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  1. Willis

    Great! My recumbent is stationery and I have it in a picture window where I can watch the bird feeders and the rest of the world going by. I have thought about a trike for these scenic dirt roads I live on in the country. I know you did your research before deciding on a model. Good move trying it out. That is what my wife suggested too if I moved forward. Reading reviews the biggest complaint seemed to be that they tend to pull to the side the gear is on the rear axle. What a great gift for yourself to enjoy the scenery. Enjoy and be careful. Happy Birthday!
  2. Willis

    ❤️ Yes the miracle of life! How wonderful for you to know this feeling. We are a miracle and I think since the stroke my understanding of just what a miracle we are is even more obvious to me. On the lighter side it's been said that if women had the 1st baby and men had the 2nd there would never be a third. 🍼
  3. Willis

    Amen to that swilkinson but darn I for one feel you could do a much better job.
  4. Willis

    Happy 71st sir. That is great! I know this isn't how either of us envisioned ourselves in our 70's but on the other hand we could probably both list at least 10 past aquaintances who didn't have this privlage. I have a brother-in-law who would be 70 in July but has advanced pancreatic cancer and as of the last few days has been alone (no visitors allowed) in the hospital because of fluid on the heart and lungs. I just wish it would be quick and painless as the chemo has robbed him of any quality of life for over 2 years.
  5. Willis


    A Very Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers here. Dads don't forget we would never have the title of father without them. You ladies should be running the world in my opinion.
  6. Willis

    Thank you! You are too sweet! I know Wednesday I thought "70 now what?" lol So glad to have survived and to be here to still enjoy things in life (albeit different things than before) like this group and the wonderful humans here like yourself,
  7. Willis

    Hello Carlton! Wonky Willis here a little late with my welcome but I am glad you found us. As you see this is the place to be for sharing and finding out things only we can relate to and fully understand. Enjoy
  8. Willis

    Vitamin C ! and lots of it daily
  9. Good article for me because with the warmer Michigan weather I skip my indoor exercises to get out on the land and in the sun on the nice days. I was not convinced that it had the benefits of the bike and weight machine but thought it did. Now I know.
  10. Willis

    Good thought because it is always better to walk away and go back. to the task and do it right. The worst is doing it half-assed and having to go back and do whatever all over again. Yes I have noticed a difference in how many days I can string together now as compared to before. It use to be one on then one day off. Good thing to know for any of you newbies seeing this. Thanks Heather! I am getting better and hardly ever let it get to me when these "stroke" things happen because I understand better all the time that it's not our fault It's the damaged brain trying to function for us the best it can.
  11. Willis

    In 2000 I was at Disney World and we took a ride over to the speedway. I was into nascar at the time and bought a ticket for the ride along 3 lap deal. I'll never forget it.
  12. Very nice Kelli! You remind me of my daughter, my one and only child. The 3 of us are also very close. Looking at somethings you had post in the past and saw the pic from the Steely Dan concert with mom and dad. Yeah we've done those things with her from her 1st, Bonnie Raitt and Lyle to Jason Marz or Jack Johnson. Fun times and good memories. Thanks for the pics and sharing the past! 

    1. ksmith


      You must have been the cool dad :) How was Jack Johnson? Always wanted to go

    2. Willis


      Ah shucks thank you. 😁  I have a feeling your dad and I would have found some common interests. Jack of course was really good Kelli. I think I ended up seeing him 3 or 4 times in all as my daughter and son-in-law like him too. Beverly my daughter turned us on to him back when she was in college.. She will be 41 in Sept. YouTube has some very good Jack Johnson stuff.

  13. Willis

    Ok what's that saying? The best laid plans of mice and men...... After all that bluster about my bike and lifting and outdoors and bring on May last Thursday I hit that stroke wall Friday. I took the pole trimmer, lopers and hand snips down by the apple trees Friday and did manage to give one of them a pruning but man you would have thought I had just put myself through football practice. So only one of the 3 trees got trimmed and nothing happened on the compost. I even managed a shower when I came in the house but crap that is so hard and frustrating at times. Gave myself what I call a "ZERO" day Saturday, no outside & no exercise. Sunday outside, Monday "ZERO" day but showered. I get feeling strong like that and it's almost like pre-stroke and can never remember that it won't last and I will be paying a price. So as I sit here Wednesday afternoon I have rode the bike 1 whole time in May, yesterday and when I finish this I'm going to ride it. I always hope these reports help someone in some small way. Be well my mates.
  14. Willis

    Yes Becky one stroke was enough for me. It was one too many! 🤗
  15. Willis

    Stay on the good diet road, do your research as there is a lot of good info out there. It is a bit disgusting the crap the major food manufactures subject the masses to. Piles and piles of salt and sugars. This is a saying I like to try and remember. " Every time you eat or drink something you are either feeding a disease or fighting it." Good luck! We're doing this together.
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