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  1. Willis

    Congratulations! As time goes by I know you will discover many different benefits. Quality sleep goes a long way for one. It all starts with getting your dose right. Take extensive notes at 1st with amount taken, time between doses and time of day. You will become an expert in a short time. Hopefully the power that be make this affordable for all who understand the power this plant has.
  2. Willis

    Thanks SueC because I looked into a light box last winter and wasn't sure. Can't beat a personal review. I'll be getting one for this winter.
  3. Willis

    Very nice looking ladies Kev. I live in Michigan and it is fully legal if you are old enough. Got that covered at 70. I'm glad you have found the plant helpful. I grew 5 this year outdoors. I consume daily through edibles that are made with the butter I make from my plants. My tell is that it turns this numb left side into an annoying inconvenience instead of a disability. The key to edibles is to take ones time until you figure out the correct dosage. That BP thing is tricky because like everything, normal seems to vary so much. I stopped taking even the smaller dose on Saturday and m
  4. Willis

    Still literally a priceless group.
  5. Willis

    Seemed like a good idea and simple enough request GreenQueen. Only 2 responses? Community? Wow
  6. Willis

    That is great to read. Your whole experience has been moving. I would really like to share your introduction and situation with my wife and caregiver. You faced an exceptionally tough time. I gave my wife a hard time constantly and was so mean at times it made me cry when I was alone. So see you have already helped others here. We are *beep* at the world and anyone normal at 1st for awhile because we aren't anymore. We eventually realize that if we don't put our big boy pants on and do something for ourselves no one will.
  7. Oh we need that. Thank you. I keep telling myself it's ok we print "In God We Trust" on our money. This election in Nov. is going tell me and the rest of the world who America really is.
  8. Willis

    Michigan Wil is OK! Thank you for asking. GreenQueen I have been wanting to tell you something about riding that recumbent bike. I never and I mean never ride that thing in the morning and even mid day is rare. I usually am not mentally or physically ready to do that until later in the afternoon or very early evening.
  9. I'm not giving up but I see Prime Minister Trudeau is now concerned about this 2nd wave and the travel restriction has been expanded. It doesn't look good. I'm afraid this winter things could get very ugly. I sure hope not. I just don't feel enough believe it's real like our ...leader? I bet April and your better half would be off talking about us in no time given the chance.
  10. We are working on it aren't we. A good challenge I suppose because if we never figure it out, oh well. 🥴 LOL
  11. Thank you! Copied and pasted (I can do that lol) and I will use it as a reference. I will figure this out.
  12. Yes that was a lot of info from Haeathber and I'm going to copy it and see if I can eventually figure it out. Who knows how much fun an occasional lunch could have turned into. I pictured my wife April and I heading across the Blue Water Bridge your way also to meet at one of your favorite places to eat. Oh well maybe someday.
  13. url That is what I see it asks me for when I try to post a picture so I give up. I believe it has something to do with our internet address. You are selling yourself short on your computer savvy. We aren't a couple 9 year olds who have always lived with them but you've got both feet in the water so to speak and are game. It was disappointing that the boarder closed and remove any chance of breaking bread together sometime.