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  1. Willis

    Mark a great report. Thank you. I have been vaccinated and boosted since Sept. In Nov I had the Delta variant and am now getting. over the omicron version. I feel being vaxxed it kept me out of thE hospital. In particular with Delta. More soon when I find some energy..
  2. I think I need to set the alarm on my phone. I keep forgetting.
  3. Thank you so much Sue!
  4. I haven't done chat and think I would enjoy it.. Are. there certain times for it?
  5. Willis

    Merry Christmas GreenQueen!
  6. Willis

    Merry Christmas to. you SassyBetsy!
  7. Willis

    Love this. It speaks for so many of us and feels so comforting to know I'm not alone with these challenges from physical right through the emotional. Thank you for taking the time to so carefully put this in words.
  8. Willis

    I really like that one & stroke boy gets it too. Ha-ha "Stroke boy" is how I refer to myself around my 2 Grandsons, 8 &11. They laugh and use it themselves sometimes. It keeps things light and in perspective for them. That's my goal.
  9. Willis

  10. Willis

  11. Willis

  12. Willis

    Yes this sounds all too familiar in this household. April would understand 100%. I guess I better let her read all this. Thanks for sharing those thoughts and feelings!
  13. Willis

    I'm so very sorry Nancy. I know how difficult I am at times with my wife for so much less reason. I work on trying to be kind but mess up all the time. I can imagine the monster I might be if I had to have her do that. The fact that Dan is voiding some seems like a little good news. Praying for your strength and that this condition heals soon for you guys.
  14. Willis

    So nice how we understand what it's like to have this in our lives now. Very comforting to know I'm not the only one or alone! You Aussie's are awesome!
  15. Willis

    YES I like that kind of stuff and those sayings. I have seen it said so many ways and they are all very helpful. I shared your comments about being a couple now as opposed to before our strokes with April, my wife. We both could relate to my feeling with your description. Thanks for that. I don't think we get that show in the US but with streaming. these days I guess everything is available one way or another.