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  1. Heather you have to be just about the strongest person on this site. I always look forward to your comments and insights. You are a great help to many of us. Onward my friend.
  2. Atta girl Heather! Here's another one I noticed today I can do a little better now. Pull a glove on my left hand and get my darn fingers to go into the proper fingers of the glove.
  3. I couldn't come close to holding a bar of soap in my left hand in the shower to soap my right side or a wash cloth for a long time. I noticed yesterday how much that has changed. I also had a shower chair when I 1st came home 4 1/2 years ago. I have 4 handles around parts of the bathtub's walls so I can grab one or hold on to one while I stand and shower. Bet y'all never thought we would find such joy in these little (but huge) accomplishments.
  4. Willis

    My fear is it sounds like she has got you so upset and stressed she's going to cause you to have another stroke. Is there any desire or opportunity to get away from her all together? You are in a very unenviable position on top of dealing with your stroke. I think I speak for all of us who are following this by saying, we are all very concerned for you.
  5. Willis

    Children like her are no accident. She is obviously the child of some terrific parenting and guidance. Kudos to all involved!
  6. Willis

    Cool I will copy and paste that and give it a try. Thank you my friend! ✌️
  7. will2 I think you have a new calling in life. That was so well written it was inspiring! Yes only the victim of a stroke really, really understands what is going on in our damaged bodies and brains. I loved my therapists when I was in in-house rehab and their help was priceless. Here again as good as they are at what they do and as much as they are around stroke victims even they aren't 100% er's like us. Keep those fingers typing William.
  8. Willis

    My numb left hand and arm are able to carefully eat with a fork or spoon. The trick there was regaining control of the twisting and turning motion of the hand, wrist and arm. I'm a lefty. The latest thing I have noticed is I can feel if my hand and arm is going into a sleeve or if I have missed the hole. Not a whole lot of feeling but enough now to recognize that and more feeling than there was there before. Onward Gentlemen!
  9. Willis

    I had a pretty good idea knowing you that you had tried this.
  10. Willis

    Yes music, music, music! A true inspiration! It is very unusual if you are in our home and there isn't some jazz or classical or something else playing loud or just in the back ground. I seriously don't know how I would get by without it. i
  11. Willis

  12. Yes sir Madade unfiltered with no malice intended. Not always easy though as things are often taken the wrong way. You made your cousin's day because you were being you. Something that's important to do I feel once a day, reach out and touch someone's life in a nice way no matter how small.
  13. Willis

    I saw this the other day and thought you might like. 🤗
  14. Thanks! I have to remember I'm hoping with most comments and blogs to spread some hope.✌️
  15. Madade I appreciate your comment for sure! I'm often torn between posting somethings or not. I think it can be a fine line at times of whether something might make someone happy or sad and I never want to hurt anyone in anyway. ✌️