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    All depends on the day swilkinson. I try daily to treadmill and workout and do the therapy routines, that said it so hard when the mood seem zapped (blah). Been on a sleep streak again and I know that other facets of health are taking a hit because of me sleeping so much (blood sugar, blood pressure & weight) I know I should take better care but still struggle after 6 years just to get out of bed then to actually do the exercises and routines. Miss the stroke club I attended as it made thing a bit more exciting then just by myself. Thanks for the question.
  2. Madade

    I'm so jealous of your gardening and harvest Wev. Looks good making my belly grumble. Change mindset....off to treadmill.
  3. Madade

    It may seem routine but if you think about it Kev it is never just another week.
  4. Madade

    Sorry for the injury, but wonderful that your still motivated enough to do treadmill and are improving even with the injury. You weren't in a hay mow when this happened? The abundance of your garden makes me so jealous. I'm winning in the gardening but so do the weeds. It seems every improvement the weeds do 3 fold at bettering themselves in my garden. Can you drive that horse? Uncle had horses and as he got older he switched to driving them and got creative making wagons with different themes. Then he switched over to miniatures and continued his passion with the horses. Again great determination. Those grapes look so good. Hold old is the vine?
  5. Madade

    Ah yes Kelli, the song Le Freak by Chic comes to mind. Momentary melt down. Reset all the other stuff clanking around in that mind.
  6. Madade

    SW it does look like they go by various names, chigger the one I come across and just found it a neat word. I think it was referred to as grass mite, and grass fleas. Oh that will power not to scratch.
  7. Over the weekend I had almost like a snake bite on right leg. Didn't feel but noticed 2 red bump on foot, axle level. I suspected a spider had caused this. Didn't feel much at first. Monday it started to itch on right. This morning woke with 2 more bites on the left ankle about the same distance apart and looking like snake fangs pierced the skin. Boy is the left bites unbearable. Apparently its a chigger or Trombiculidae. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trombiculidae. Feeling on the left ankle is very irritating. The right not so bad. So found something good from my stroke. I've been trying all sorts of bite and itch ointments and remedies on the left foot. Right is just a slight itch. It is redder and larger but doesn't feel it as bad as the left. Interesting little critter. Looks like its out of a science fiction movie. Just glad I'm not scratching both feet. So another little advantage to my stroke.
  8. Madade

  9. Madade

    That is always good entertainment. Thanks Heathber!
  10. Madade

    Happy Anniversary
  11. Madade

    Pleasant here in East Beaverland. 73°F 28°C. Nearly whole day out back. Except for the siesta for 2 hours. Missed chat, and had to be woke up.
  12. Madade

    Thanks for sharing your moment of grief. It certainly is difficult to fathom and comprehend all that is connected and the items that must be followed through with. Lost my dad 6 months after the stroke. Surgery that went wrong. I ponder much since his unexpected passing.
  13. Madade

    I seem to be able to laugh it off now. At first I would get so mad and embarrassed.
  14. Madade

    Thanks folks just never sure what to write. This is a bit therapeutic, as one member has repeated to me several times. I get away with the dining messes a tad easier. Sometimes feel like a baby.
  15. Madade

    Oh Sue that is a wonderful blog and colour. I certainly enjoyed reading it. Your paintings add a peaceful side to the blog whilst you still have a little whit to it all. Thanks, it'll keep me thinking.
  16. Madade

    It certainly was. Showed them the changes in the area too excluding the closed places and mask enforced businesses.
  17. Madade

    Hi Margo. Good going with your progress. Nice of you to acknowledge the advice. I too have got many pointers and advice from this site.
  18. I was so thrilled yesterday to be invited out to lunch with co-workers. We went for a drive and finally found a social distance outdoor patio. A small chain called Crabby Joe's. It was neat as you either scanned a code or got a paper menu that you kept. I was up at 5 am with the excitement of going out with friends. Did my treadmill first thing and then got ready. Was ready for an hour before they arrived. Had time to join my local brain injury Zoom Meeting which I tried on phone app. Worked well. The host stated they have few here due to summer for staff who keep working providing exercise and motivation for members. They arrived early and were they prepared they had masks all over the dash of their vehicle and hand sanitizer in ever side pocket of the car door. We decided to tour about the area a bit as they were early before places were open. Amazed they were at the number of combines waiting near the field to start wheat harvest. We spotted several resturants with patio's outdoors. Settled on Crabby Joes and ordered ice tea and Mozzarella Mushroom burger and fries. Messy choice for me. But oh so good. Lot of reminiscing about people, place, and equipment. How the company owners were managing and if the business would bounce back. After lunch we continued a drive so they could pick up their online auction purchases who just so happened to be my cousin. So I got to visit with them briefly as they picked up their buy. We eventually got back home and I invited them in. They had to go. Their new puppy was causing the dog sitter some issues and they felt they better get home as this was the first time away from the new pup. I got in the house and surprised to see wife and daughter home. You'd of thought I was gone for weeks with the hug daughter gave me. I said I was going to lay down. Wow, I napped from 1:30 to 5:45. It wasn't that big of a day I didn't think but wife said there is a weather front coming again. That knock you down you know. This morning as I blog this I can really feel it in my right side. Had to water garden last night and did some flower check and some pruning and trimming till I went in for chat group here. Struggled to stay awake and out shortly after I got tucked in. To me this is trivial yammering. Not sure what suppose to be in a blog. Hoping trivial yammering is right. Getting better with how you add photos and what goes when and when. Also figured out the photo orientation issue, I think I have we'll see after I submit this blog.
  19. Not seeing life in them yet. Did some clipping off of flowers. Gave a little water. Now that I've remedied the water situation.
  20. That's how I view it and I like it. Seems soothing.
  21. Last evening I had to go on defense mode. We have these planters and this year I over watered with all the heat. Well more the drainage system I discovered had the drainage hole still with the punched out hole still in it. I think it's too late for the petunia's this year. The rest may come back. Petunia's I doubt. The little mini shears I find much easier since I did most dead heading by pinching. Petunia's are sticky. These are great and I have to wash them but its a game for me to clip the dead flowers out. Not always perfect. Have to mentally think use my right as I favour my left so much more now. I find it very relaxing to snip off the dead flowers. Now that its summer time its become one of my daily routines. I almost treat it like a game seeing how many I can snip in repetition. Left hand always wins. Might try one of these days to turn my tens unit onto my right arm and see it that helps. Anyhow wasted too much of my morning trying to do this. The planter that drowned out the petunias is now working fine. See if they recover.
  22. I wrote on another comment you had posted and somehow deleted it.. I think. Regarding my light side of writing. Discovered font and size and quoting so if I duplicate it sorry. Still trying to wrap my head around the methods here.
  23. Madade

    Its really confusing for me Asha. Its not easy I've found. Even blogging here is a bit confusing with my abilities.
  24. Madade

    Thanks Willis, Asha, & Kelli! Still having troubles navigating the blog and features. Just learned that these comments were here. Kelli I've been slacking for my steps. Figure I get enough gardening but that is not cardio workout. So many feature here. Getting familiar with the photo part lately. late for chat.
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