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  1. BENNI you are a inspiration the more you do the better you will get Stretching and exercising are so important. FOR alot of us it is not easy but if you can move do something try to exercise it take time but you can improve and you will feel better too.
  2. Pam I am so sorry that this happen to you. People just do not understand the pain we have. Was this done on purpose or a mistake, just not thinking either way you should never be touched that way. You may want to reach out for legal help, if anything to make sure it never happens again. I think documentation is the key, good luck to you.
  3. ken27

  4. Scott it took me over two years to get hydrocodone for my dr they wanted me to try different drugs first then I broke my right fibula or arm and they gave me hydro. It helped with my cps and my arm. Doctors today just do not want to prescribe drugs that can help people like us we have to deal with cps and the doctors.
  5. ​Hi, ​It is never to late to start improving. It is great that you are back to work and going to PT. I would ask your PT instructor for some things you can do at home with your hand. Then do them everyday, the more you repeat the exercises the more your brain gets use to them and new connections are made. This does take time and effort though it with not happen fast. I am 8years post stroke and still improving. Good luck keep us updated.
  6. Happy Anniversary ken27!

  7. I live in Buffalo NY about 10 miles from Canada. Been there many time, beautiful country.
  8. Pam you are improving maybe not very fast but you are improving. Try to exercise were ever you can, if you are at home put some music on and keep active.
  9. Happy Anniversary ken27!

  10. Nothing like enjoying a ballgame what a gift. Have a great time and baseball means spring. Enjoy. Ken
  11. Linda my foot kicks out when I walk, only using the outer half of my foot to walk. Good luck hope you get second interview.
  12. I am so glad that you are showing improvements and that you are going out and doing things. I cannot drive for awhile because of my shoulder and having to ask for a ride is not fun. Sit back and enjoy the view.
  13. THE FALL WEEK 2 and 3

    My right arm is sore but improving. I am sleeping better keep 3 pillows under my head and right shoulder and one under my right arm. I am using my left side the weak one for everything. I can now hold a cup and drink with my left hand before I would shake a lot my fingers are lining up better and picking up things. I eat easy things that are soft, it has been an adventure eating with the left hand but it is getting better. I had a friend drive me to the drug store, I am walking better making sure not to hit my right shoulder on anything. Getting in and out of a car is getting better the seat belt is tuff. On Friday I want to a show with a friend sat in the back it was a old fashion type theater with a balcony. I talked to the management and told them my condition. This was a big place so I got two seats near the back and seat one and three so I had no one sitting next to me. This was a live band from London that did all rolling stones tunes. Great show great time so good to get out but best of all was careful and did do anything to my shoulder. I am learning how to use my left side better, if there is something on the counter I have to grab with my left hand I will point with my left foot and leg toward the object then reach with my left arm and grab it. It sounds simple but when you are use to using your right side then have to use your left it is not. My left hand is tiered of typing so till next blog.
  14. Fred, Putting clothes on is tuff I have a routine down put it takes awhile and I have to be careful with my arm and shoulder. Sorry to hear about your fall glad you can still exercise that is the one thing I really miss my left side gets very stiff but by using it more I feel it is improving. Thanks Sandy and Sue for your thoughtful messages.
  15. I have four to five feet in my yard and it is suppose to be 5 to 15 the next week. I just hope it does not melt to fast, flooding but spring and more daylight are coming.......I hope.