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  1. Interesting show, but I'm waiting for more studies, more information.
  2. Absolutely, a person running these HBOT units needs to be qualified. That's a good point. I had assumed this person was qualified, without asking. The man that was running the HBOT unit we were using WAS qualified. And he a qualified person or two that would give him a break from this routine too. It was a group unit.
  3. I wasn't convinced based on the what I'd read, but for one thing, it's a very expensive treatment to do research on. There are several books out on it. I took my husband to a center in Canada that is not longer around, and he had 2 treatments 7 days a week for five weeks as well as a type of PT. I am pretty convinced that the hyperbaric oxygen treatment helped, for him, more cognitively and speech wise than anything else. He did make some progress with his walking too, but then, he was getting regular treatment with that too. I don't think one treatment would probably do much, but if it's for free, why not!
  4. My husband has been using one for about a year. He could never use a full walker as he has no use of his right arm basically, just his left. We had tried for a long time to use four footed canes, but he finds the hemi-walker gives him a lot more security. It's smaller than a full walker. I'd recommend it.
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