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  1. I'm so sorry your morning started out like crapola. I know when I start of my morning in a traumatic way, it basically throws me off for the rest of the day. Sometimes you are completely stressed out without feeling like you are. I mean you , as well as your dad, just got bad news so it is understandable if your emotions are whacky. Your brain, as you know, directs and manages your emotions so when there is a 'detour' , the fluid path of brain waves that controls your emotions, now as to go a different 20 miles out of its way. The point is... you are doing all you can. Stroke is stressful, disability is stressful, cancer is stressful. (( I'm not going to lie.. my thought just went **poof** )) xxoox
  2. Pan, that sounds scary but also sounds like it may offer you some ease. Good luck and good vibes xxoo
  3. yeah it's a yummy food. It's an silly thing between us. But I do LOVE Mc Donald's FF's
  4. She wanted to give you all a hug and thank you for asking :) She's busy helping others and being awesome
  5. I'm with you with this like Ketchup & Fries xxxxx
  6. so strange I read this now for my Aunt and I were talking about her lists. I always try to be active-ish in the summer for winter and darker earlier causes me to go into a depression and then do I find time for things. :(
  7. I've recently talked to her, via e-mail, and she's good. She also, on top of the PM's, had family situations she was dealing with. I'll pass along your thoughts of her
  8. I know we all go through spells of feeling down on ourselves. Mine is now. What tips do you have for keeping your mind on track on a task. I'm power ready, at first, then I'm just not together. Help
  9. Concert fun

    So my parents invited me to see a concert of two bands that were big in their youths but I like as well. The Doobie Brothers & Steely Dan. I was worried it was going to be to over whelming. But then I remembered : 1. I was hanging with my parents ( who are very chill) 2. Most of the folks that were going to be there would be , generally, over 60. We arrived about two hours early for I had a doctors appointment before the concert so we decided to tailgate. Our tail gate entailed of hanging out with two other random parking lot folks eating hoagies ( l they ate the hoagies lunchmeat sandwiches) and drinking water. We finished off our lunches from earlier that day and sat and shared youthful stories for the random folks and my father grew up in the same neighborhood in Pennsylvania and the shared stories while my mother and I tried to stay cool for it was hot that day. It was time to get in line to enter the venue so we grabbed our beach chairs and while we were walking to the security line, I was starting to get worries there wasn't a lot of people standing in line. I am not going to fib but I was kinda happy to not get completely overwhelmed but just to be sure I brought some ear plugs. And wow.. I forgot how much "grass" or marijuana is smoked at rock concerts. We were sitting in smoke central.. It kept me pretty chill.. my father and I were fairly big pot heads when we were younger so we kinda just flowed with it plus Steely Dan is pretty jazz-ish chill-ish rock. The people that were there and dancing were re living their childhood and it was nice to see them dance but I guess sometimes some enjoyed the herb a little to much. It took me a few days to get to myself again. But I'm glad I got to spend the time with my parents and they asked me.. I'm going to a local one with my parents at the end of the month, this time more geared towards my mom... more bubblegum 60's.
  10. it sounds like you were already overwhelmed, even before the vacuum incident. I tried once to watch my niece and nephew and my younger son at once and it lasted one day. I love them and like you've said, before stroke, in another life being around kids and/or a lot of activity was nothing to handle. Now, as I said before, I go into a panic at a shopping store with out my headphones to tune out the noise. It's not just the noise for me but my eye sight isn't the best. Mainly for the bouncing and I can't focus and comprehend what I'm seeing so I feel like I'm in a foreign country and don't speak or read the language. I feel like a shut in when I can't hang with my family doing some things but thankfully, my family are in the medical field and understand my barriers and try to accommodate me. But it still sucks . I try to choose my battles like this Wednesday my parents and I are going to a concert ( Doobie Brothers & Steely Dan) so I know I need to do NOTHING the day before to rest up or on Thursday, I know I need to veg out. Unexpected things are the worse. I can't plan for anything for sadly minute by minute my mood, or head health, changes in an instant. Kitty love is the best
  11. I truly enjoy your story telling posts. I feel like I'm sitting in the same room , like you're telling it to me. I do not have Diabetes but reading this I thought... you were doing alright..
  12. I need to hear sound at all times.. Radio, TV or people yapping . my brain is like a static radio , kinda, It sounds like "white noise". My father is the same way.. we had it before. I have ADD and he had similar when he was young. Like I need . even to this day, when "watching" tv I play on my tablet or do a puzzle. Helps me concentrate. strange . I have speed brain
  13. It's not just coffee. I can't exercise at any level for once my heart reaches 100 bmp it starts to flutter or something as silly as getting excited for anything or singing to a song ( I can't sing but helps with my Aphasia) … But coffee or caffeine is a happy end result :)