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Stroke Caregiver - female
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  1. Happy Anniversary sheila1454!

  2. Happy Birthday sheila1454!

  3. Happy Anniversary sheila1454!

  4. Happy Anniversary sheila1454!

  5. Happy Birthday sheila1454!

  6. Happy Birthday sheila1454!

  7. sheila1454

    Sue, I haven't been on the site for a while and just saw that your mother passed. Please know that you are in my prayers - along with Ray and your mum. I understand your feeling sad and glad at the same time - I had a similar situation with my mom. Please try to take care of yourself amid all this stress and know that many are praying for you. Sheila
  8. Happy Birthday sheila1454!

  9. Happy Anniversary sheila1454!

  10. sheila1454

    Thanks for the heads up Lenny. I would not have thought to look for that, but will do so now! Sheila
  11. Lenny, thanks for this post - it came at a much needed time for Greg. He hasn't been feeling well lately, and been having more trouble walking - and it seems to be exactly what you said - he doesn't seem to trust his leg, and yet it does seem to be moving the same as always. I read him your post and he said he would try that. It gave him some incentive! Keep up the good work, Lenny! Sheila
  12. sheila1454

    Sue, this is so heartbreaking - I don't know what to say other than my thoughts and prayers are with you always. Sheila
  13. sheila1454

    Debbie, I am adding you to my prayer list tonite! It is so true that with having Bruce to take care of it adds so much worry to any bad weather situation. I, too, am a worrier, and one of my big fears is fire. I have developed OCD with appliances, LOL. Anyway, it sounds like you are, as usual, right on the ball - you amaze me with your foresight! You really do inspire me to try harder with so much that I do (and don't do). Sincerely, Sheila
  14. sheila1454

    Ok, let me start by saying I agree - I absolutely hate it when people who have no experience with stroke talk all about it with such knowledge and spew information that isn't accurate and give their opinions with such attitude. I get very frustrated and find myself getting angry and usually just walk away. HOWEVER, (by no means in defense of them) I'm wondering if, even with the AFO and hand issues, maybe they see you in a good light. You have accomplished so much and made great strides in your life -maybe, honey, they think of you as doing great, and not the way you are seeing yourself right now. I know from recent posts that you feel very discouraged and of course I understand that - but you are truly an inspiration to all survivors of what can be accomplished. Perhaps they view you that way, and so feel free to discuss this other woman with the hope that she will be able to recover as well. When you are discouraged and depressed it's so hard to remember and know that others do not see your situation the same way you do. I'm not minimizing your feelings, just reminding you how we all see you - and that's as an accomplished, determined, lovely young woman who has overcome so much and has so much to offer. Please don't lose sight of that! Sheila :You-Rock:
  15. sheila1454

    :Very well said, Fred - and God bless you! . Sheila