awesome sounding guitar and a real heartbreaker to let go of..
  7. will2

    Deigh, I'm kinda thinking that there may have been some post hypnotic suggestion exchanged, as I found myself dishing out cat treats to him several times yesterday, and making sure that his meals were "on-time" and water bowl is fresh and clean. Sooo, I'm wondering'???
  8. will2

    Will, yea I'm still searching. Even today I might be trying something new. I did however order another Bible in large print the other day so I'll not give up yet on reading. I've always enjoyed reading it through the years. As for sleep, I had a fairly good 4hrs last night from Zolpidem 10mg. I've always had a bit of trouble sleeping since stroke so they help often. I will actively try reading once again as Deigh suggested. I cannot remember sleeping through a night, or 5-6hrs straight since stroking.
  9. will2

    Deigh, in looking over this thread a second time around, I decided to give your suggestion a try. I've heard in the past that cats can induce that "hypnotic state" by staring into their eyes...unfortunately in my case it seemed to backfire! LOL
  10. will2

    Kelli, losing a pet is never easy. I get so darn attached to animals and it happens so quickly. As much as I tried to avoid another having another one, when my wife brought home the Fuzz it took milliseconds to get attached once again. These days I cannot imagine a day without his company....that little rascal. I'm glad that you still have the one, they make such a difference.
  11. Thanks Will. Rarely do I choke out a well written reply as most here do. I am however getting better, smoothing out the rough edges and keeping in mind that so much can be misinterpreted by how you say it. Especially after stroke, thoughts get so jumbled that what you read may be the second or third reply I typed, because when I often re-read it lacks the feeling I was going for or doesn't make a lot of sense and was deleted. As the old saying goes "It takes one to know one" really applies being a stroker. I'm better understood here than any place I can think of outside of in-patient rehab.
  12. Hi Thomas. Kick off your shoes and make yourself at home, you're definitely among some of the finest and helpful folks that know and totally understand what your going through. Not too much you could say that wouldn't surprise those here that share this same kind of burden. Our stories may vary, symptoms, durations, affected areas and experiences but we all have so much in common. I think it's healthy to talk about your stroke, until recently I've mainly just been in the background browsing and reading. I finally stepped out of the shadows and opened up a little. Most of the folks these days I come into close contact with really haven't any idea the struggles of a stroke survivor but having said that, there are a good many of fine folks that will go out of their way to try and help too if they can. It's quite a journey and this is a great resource for sharing and questions, so welcome!
  13. Benni, one advantage imo having to re-read or in my case re-watch a previous movie, is that I can enjoy the same film again and again because it's similar to watching it for the first time. It's convenient with Direct TV and my programing plan because so many of the movies are so repetitive
  14. will2

    ^^^^^^^^^^^Cute little fella Ray!^^^^^^^^^^^ Mostly due to mobility issues and other's that I'm still close with still work and have busy lives of their own, my days are pretty much spent alone. The wife comes and goes considerably as my needs are pretty simple and really don't require much help. I spend the majority of my time with the cat as a companion and it's been a perfect fit. He's very independent but is usually hanging around with me. Just the right amount for great companionship and amusement. His requirements are pretty simple, I feed him and brush him once in awhile (as tolerated) and very playful when engaged. Just the right combination of companionship and maintenance. If it weren't for the wife bringing him home to me, I'd guess I would have remained pet less. A acquaintance had the remaining two (his sister and this guy)of a litter and they were to be headed for a shelter, my wife and her friend took these last two. So Fuzz was an unexpected arrival. These days I can't imagine him not being around or close by. I'll always have a fondness for the pups, and animals in general, but very glad that my path has crossed with this little guy. Just adds a little something special to an otherwise very quiet life. Despite my emotional attachments and the emptiness left by pets that have moved on, I'm very glad that I've been blessed with another. Unexpected, but I guess life had other plans for me.
  15. will2

    Hi Heather. Certainly he could roam outside the 6' wood fence if he so chooses. As a matter of fact, he spends I'd estimate 97% of his time up off the ground. Whether he's in the house or outside. Often I've seen him walking on the top 2"x4" board at the top of my fence along the perimeter. The fence is only a good safeguard to keep any four legged canine neighborhood escapees from getting into my back yard on rare occasion's. In fact every home in my residential area has fenced in backyards, mostly 6' wood or a few chain link. I have neighbors on every side that have smaller dogs, yappers if you will. My cat hasn't any interest in going into other yards with these yapping dogs. Additionally he's been neutered since a kitten so that takes a degree of the prowling mode from him looking for female companionship. Most nights he comes in like last night, 3 times on average. He will (that little devil) get on my roof on a rare occasion. He just likes being off the ground and in the backyard he's most always on the table or chairs. I don't sleep hardly at all at night and I'll nap in the day. I sleep in a chair too, cannot sleep in a bed anymore. Haven't for about 5 or 6yrs into stroke. So I'm always awake whenever he chooses to come in. I live in a very densely packed residential area, no close wooded areas for any kind of predators, bird or otherwise. It's an older quiet town along the coast here in deep south Florida. In fact golf carts are legal on our roadways as traffic is very light, very laid back. He really enjoys being out back, and assume he feels pretty safe too. Additionally, I wanted to mention another cat thing of interest. I've belong to a firearm enthusiasts forum for many years now, once being a target shooting enthusiast. The forum I belong to has a section for many a variety of topics and they have a dedicated cat thread (topic) which currently has over 424 pages, 8,465 replies (posts) and over 3,441,341 million views. These firearm enthusiasts love cats. Every post is a photo of their own cats/kittens, comedy videos, or discussions. Tons of laughs and photos.