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  1. Your symptoms sound alot like mine but I would describe my left foot and ankle as being in a deep fryer. I was diagnosed with CPS 9 years ago. You need to see a neurologist. I which you the best. KEN
  2. Went to see my PT on Tues the 13th told him that my CPS has increased to 8, I am in a lot of pain. He prescribed Cymbalta 30mg 1x a day. HE told Cymbalta takes a while to work so I have to deal with the pain till this medication kicks in. Will keep updating.
  3. Thanks Susan doctor said it take awhile for Cymbalta to start working will let everyone know if it works for me.
  4. My cps has recently increased so my doctor but me on Cymbalta for my nerve pain. Has anyone had any luck with this med.
  5. On Monday the 5th of February I went to the doctor thinking I had the flu. He examined me, my bp was low so he ordered a ekg and told me I was having a heart attack. I was taken to the hospital and a stent was put in my right coronary artery. They went through my right arm and I was awake the whole time. I stay overnight at the hospital, the next day had some tests and was released with a whole set of new drugs to take. Luckily this was caught early so there was little damage to my heart but my cps took a turn for the worst. I rested and recouped for a couple a days but found that my left side was stiff and hurting. My left hand and foot are on fire as well as other parts of my left side. I have been keeping track of my pain scale every day since I got home and it is all 7 to 9. I know I have to get use to the different heart meds, lininopril 2.5mgs 1x metoprolol 25mgs, trcagrelor 90mgs 2x, and atorvastatin 80 mgs 1x . I called my doctor on Thursday telling him I was in pain not chest pain but muscle and stroke pain so he reduced my atorvastatin to 20 mgs this help some but again I called on Monday the 12th about pain and was told to come in on Tuesday. MY regular doctor was on vacation so I saw another and he said my heart was fine and prescribed me Cymbalta 30 mgs 1x for my cps. I have an appointment with my cardiologist on Monday the 26th I hope he can a just my heart meds because I am like a zombie. if I stand for more the two minutes or walk a little my cps kicks in bad. I would say on average my cps was a manageable 3 or 4 know it is 7 to 9. I am still taking gaba 700 mgs 4x , baclofen 10 mgs 4x , My doctor told me it takes time for the Cymbalta to kick in if my cps continues like this I will have to get into pain management to get something stronger. I is not east for disabled people to get pain meds today.
  6. Hi Everyone, For the past 6 months my right thigh, the good one on good side, is causing me problems. I went to my dr he told me I had a pinched nerve and the problem might go away on its own. I have shooting pain from my knee to my hip then about 3 months ago the top or front of my right thigh became numb. I stopped going to the gym and this time a made an appointment with my nero. My nero told me that I had to see my primary doctor about this (very frustrating), so I made an appointment with primary. My primary doctor examined my right thigh and said that my lateral femoral cutaneous nerve was pinched and that I should have x-rays taken. I had x-rays my dr said they showed acetabular impingent in both hips (arthritis) but no sign of bone chips. He told me I should look into getting a lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block and gave me a referral to a specialist that does this. Talking with my dr, we think that because of my bad gait, my right thigh is a lot bigger and muscular then my left witch may of caused the pinched nerve. I use my right side to help my left side swing over so I can walk. I have to make an appointment and see if this nerve block is good for me. HAS anyone ever had a nerve block or know anything about having one?
  7. Going to nuro on 12/12 hope things go well. The weather does increase my spasticity,change of seasons. My problem is that I am also affecting my good side because I lean on my right side more when I walk. I am going to ask my nero about medical cannabis, in NY oil is all that is legal and not covered by insurance but I will try it if I can. I broke my right shoulder 3 years ago and took 2 7.5 pain killers a day, for about a year this did help me move easier and reduced my cps. UNFORTUNATELY in todays world it is tuff to get opiates but I am maxed out on gaba and it now gives me mood swings. I'm going Tuesday any advise to share with my nero would be helpful she is not that familiar with CPS. Thanks
  8. I am also taking care of my parents. The are now living with me. I cook every day but have been doing this for over a year. My bp is good, sometimes I just get get this build up of pressure on my left side and it goes rite up to my head. I sit down and it goes away but there is pain.
  9. Going to nuro on 12/12 hope things go well. The weather does increase my spasticity,change of seasons. My problem is that I am also affecting my good side because I lean on my right side more when I walk.
  10. My CPS has gotten a lot worse, I now have pain on the left side of my face, my upper leg, almost my whole left side , and chest. It is a numbing pain that feels cold. My left foot ankle and hand still feel like they are in a deep fryer dipped in burning oil. Last time I saw my nero he prescribed more gabapentine I have been on gabapentine for 9 years and it is not helping any more. My quality of life is getting worse, everything is mush harder to do now. When I walk it feels like i weigh twice my weight and sometimes i feel like the top of my head is going to explode from pressure built up from movingaround it is scary.Has anyone else felt this pressure in there head. It does stop when I sit down.
  11. I have been taking Backlofen for 6 years at first it got me tired but after awhile this stopped. It does help my spasms. To compensate the tiredness I would take Backlofen only at night till my body got use to it. Good luck
  12. BENNI you are a inspiration the more you do the better you will get Stretching and exercising are so important. FOR alot of us it is not easy but if you can move do something try to exercise it take time but you can improve and you will feel better too.
  13. Pam I am so sorry that this happen to you. People just do not understand the pain we have. Was this done on purpose or a mistake, just not thinking either way you should never be touched that way. You may want to reach out for legal help, if anything to make sure it never happens again. I think documentation is the key, good luck to you.
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  15. Happy Anniversary ken27!