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  1. Willis

    It will come back to you Mark. Our damage has hurt our bodies and brains and lives so badly. Yet our expectations of ourselves at times remain the same. Even 10 or 25 steps is something for us somedays now. Thinking about you pal. Willis
  2. Willis

    Yes those unexplained backwards days. What the heck. Keep pushing Mark at your pace and as your body and brain allow. That so dictates our lives since this. It's an unending task trying to out smart it and we never will. That we are determined to keep moving is great and I think it gives us some satisfaction and a feeling like we accomplished something. Onward!
  3. Talk about uncomfortable have you seen "Social Dilemma" on netflix? Oh my!
  4. Thank you sweetie!😍 Love ya back! I know. April has the smart phone but that just makes sense. Ha-ha Seriously the way you pay for things with a phone and all that stuff is going to make it a need soon. I use a Mac Book Air and the size of everything is much easier to see.
  5. I am resisting but the world is going to force my hand on this some day I fear.
  6. Still using a flip phone and can't log in on that lol. When I do get a smart phone I'm not sure I would use it to come here however. Be aware this is a "Not secure" website.
  7. Willis

    That sounds great Mark. That is a lot of standing time and I don't think I could do what you are without a break to sit. I am sticking with that bike and have missed only 1 day this month so far. As of a few days ago I raised the resistance level from 4 to 5 for half of my ride and feel a difference in difficulty. The goal is level 5 in February for the entire 4.6 miles. I have a goal in the back of my mind to get that up to 5 miles eventually. Onward!
  8. Willis

    This time of the year too. whoa
  9. OK ya'll I am still using a flip phone. My wife has the smart phone. I guess that does make sense. I can say that because she won't see this. 😄 There re whispers of me getting a smart phone so I will be back here soon begging for help. Onward!
  10. Willis

  11. Willis

    You bet Mark. It will be hard to say about the foot until you can give it ago I guess. It did make me think about my foot falling off and why it happened. I don't think I could keep my foot on an upright bike. I thought when I stroked I might be able to ride my regular bike eventually but it was to scary..
  12. Willis

    It's a SCHWIN. I will give you more info when I grab the manual. I have had it at least 10 years.
  13. Willis

    This is the torture/life saving beast. I just recently turned it around for a change of scenery. Inow look east down the road. Getting on and off is made a little easier by the handlebars.
  14. Willis

    I do have a couple of ankle weights sitting next to the bike. I think I will move them to where I sit and maybe wear them off and on around the house during the day. A recumbent could be the ticket but it has to be checked out by you for several minutes. In "normal" times I would welcome you and your better half across the bridge into our home so you could give my bike a go. I do, by the way greatly appreciate Justin T's support yesterday for my country.