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  1. Happy Anniversary colinberry1!

  2. I'm terribly sorry for you and your wife. How are you doing?? Well, I suppose I am very lucky to still be able to care for my wife, sometimes it gets extremely difficult trying to cope but yet we both manage to pull through somehow, I just manage to get her some dental treatment it took me two years pestering our doctor, I complain to the dental hospital about not being able to get a referral from our doctor and was told to report him, I mentioned it to his surgery and finally got things moving, she had to have 6 tooth remove, because they had to put her to sleep, they said they will do all that was needed.
  3. Well I'm sure I'm having my fair share of it, I cannot afford to go back to the hospital again for them to take a look at me gradually getting worse, I am a carer for my wife with a brain injury, after coming out of hospital seeing how bad things were for my wife in the home she was in, I truly believe she would not survive a week there, after three days she was in a terrible mess even though feeling terrible I had to bring her home and except the consequences. I cannot believe in 2016 they cannot solve the plumbing in our body, what we probably need is a good filter, something your plumber would install if your boiler keeps getting blocked, we supposed to have extremely highly paid doctors professors to deal with this problem, all I can say is forget about going to the moon fighting the wars that is not going to help humanity in having a decent life.
  4. Hi Lin, Well the reality is people stay away from you like a plague. I just about get my sons to help me giving Mary a bath, I den push my luck any further than that, everybody advised me to put Mary in a home, I know she would not last a week there, she comes with a full package of problems that they won't deal with in a home, well not the ones over here anyway.
  5. Well, it was all right when we were fighting it together, but unfortunately things have got worse for her and it is a lonely fight for me trying to do everything, but I do not have any regrets doing what I do, she is a very good person and deserves everything I can do for her.
  6. Well, I am a 24 seven carer for my wife with a brain injury, I thought things could not get worse, yes it can, because I had a stroke and life is a nightmare at times trying to cope, somehow we are still here just about managing to keep things going.
  7. Happy Birthday colinberry1!