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  1. I see we are both in New Zealand. I live in Waiuku, South Auckland. Where are you?


  2. Happy Anniversary mcherrington!

  3. Happy Anniversary mcherrington!

  4. Happy Anniversary mcherrington!

  5. I was going to comment on your post reference trainer but then I thought well you probably had the funds to afford this kind of training so it's a great idea. I'm thinking of me and maybe others that truly need that type of help but just can't afford it. Anyway I hope you are able to find one in or near your location soon and tell us the cost in your case! Fred!

  6. I too have been having the emotional outbursts(a good cry) especially after watching a movie or after an excellent song. I also used to get cramp in my right calf and would wake with cramp sometimes severe cramp, my wife would massage it again and again. I too have broken sleep...!year 3 months after my stroke. Someone has told me that our rehab tapers off. Meeting alot of people at the same time makes me very tired as well as hot weather. I still get tired during the day and have my naps.
  7. Happy Birthday Moses!

  8. I kmow exactly how you feel. It is like people dont understand. I rejoined Toastmasters. I had to learn how to speak all over again,I lacked confidence in speaking, and sometimes spoke with a slur when I was tired.I would also exercise so that when I spoke, my standing stance would not reflect my disability, My desire and dream is to win the international toastmaster speaker of the year which is held in the US once a year. I entered 4 speech competitions last week and got 3 placings, one first and two seconds. Very tiring and I started to notice my speech starting to slur as the night went on. The confidence I have gained from attending the toastmaster club has helped me immensely and I think it is because I am not dwelling upon what happened, I am pushing myself to excel in whatever I set myself to do. I still get the looks from those who don't understand what has happened, but also admiration from those who have seen overcome some obstacles. I have just finished being an announcer at a swimming meet where the masters( these are competitive swimmers aged over 30 who were swimming and there was a 94 year old lady swimming 400 metres freestyle. How amazing is that?When people came in and commented on my voice I would then share with them that I had had a stroke and they would comment on how well I look. Be yourself. Go and join organizations that build and nurture you. They equip you to be yourself. Cheers from Moses in New Zealand(Stroke in Sept2010)
  9. mcherrington

    Thank you for being so encouraging
  10. mcherrington

    THank you for being so encouraging. Any other thoughts for getting fitter? oses
  11. I have had the privilege of using opportunities given to me to get myself fitter asnd stronger. I was an announcer at swimming competition meets until the time of my stroke. Last weekend I was invited back to be an announcer since my stroke in sept of last year. I had to learn how to speak again....i.e. to learn how to shape my mouth to form words and when I get fatigued the left hand side of my mouth droops and saliva runs down the edge of my mouth. The opportunity of announcing came with a price. The timings were 7.30am -11.45am then 3.30pm-8.00pm. Now you can imagine that I had to make allowances for fatigue at this time. The first session was a learning curve when anything that could go wrong went wrong...from holding the microphone too close to getting used to being given quick instructions and complete the announcing task right away. The warm up for my mouth I learned was to exercise my jaw from side to side to get my mouth ready to pronounce the names of the swimmers. Then I had to learn how to use the tape deck so that the music for the swimming finals was ready to be played at the drop of a hat as well as taking instruction at the same time.:goodjob:, I am totally exhausted now but I DID IT I can speak clearly, and to top it off, a swimmer commented on how she enjoyed my dialogue and that I was her favourite announcer.:yukyukyuk:I am stronger for it. I even had to plan my visits to the toilet while I was announcing.
  12. hi and thanks for your kind message

  13. Welcome to the forums Moses :)