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    Orientation is a fun one isn't it. Good Luck.
  2. Madade

    Oh the dreaded orientation setting. Good luck on that.
  3. Madade

    The first thing I found was to have a minnit profile. Always log in with that minnit profile Then when you are logged in strokechat choose your profile on the right. A drop down should pop down. Change photo should be in the options. If you are a guest it will delete every time. Not sure if it will let you do photo's as a guest.
  4. Madade

    Wish those colors were on the chat. It would help. Thanks Kelli.
  5. Madade

    Thought of Hank Williams Jr.
  6. Madade

    Wrong side steering wheel. Vroom vroom.
  7. Madade

    Tough cans down under.
  8. Madade

    red glass interesting
  9. Hi. Welcome Jim..Almost 5 years coming up. Lots of questions I'm sure, as did I have. Still asking many.
  10. Madade

    Well now I'm preoccupied on a holiday Monday with cold air and overcast. 🐒
  11. Hello Scott and welcome.  


  12. Madade

    That is a great idea. I find it funny also at stroke club that I've been babied so to speak. Just in general. I can out move some of them and also smile to myself. I'm not musical but every now and then they do this "drum fit" done with an exercise ball and drum sticks, and boy is that a challenge. Keep the beat with music playing and follow the routine the instructor leads with. Funny how the mind finds that a challenge. I sometimes let the ball roll away on purpose. 😈 🎸🦶🌹🌹🌹🌹🦶
  13. Just wonder how your doing ?  Thought I'd write.


  14. Madade

    Hi Shorty and welcome to the stroke net.
  15. Went back into hibernation mode. Its cold and damp out. Sorry 😴
  16. I saw you there Sue. Wrote. Seen you typing. If that's any help.
  17. Madade

    Well I have started a home gym. It started out from others donating equipment that wasn't being used. Treadmill and an exercise bike dual action. Basement flooded and the treadmill had to be replaced. Since got onto the treadmill my therapist added weights to aid in my gait. Also made suggestions to improve workout. Since the treadmill, I have added weight machine, weighted vest, leg brace, yoga mat. Its pretty crude looking gym. It works guessing thats what matters. Curious to what others do.
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    From the album: Madade

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    From the album: Madade

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    Interesting read thought I'd share. https://tbirehabilitation.wordpress.com/2019/03/18/article-novel-gait-training-alters-functional-brain-connectivity-during-walking-in-chronic-stroke-patients-a-randomized-controlled-pilot-trial-full-text/
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    Good question.
  23. Madade

    I've was told avoid impact on left side of the head. So slapping right side I don't really feel it. Yes will have to agree that when I get less active I too spiral down. It seems like its a 3 week cycle. The motivators is a small group of stroke survivors that we all try and get our daily goal. Simply seeing their progress is enough to make me try and get out there and do more. I am trying stationary bike. Last year couldn't pedal 3 times. With leg weight and persistence I just got up to 11 minutes and went 1.5 miles. Right side still falls off at times. Weird how the right side tenses up if I try anything over 10 mph. Somehow I see that my fitness tracker add steps when I do stationary bike. At a loss for how that works.
  24. Madade

    You welcome. I like these new & progressive thinkers.