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  1. Happy Anniversary Phoenis!

  2. Happy Anniversary Phoenis!

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    yes and no. it seems as though some people i have known for years have just let me go. as though i am not worth the effort. it makes me a little sad. at the same time though, there are others who are very supportive and helpful. then there are the people i see that i used to work with, they all say i'm lookking great*: i ran into one guy that looks like death warmed over. he's had several surgeries and needs portable oxygen. i thought it was great to see him out and about. *i remember being visited by one guy that thought my face would be mush and couldn't speak. i also put effort into ma
  4. i think for me it was driving. i was told i shouldn't be driving for another six months. but at least i have the short bus to take me to appointments and stuff.
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    ditch him. if he is a specialist you only see once in a while (i have three of those), i'd say put up with it, but if he is your pcp, ditch him. fortunately my pcp is awesome and i've never had that problem with him.
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    three of my doctors have told me it is very unlikely i will have another least until i am elderly. so i do not worry about it and instead worry more about the likelihood other family members will be as unfortunate. the geneticist i saw said it was a possibility. nobody i have seen has given me a straight answer as to why i had a stroke.