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  1. Willis

    So very, very sorry my stroke sister. My Ellis is 13 and showing the signs of becoming an old guy. He is our 4th through our years and I'm thankful I know now to make these last few years (I hope) as comfortable and pleasant as possible. If the day comes that the vet has to put him down I don't think I can be there with these raw stroke emotions in public.I may just have to ask April to take him and say good bye to him here. I have also heard of a service that will come to your home and do the deed. Either way I know the day is coming and dread it. Hugs to you and remember the years of love and loyalty you were blessed with.
  2. Onward you go! I came to understand that even a person who didn't try to get better will to a point simply because of the amazing things the human body and brain insist on doing even when damaged.
  3. Willis

    Yes! Yes! to IT. I can't imagine doing this disability without having it. Almost 40 years ago I moved from a big city neighborhood to a more rural and use to be mostly farms years ago.My point is it's quiet out here and even more so now with world events. I would for sure die of loneliness without it. I can drive but would rather not. I just do and always have liked and enjoy people. You have a talent for informing yourself and being able to relay it in an understandable way to others,
  4. Willis

    That was very, very interesting, thank you Heather. You are such a fountain of information at times.
  5. Farmer #1 "I have a flock of cows." Farmer #2 "Herd of cows." Farmer #1 "Yes I have a flock." 😩
  6. Tough period that was for me but I hung in there and even though I thought "Things will get better" was BS but they did and continue to. Not as fast as that 1st year but yes still moving forward 5 years later. Good to see you again! Post some of that humor from time to time for our grins and enjoyment. Thanks
  7. Willis

    Great. Love it. In fact we all should share our pasts. Well not everything maybe.😇
  8. Willis

    Good stuff! More memories please. ⌛ ⏳
  9. Hi GreenQueen! I am hoping this message finds you back to the lady we all know here. I know that for me because of my damage my brain works in unusual and confusing ways at times. Sometimes it's hard to understand these seemingly new emotions I feel. I know some of my reactions, especially in the past have been extreme. Like some other things that is slowly improving too. I had my 5 year stroke anniversary Feb. 14th and it has had me thinking about what has happened since that "wonderful" day. When we 1st stroke out we get a lot of sympathy and I thought that was great. I got frequent visits from friends and family I figure for a couple reasons: #1 People wanted to help any way they could and I saw those folks and still see many of them these days. #2 People were curious to see me and just how bad the damage was. Kind of "1 and done". They are not seen or heard from much anymore and that's ok. Shoot I have family here that I have seen but only because of a funeral or social family gathering. I'm ok with that. It helped me sort out who meant what to me. I am guilty of this even now but when people hear someone had a stroke the 1st Q is usually "Did it kill them?" Followed by "How bad are they"? You can bet money family and friends ask the same or similar Q's when we went down. I feel what happens after we are around a few years and begin to find our ways we are not forgotten but didn't die and seem to be getting along ok. If most of us are sitting on a couch or chair or in a car we look perfectly normal to others. It's when we try to use our damaged bods our situation is obvious. The thing there is folks see us functioning but only we here fully understand how mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting that can be. Their thought is "Hey he's doing ok."
  10. Two things helped me through my daughter's teen years. 1st was coaching her soccer teams beginning in her pre-teen years. Being around all those other "daughters" and hearing them sass their dads the same way helped me understand this was the norm at that age. The other was advice to try and listen to what the teen is saying and do your best to ignore their delivery. Oh I guess there were 3 things. My wife's input was invaluable.
  11. Oh boy stroke sister do our home tales have much in common. Yes we do make mountains out of mole hills at times but not always either.
  12. Willis

    Very nice. The embossing is very attractive. You have a talent for sure. I have never been a big reader of books but have always enjoyed reading articles and stuff. A couple years ago I started reading books on my lap top. What I like is being able to make the print large and also have white print on a black background. That is easy on the eyes and turning pages is not a problem. All that said it often takes me 2 or 3 months to get through a book. I will go back and forth and read a short time and stop. I guess I'm lucky and have a decent memory that lets me do that and remember the characters and plot. If you ever need stick men drawn for your cards I'm your guy!