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  1. Willis

    You are so right about those "breakdowns" being valuable. This is another mystery of my stroke to me. I do always feel so much better after emptying some tears from my eyes. It is like a cup that day after day and becomes so full it finally tips over and spills eventually.
  2. Willis

    For sure Becky1. We are faced with keeping "a stiff upper lip" no matter our daily challenges. Only we understand how deep we have to dig for that strength at times. I try not to as The Pretenders said in a song "sob around" because I know it makes my wife's job that much harder..
  3. Willis

    I do aim at laughing at myself but I think even the sadness of what has happened to us gets to each of us from time to time.
  4. Willis

    5 plus years out and still very little use of much on the left side and very minimal sensation. That said cumminsfemme the lack of emotional control is better and getting better still but far from normal and is an issue at times with my wife/caregiver. Remember also sleep is the brain great healer. Everyone here will understand how much this now is as much part of your life as your besties. This persons life would be so tragic now without you. Thank you!
  5. Willis

    It really is the best medicine and it is weird because there are times I feel like crying instead and I'm not always sure which way it will go.
  6. Willis

    I was leaning on the bathroom sink with one hand and trying several times before finally getting a leg in the correct hole I commented to my wife that I have almost forgot how easy that use to be. We looked at each other and laughed and laughed.
  7. Willis

    In the summer of 1962 I was with my family visiting relatives in Joplin, Missouri. After a day of fun at a near by creek with my brother we went back to my Uncle's where we were staying. Under my belt was an unquenchable itch and what looked like a rash on my skin. Being from Michigan I had no idea what was going on. My Uncle Earl laughed and laughed because the northern lads had never heard of chiggers.
  8. Willis

    That was some pleasant reading before settling in. A stroke, no wait 3 at 28 years old . Good God in heaven! I think back to 1978 when I was 28. As always "how unfair". It does show youth can sometimes be a huge advantage in recovery. Then the gal who could sing in spite of speaking difficulties. Wow! I have heard of people who stuttered terribly but not when singing. It sounds like the move is working out nicely Alan.
  9. Willis

    All I can do is sit and look and enjoy your talented creations! Thank you
  10. I have never been to Stag Island. I see it is a Canadian property. I went on iMaps to locate it. The guys I met in the Port Huron area when I played hockey always talked about Walpole Island and a rink they played at. I thought they said it's occupied by mainly Native Americans. I don't remember where it was exactly but it's between us on that beautiful river that separates our countries.
  11. Willis

    Yep it is going to be nasty on the other side of the lake/river too of course. I had an early derm. appt. in Port Huron and am glad to be back home and inside before it gets real ugly. I like my stationary recumbent bike but have been ignoring it during these busy outdoor summer days. That it turns out is not such a good idea. I know for sure things are not functioning as well as they can. Just spinning the leg 15 minutes a day makes a big difference. What I think I will try to do is ride the 3 five minute sessions but leave the peddle resistance at a low level instead of the work out it is when I'm riding to get stronger also. I have felt for awhile that a treadmill might be better for helping with our walking more than a bike might. That would make sense.
  12. Any and all help is always appreciated. We can do it!
  13. Yep just about gave up on that. Trying to figure out my URL to post photos and get no where.
  14. The weather has been great. A little warm but wonderful for us. I see I won't be using the Blue Water Bridge for a while. Smart on your countries part I feel.
  15. Willis

    and isn't that uplifting when it does happen. No fantasies about ever being close to normal again but I am continually amazed at how our brains continue to fight and look for ways to make things work again.
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