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  1. Benni, I purchased exercise gloves with cut out half fingers, these gloves keep your fingers straight just put them on and of is good exercise for your bad hand.
  2. This is very interesting, you never know what can help open up new pathways. Thanks for the links.
  3. When I woke up today the left side of my face hurt. It felt like my skin was going to peal off the left side of my face, when I got up and dragged my left leg around, then stretched the pain in my face went away. Of course I have pain in my left leg, calf and foot, the farther down my leg the more pain there is and the heavier it feel. While typing this I am having sharp pain in my left rips, crazy. When I workout it seams to calm down my cps with the pain going to my left foot and hand for 3or 4 days. I worked out Monday so my cps is moving around today, time to go to the gym and workout.
  4. ken27

  5. My CPS moves all over my left side. I is always in my foot and ankle and hand but now it is sometimes in my chest, neck, elbow, face, head and leg. It is strange but it hurts at first I thought it was stiffness but there is pain. Has anyone had cps move around there effective side.
  6. Scott it took me over two years to get hydrocodone for my dr they wanted me to try different drugs first then I broke my right fibula or arm and they gave me hydro. It helped with my cps and my arm. Doctors today just do not want to prescribe drugs that can help people like us we have to deal with cps and the doctors.
  7. ​I am still getting better, I am working toys for tots distributing toys to organizations that give the toys to needy kids. I am working in a warehouse were marines drop off toys and I organize the new toys into different piles using pallet jacks to move the toys around. I am also picking up boxes and walking around this big warehouse. Olmsted Center for Sight my employer has been doing this for awhile but this is the first year that I have done this. It feels great to help kids in need and I am still getting better 8 years after my stroke.
  8. ​Betsy, ​I know what you are going through, my left side is always in pain too. The only way I get some relief besides meds is by stretching and exercising. I have been going to the gym for five years now and found that when I work out it helps my left side but just like everything else with stroke it takes along time. If I do not stretch for a day or two the pain is back big time I do not know if the pain will ever leave but we have to do the best we can and live life so I a very happy that you are doing things for your self, good for you.
  9. ​HI Tracy, ​Sometimes love ones say things they do not mean they are just frustrated. I try to keep things simple when explaining my limitations like there is a carton of milk on the table, some days I can pick it up and pour a glass of milk in 30 seconds, some days it takes 60 seconds, some 120 seconds and some days I cannot do it. It may take me a minute to read a page in a book one day the next day it may take two and so on. It is not easy for someone who did not have a stroke to understand what is happening to someone who had one, slow motion, no energy just plain tired but it is hard to explain and it is always there it does not go away. Good luck stay strong.
  10. ​Hi, ​It is never to late to start improving. It is great that you are back to work and going to PT. I would ask your PT instructor for some things you can do at home with your hand. Then do them everyday, the more you repeat the exercises the more your brain gets use to them and new connections are made. This does take time and effort though it with not happen fast. I am 8years post stroke and still improving. Good luck keep us updated.
  11. ​Hi Tracy, ​I take Gaba 600mgs 4x a day for CPS pain. I have been taking it for 7 years and it helps me.
  12. ​Hi Benni, ​I also was very tired and to many things going on at the same time made me crazy, I would not know how or what to listen to or answer to. Both fatigue and over-stimulation did get a lot better for me, the more you do and the more you are exposed to over-stimulation the better you will be at handling it. The more you move your body, any movement is good movement, the less fatigue you will be. Do you go to PT or OT , I know that it is not fun but the more you do the better you will be. As far as over- stim, the more you are in situation were over- stimulation happen the more your brain will react to this and over come it. Getting better is not easy it takes work but you can do it. When you get tired rest but try to push a little as long as it ok with your doctor. Good luck to you
  13. Happy Anniversary ken27!

  14. I live in Buffalo NY about 10 miles from Canada. Been there many time, beautiful country.
  15. ​I am still going to the gym and working with a personal trainer. I am still improving my flexibility is better , balance, walking and endurance. After a workout the CPS in my hand is better no pins and needles, my foot and ankle feel heavy, after a couple of days I get that sharp pain in my left leg and the p+n in my hand so I know it is time to go back to the gym. When I work with my left leg for awhile I get this sensation from my left toes to the top of my head and the left side of my face gets very tight and it is hard to talk. This last for a couple of minutes, but know this is improving to it takes longer and longer for my left side to get tight. ​My left hip is now one of the main things that I am working on to improve my walking. I can walk without a limp for a bit but when I get tired it comes back. The hip is tuff I work on the left leg and hip and my leg will shake. Two workout that that have help are using leg machines one is putting my feet on a push pad, the toes to the ball of the feet on the pad and the rest off, push the pad out then in, theN push the bottom of your foot forward. This simulates walking form your ankles down with my whole left foot staying flat and straight, very important because this is like walking toe to heal with wieghts. The other workout is on a different leg machine a reverse leg curl. You lay on your stomach and put your legs under a curl bar then curl your legs up. The was very tuff for my left leg but after time I got better and can now curl my left leg almost to the back of my thigh and butt. My calf shakes but that this happens less and less after time. After this exercise I walk around the gym and can walk faster then I have since my stroke. I still have a along way to go but I am still improving 8 years after my stroke.