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  1. Happy Anniversary ghostboo!

  2. Happy Anniversary ghostboo!

  3. Happy Birthday ghostboo!

  4. Happy Anniversary ghostboo!

  5. Happy Birthday ghostboo!

  6. ghostboo

    I live where it rarely gets cold (Mississippi) so I am in running shorts and a nice t-shirt normally. I don't miss my old clothing at all. Jeans are uncomfortable to me now that I am used to these super soft running shorts. When I go out to eat, I just wear a nicer collared shirt with my shorts. Everyone down here dresses like me anyway so I fit in I guess. I wear running shoes and I use the no-tie laces. Here is a link... http://www.amazon.com/Sof-Sole-Fashion-Laces-45-Inch/dp/B003IJ2QTI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352866400&sr=8-1&keywords=sof-sole-no-tie-shoe-lace. One of my therapists got me these and they make my life much easier. You just pull the laces and they tighten plenty enough to keep my shoes secure. I was worried about my shoes falling off and getting lost by the brake pedal when I am driving but they stay on comfortably tight. Brian
  7. ghostboo

    I have exactly the same thing. In my comfort zone with one or two close friends I do very well. But with my ex-wife who thinks and talks at warp 9.5, I get really frustrated. Whenever I pause, she drives the conversation off in a different direction and I am lost...Wait, she did that before my stroke too! HaHa. The phone is really challenging for me...especially dealing with customer service folks. Brian
  8. Mine was caused by A-Fib. I went to bed having a bad episode of A-Fib and woke up in the middle of a stroke. Brian
  9. ghostboo

    Jamie, One on my friends had a bad stroke like mine (but on the other side) a month after mine. The first time I saw him after I got home, I was stunned. His voice didn't change as much as mine but sadly all he could say was "yeah" and a bunch of cuss words. But his voice was exactly the same...just fewer words. I sound like I just ran a marathon...its weak and breaks up sometimes. Brian
  10. ghostboo

    Hi Katrina, My voice changed a lot. This really bummed me out too. People told me all the time that I should go into radio...I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said that to me. When I was getting settled into my house, I was thinking strongly about trying to get into voice overs for some extra money. Before my stroke It was really deep and powerful and somewhere between James Earl Jones (Darth Vader voice guy) and John B. Wells. Now, It is weak and breaks up a lot if I talk too much and it gets tired. Brian
  11. ghostboo

    I am still trying to learn how to use this site so please forgive me if this somehow doesn't work...lol. I have a tremendously difficult time staying motivated. I had therapists tell me I had one year to improve and others who said five years...so I am 1.5 years out now and I seem to have leveled out. But to be fair, I have been lazy lately. My dream is to walk without a hemi-walker or cane. My left arm is completely useless. When I get depressed about that, I try to think about the guys who lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan...Then I realize I am not so bad off.