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    Interesting read thought I'd share. https://tbirehabilitation.wordpress.com/2019/03/18/article-novel-gait-training-alters-functional-brain-connectivity-during-walking-in-chronic-stroke-patients-a-randomized-controlled-pilot-trial-full-text/
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    Good question.
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    I've was told avoid impact on left side of the head. So slapping right side I don't really feel it. Yes will have to agree that when I get less active I too spiral down. It seems like its a 3 week cycle. The motivators is a small group of stroke survivors that we all try and get our daily goal. Simply seeing their progress is enough to make me try and get out there and do more. I am trying stationary bike. Last year couldn't pedal 3 times. With leg weight and persistence I just got up to 11 minutes and went 1.5 miles. Right side still falls off at times. Weird how the right side tenses up if I try anything over 10 mph. Somehow I see that my fitness tracker add steps when I do stationary bike. At a loss for how that works.
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    Well I have started a home gym. It started out from others donating equipment that wasn't being used. Treadmill and an exercise bike dual action. Basement flooded and the treadmill had to be replaced. Since got onto the treadmill my therapist added weights to aid in my gait. Also made suggestions to improve workout. Since the treadmill, I have added weight machine, weighted vest, leg brace, yoga mat. Its pretty crude looking gym. It works guessing thats what matters. Curious to what others do.
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    You welcome. I like these new & progressive thinkers.
  6. Just curious if anyone else uses weight therapy? How often or long do you use it? Is it limb weight or body vest? I have been using it for 2 years. Curious if others do this.
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    I love all the creativity with weigh therapy. It was trial and error with the weights. The one I found has 1 lb weights inserted. At first was just 2 pounds. Went up to 8 then down to 5 for the longest time. Slowly got back to 10 pound limit. On my bad side do not notice the weight even there. It does do its thing though. I've gotten unbalance muscle wise and now am using the weight on both legs to balance me out. I really noticed the weight on my left leg. Not realizing the weight with right it was a real head twister when my left side realized what I was subjecting it to. I think I am going to use the backpack suggestion this summer. That is a problem is that I start hunching over. The weight vest doesn't all me enough slip in weight to pull me back. I will review the idea with my therapist though. Thanks Heathber and Paul
  8. I use a fitness tracker and try to get 3600 steps a day is my current goal. I have been using it attached to my ankle as I get more honest results. I've also added weight training and stationary bike. For weight depends on the day 30# is the max I gone, 10# is the general. Cycling has been a nightmare. Got up to a mile finally with the suggestion to use my weights on my ankles to aid in keeping the foot on the pedal. It does help. I could bare make three pedals and I'd have to stop. Enough chatter better get into my routine.
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    The Christmas name place holders have gone. I always had the theme to default invision.
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    Touch wood haven't had a "man cold". Little sniffly at times. Worried right now as daughter has a doozy of a cold. I'm doing everything been told to get over her spell.
  11. Step forward yay Tracy🙋‍♂️
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    Get out of Bed.jpg

    From the album: Funny

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    Yes it is confusing to get to. The guest feature I know messes with who you are with respect to log in. Making it confusing. Minnit profile I found is the simplest for log in. This fall they hope to be able to host directly on the site. Stopping the confusion. For now though you log in as guest or get a Minnit profile. The second part that is that is a trick is understanding the rooms. The default room or one it take a logged in person to is the Lobby. The visual on the side is difficult, but most chat is held in Survivor Room. #2 . Also to note the stroke chat is always there. If two people want to chat they are open. 8:30 am. be 11:30 pm for Australia Brisbane for instance. Just an idea if that is a welcome idea. You could email a preference and connect between two or more that way. Good idea though Tracy some days just getting out of bed is a challenge.
  15. If you get to the chat there is a chat schedule. Denny use to keep up with this pretty good. It still fairly valid. Here is the link Green Queen. I think all times are based on Eastern time zone http://www.strokeboard.net/index.php?/calendar/1-chat-schedule/ I see your 15 hours ahead of when the chat time is usually on.
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    Oh Deigh isn't technology fun. I love that small (period) . or spaces can mess these things up real fast. Hope to meet you in a chat. If you ever get to one right now we go to survivor room its is confusing. The default is lobby and looks like no one is there. That causes more cursing. Been there done that.😜🤬 Hang in there.
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    Oh my Sue. Hope you deal well with this news. Laugh if you can. I had a complete thyroidectomy years before this stroke. It is a bit of a stressor. After the doctors got everything tweak as far as the medication for thyroid replacement I've had hardly issues. It was genetic and my daughter has gone through the same operation. It is worrisome. I'm better for having it removed. It was genetic for me. We compare our operations with other family members and rate the quality of the surgery. Hang in there. Write if you need information from my experience.
  18. I ended up in hospital January 29 2019. Felt so stupid, I cried for 5 minutes. After being checked over by emergency room doctor he said it was likely good I was so emotional. I'm not thrilled. I feel lonely and stupid.
  19. I knew nothing for a month. I have photo's and letters that were so helpful for getting my memory to kick in. The one thing that was peculiar was in the last month they redid MRI and I definitely recall that sound but never realized what the sound was. I had 3 MRI so not sure which one I recalled. It was an eerie sound.
  20. Yes Sue forming new friendship is wonderful. I have yet to form one I can meet for real yet. I was hoping to meet her this fall. We were planning on me trying to drive to her place. Three hours there. Had started googling routes and pre planning. As I get better I am noticing I'm getting more comfortable here even. I have 1 close friend who will address the stroke and generally make fun of me now. He hasn't let the stroke bother him or let it bother me. Was there for me when Dad passed and that meant a lot to the both of us. I am trying to distance myself from my old job. I loved it but can't do anything other than reminisce now. Find that starts the emotion cart in gear. I'm trying but its what I knew.
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    Thanks for the smile. Tell Dan don't quit.
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    I do go out now unless I'm well rested and can go without my cane. I tried with walker also to discover that there are many facilities with the handicapped designation yet to use the facility its difficult. The one that gets me the most is washroom doors that open into a spacious room with handicapped toilets with grab bars and all. Only after using the wash basin, trying to get out. Quite the trick pull inward and moving around the swing. Even more of a trick is it being open by another patron. Just my observation and experience. Wonder if others have rants or peeves.
  23. Woke this morning to find an acquaintance has passed. Never met her in person. Was through having a stroke got to know her. She was even receptive to idea of me coming for a visit. Just feel funny when we form these bond with other survivors and then they're gone. Good memories and advice yet your alone as no one really knows. Seems like this has been a tough winter for my friends.
  24. Going to the Stroke Drop in Centre near me. The director is retiring today and they're having a little party for her. I'll try. Snowing out so either wife or son taking me. So won't be too stressed from driving myself. I'll try to either nap before or after chat today.
  25. Was there. Pretty silent though.