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  1. Willis

    Yes it is worth it. I notice age is beginning to work against me more as I near 70. With my wife's help I took apart my schwinn recumbent bike upstairs and will get one of my neighbors to bring the 2 pieces downstairs to the front porch and we will set it up next to the picture window. Hoping if I don't have to walk up stairs to use I will get on it more. I have in the past and as hard as it is it makes a big, big difference. My daughter gave us a nice little tour of Elkhart this past fall. Very nice. The local businesses are very involved in the community.
  2. Willis

    Good read George. Haven't done any mobil home traveling but they sound like they could be fun and give someone most of the comforts of home while still traveling. I often pass what must be the largest manufacturing area for these types of things in the country. We travel to my daughter's in Indiana from Michigan and use I-80 to get there. There are miles and miles of all kinds of trailers, motorhomes, pontoon boats manufactures and such. Especially around the Elkhart area. The R V Hall of Fame is there but the one time we tried to visit it was closed. We'll be back. I want to thank you for your statement about exercising. It is an on going battle to do but as you said allows us to continue to do the things we like to do. I need to memorize that one.
  3. Willis

    Just speaking the facts Kelli and you aren't alone in that anger. The government could care less about what someone's needs to give them some kind of quality of life unless there's some profit involved. All that hoopla for something that grows like a "weed" for free. Grrrrr......
  4. Willis

    That was my story. I had the flu about 3-4 weeks before my brain bleed and was taking a lot of full strength Bayer. Now I'm warned never to take it.
  5. Willis


    It is evolving. Interesting watching this slowly become legal worldwide practically. Eastern Europe is even ahead of us here but it will be legal everywhere soon. As someone who for a long time has known the truth about the plant I knew back in the 60's we would be making the laws some day. You can never go from (black) "Oh my god it's the same as heroin and cocaine! Don't you get it?" to (white)"Well we've been trying for years to find something harmful but keep coming up empty, I guess recreational use might be ok." You have to give people a (grey) period "Hmmmm... there might be some medicinal value here, but just a little but no wait....." I absolutely love the process Wil
  6. I shut down or go quite but I say I'm recharging my battery and there is never any way of telling how long that will take. Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes hours.
  7. Yes Tracy that silly thing I posted with my comment to Kelli is just that to me. Improving not healing. Changing where we usually sit for a lot of us changes things up more than anyone else could ever understand. This wasn't from a stroke victim as far as I know but it sure could have been.🌲
  8. Yes Kelli, many of these issues are very familiar to me but it did get somewhat better for me. The noise and visual stimulation use to be overwhelming but that I handle better now. Making simple decisions, not so much sometimes. I remember a few years ago I was trying to separate my summer and winter pj's for the season in my drawer and became overwhelmed and cried at the frustration of such a simple thing. Not so simple for us however. Grrrrr.....
  9. That's right! No getting rid of me now! lol✌️
  10. Welcome Darrell! Brain bleed stroke here, Valentine Day 11:00am 2015 64 years and 8 months old. Left side is numb head to toe but I have mobility just no or very little sensation. You have landed in a good place. You are in the absolute worst time period with this recovery for Anne and you now. My wife (5 years younger) is my caregiver. Your new roll for the love of your life. It is struggle time big time for her especially right now. The rug has been ripped out from under life as she knew it. Accepting this and adjusting to this "new normal" is depressing until we accept it as how things are pretty much going to be. It happens but it takes time. You are key in this but only to a point but still in a big way. There are some terrific victims and caregivers here who are very supportive and forthcoming with every subject under the sun. Welcome to a club none of us ever wanted to be a part of.
  11. Willis

    Thanks Kelli! Remind me I said that from time to time. lol I will probably need it.
  12. Willis

    Yes leolady820 it's just another thing on our plate and depending our ages, abilities and desirers. As you stated you are still together and that says a lot about love regular sex or not.
  13. Now that is wild wil2! I'm lying here reading through Tracy's subject and Paul, Heather, swilkinson's and your contributions and thinking I need to surface here again and contribute my "priceless" opinions. Ha-ha. I have been in my email I don't know how many times with the intention of emailing and wanted to do it in detail. Not just a few sentences. I am waiting for that inspiration. Now that to me wil2 is something that was normal to me post stroke. When I wasn't feeling it I couldn't make it happen. Which reminds me of the sleep discussion. For over a week now I have finally understood there are 3 main things I need to get right daily. If I don't "funk" is likely to show up in some or all of its forms. #1 is pretty easy, be sure to drink a sufficient amount of water. # 2 is a little harder, have bowel movements on a regular basis. My fix is in the food. I eat an apple with a few prunes at a minimum and more fiber depending on the menu. #3 Ah sleep the killer! The one almost all of us deal with. My need is somewhere between 7 to usually 8 hours. My pattern is to try to be lights out by midnight. I might fall asleep within a half hour or could be awake until 2. I get up at 9 and am waking up before my alarm. That I like. What messes me up is I usually wake after a couple hours and am awake for 2-2 1/2 hours. I sleep a solid 4 from 5am until 9 but it's those couple hours I'm awake I seem to have all this energy. I would like to switch that juice to my daytime. I do medicate every 4 hours and that greatly relaxes me and doesn't have any negative side effects on me, however I finally realized last night you can do nothing to make yourself. I'm trusting my body to do that and giving it every chance I can. That includes a big change I have made here and that is putting this lap top away until after 9am.
  14. Sorry Kelli! This has hurt you deeply and that alone speaks to the love you had for this dear friend. Easy for me to say but try and remember some of the laughs and good times you shares with Diane. Do it in honor of her and your friendship.😪