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  1. Happy Anniversary DanBurke!

  2. Happy Birthday DanBurke!

  3. Happy Anniversary DanBurke!

  4. Happy Anniversary DanBurke!

  5. Happy Birthday DanBurke!

  6. Happy Birthday DanBurke!

  7. DanBurke

    That's great news about the cane!! I went blind 4 years ago. I'm starting to regain vision back , & I haven't drove a car since. UNTIL last week I started driving on my own!!!!! I'm independant again!! OMG, I bummed rides for 4 years. It was horrible. I was never able to do anything alone, ex: go shopping.... :thumbsu:
  8. Hi, My name is Dan. I'm 28 years of age & 2 years ago I had an aneurysm due to a birth defect which caused a stroke from the brain swelling because it was under too much stress from the aneurysm. At that time I had a wife & a little boy aged 2. After about 3 months from returning home from the hospital, my wife filed for divorce. We were married 5 years before I got sick & I thought we were madly in love. She never cheated on me. (She just took our son & new daughter we had 2 months before she left) to live at her parents. Trying to get my brain to somewhat recover & deal with divorce was really hard. I've since then sold our house & moved in with my parents. When she left, I stayed in our home. It was so hard to go to work everyday, come home clean, & cook for myself. I was WAY to tired. & it's a lot easier now at my parents house! I sleep 10-14 hours every night. Do you? I heard divorce is quite common after stroke. How did it effect you? I figured this topic would fit best in the young stroke survivor section