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  1. Hi everyone many thanks for sharing your experiences and advice! I am seeing my doctor on May 16th, so hopefully I'll know something more by then and can give an update. Thanks for your encouragement and will keep in touch for sure!
  2. Hi Steve and Benni, thank you for the advice and I do stay somewhere dark when this happens. It's just hard when I cannot do something for much longer than an hour or so. Is this something that improves over time? The concentration and heavy feeling in your head? Lin, thanks for your comments also, I never thought about going outside, but I can try that. Regarding tasks, it really is anything, reading, cooking, chores, etc. But I can also try opening the windows. Thank you! ☺
  3. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted here, although I do check in to see what's happening. I had a small stroke last January, although never diagnosed. But my question is if anyone suffers headaches/migraines with nausea? I am able to do a task, easy at that, for an hour or so, then my head feels full and hurts. It seemed to have diminished for a while, but last couple of weeks, have to use an ice pack every night to help. I do not work and rest whenever this happens. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks and I apologize if this topic is posted elsewhere.
  4. I know I was under some stress leading up to "incident" as it has been referred to by medical people I have seen. My husband had been laid off from his job last September so I was still employed fulltime. He had double knee surgery on December 1st, which was another issue to deal with. He got his leg brace off on January 5th of this year and one week later, my life changed. Along with the rest of the family. I was not sick or feeling unwell leading up to that time, as far as I can remember and no prior health conditions, so like many of you, no real diagnosis, just the guessing/waiting game.
  5. Hi there, welcome to the site, I am fairly new to finding this site likewise. However, everyone on here is very friendly and helpful and mostly, we all understand to varying degrees what each other has been going through. And the things we still struggle with. I am from Winnipeg but moved to Edmonton 11 years ago. Look forward to hearing more about your story. All the best, Susan
  6. How exciting to visit Quebec and Lake Louise! I have not been to either place, but hope you enjoy your visit! Carol, I have not been out east, but that's nice that you have some history here!
  7. I'm Susan and I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but have lived in Edmonton, Alberta since 2005. My "episode" was on January 12th of this year.