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    Still considering but going wait for the new platform to work.
  2. Madade

    I've struggled to stay with the family. I find the chatter is so exhausting. I nap and rest up for the big day. This year we hosted. 83 between brunch & dinner. I stayed up and present for both get togethers, so that's an improvement for me. Plus is feasting on left overs. No prep, baking, cooking or any of that meal preparation stuff just have to hunt for it in the fridge. Nice also to not travel. I could hide in my bed if I wanted this year. I visited though. Napped in between but stayed with it. 4 years, but its a little improvement.
  3. Madade

    Festive need a twig of green .
  4. Madade

    Yeah there was a chipmunk scampering about. I was talking to someone with the timer on. I never even noticed as I was transfixed on my finger pointing at the sun. So I never noticed the water reflection. The chipmunks was at the base of my feet. More in this picture than I noticed. Oh GreenQueen so deep. Thanks
  5. Last year did an owl with the Dremel wife purchased as I was too shaky with exacto knives. Couldn't remember how I transferred the photo. Thanks to chatroom moderator the suggestion turned out the best. First doing a Montreal Canadiens logo for a friend. It should be a surprise. Next will be an Austin mini cooper for a friend from chat group. Daughter wants a witch. We found one she likes. The learning curve is slow. This is a good lesson in patience for me. Hope to go to wood later on. I'll post when get finished. Glad the Dremel ran out of battery power or else I'd be still puttering.
  6. Madade

    There are moments I could do this. If I could kick better I'd like to send it flying, Times I'd like to send the arm and pumpkin flying. Blowing them up does have an appeal edkel1.
  7. Madade

    Thanks Green Queen. It was at the brain injury camp I attended this September. I was showing the chipmunk and this turned out better than was expecting.
  8. Madade

    I am noticing little changes. First off I can go a bit quicker on the treadmill. The doctors decide that since I reacted to all the chemical they'd try this leg brace. First it was awkward, time consuming and a real pain. Yet now it feels I am walking better. I can keep the speeds going longer. I now have added more weight training to routines. Last week I took on the exercise bike. Its real difficult for me to keep foot placement, but I'm heeding the stroke specialist words. He told me quality not quantity. Its difficult to think of walking and how I place foot but its coming ever so slow. My therapist has also added to the leg brace weights. 8 lbs. on each leg, compression wear. Weighted vest, & weight on arm. If that isn't enough added TENS/EMS to all this. I don't do all this every day but mix up the combination but always try and focus on the quality. Four years in and I really starting to notice. Motivation is likely the hardest. I live rural and going to gym isn't feasible. Found a couple of face via app oriented groups. Not many stick to the challenge or find it too difficult I sense. Tootin' my own horn is not getting any of my routines done. Best stick to it. Have a good week.
  9. Madade

    Been there done that to. Still have bout if I meet or converse with another survivor.
  10. Madade

    That is great. My recovery is a rollercoaster. One of those coasters that reverses too. A gym would be nice. Cost and distance. So hoping for interactions with other survivors.
  11. I'm looking for some motivation Just wonder if there are others that are attempting to stay motivated with the aid of their fitness tracker. Found an app the will work with most. Anyone interested? Limited to 10 we have 3 now. So far we are in the 0 to 5000 step range.
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    Sent you a personal message
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    Walk No Cane or Weights

    From the album: Madade

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    Canoeing Camp Dawn.jpg

    From the album: Madade

    Canoeing 2 session. Too much laughing
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    High Ropes 2017.jpg

    From the album: Madade

    High Ropes. Straight pull up then walk across cables
  18. Just browsing about again today waiting for stroke chat.  There was a moderator in the lobby.  When I checked that chat schedule I noticed that its all gone.  The time and group active.  Is it gone with this new format?  I thought I had checked it with the new board and it was there.  See if it is the same for you.  Maybe just us Great White Northerners.    

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    2. Linnie


      Mark, some of the e-mails you receive will be from ksmith....That's Kelli Smith, and she is an administrator who works with Steve (they're both super helpful).  Only the administration team of StrokeNet has your e-mail address.  Are you online now?  If yes, I can meet you in the chat room in a few minutes to answer (whoops, change that to try to answer) any questions you have.  I'll check back here at 12:15 my time which will be 11:15 for you, ok?  (I really try hard to not say "eh", lol)

    3. Madade


      It's  alright  eh!  12:30 pm nap time.  FYI others can reply on here.  It shows as email inbox on the new format.  That's where I'm getting them and my personal email notifies me.  

    4. Linnie


      Mark, I haven't noticed the email inbox; but I think it's probably the same place that I call a message inbox.  Semantics, eh? :2thumbs:

  19. Hi Asha waiting for stroke chat to open checked the calendar see its blank. 



    1. achandra


      Mad :


      we usually have chats every day in the afternoon 3-4 EST & evening 8-9 EST Monday,wednesday & friday




    2. Madade


      Thanks I'll try this evening.  Without that calendar it is a trick to remember times and type of chats they're hosting.  Joined a stroke support group last week.  Its good but tiring right now. Only going for Wednesdays.  Its a half hour drive also.  Again thanks.


    3. achandra


      Mad :


      will see you there tonight in stroke survivor chat room. If you have laptop at home then you can login from home & chat away





  20. Madade

    Well it takes a lot of exercise. If I'm idle it seems to snowball. Feeling of useless. When I get a little bug it'll take weeks to get enough strength back to get active. If I'm active I'll come in here without any problems and navigate easily. Learning and accepting. Thanks
  21. Madade

    :Hi: Welcome to StrokeNet. Ditto to what Susan said regarding looking forward to learning more about you. I'm from Prince Edward Island, so of course I noticed that you're out on the water in your picture. Was the pic taken before or after your strokes? Like you, I stroked on both sides of my brain. Mine was a long time ago, when I was 34 years old, but I like to keep in touch with StrokeNet to meet new members, and help them if I can. Glad to see you're going to the Newbie chat room. During these Sunday evening sessions, the chat host can answer your questions about getting around the site. Also, reading the posts in the Stroke Survivor forum will give you insight as to the various kinds of problems other members are experiencing as well as the advice they receive. I hope that after doing some reading, you'll feel encouraged to post your own questions or replies. It would be great if you tell us your first name, much more casual way of addressing you. Take care, Lin Still trying to navigate this site and thanks for the comments. As you can see that was a while back. Been to PEI several times. That photo was this summer on St.Clair river 2nd year after the stroke. A little vacation and boat tour. Even managed a jet ski. Its Mark. Thank Lin. Sorry I'm not very good on this site. Forgetfulness and typing abilities main reluctance don't frequent often.
  22. Any Neurologist come to this site?