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  1. Welcome! You've been in this war for awhile.
  2. Thanks GreenQueen! There are so many ways to look at us and our situations and this is a good one too I think.
  3. Willis

    I'm glad I don't need them. I take 2 pills a day for blood pressure and I and don't want any other pharmaceuticals and their side effects unless I absolutely need them. When I check my BP at home at home it is always good and when I visit my Doc he tells me it's perfect every time. I still suspect aspirin had a lot to do with my bleed. I had the flu a few weeks before (too stubborn to get the flu shot back then) and was taking a lot of Bayer aspirin for relief. I heard someone say that if aspirin came out now the FDA would not so readily approve it.
  4. Willis

    That is true unless your stroke was hemorrhagic and not a blockage. In that case you don't want anything that thins the blood. I'm not allowed to take any aspirin.
  5. Willis

    Hello ASHA! Thanks for venting. I also am almost always an upbeat person. Truth be known, too upbeat for a lot of people. I don't take life serious enough for many but don't care and will not and would not change for all the money in the world. I will say a stroke will get your attention and make you a little more serious. At least at 1st. lol I really don't know how someone is able to work after having a stroke. That must be very hard. I was 64 and had been retired 5 years when I stroked out. I'm damaged but make it work. No problems ever swallowing and (to the disappointment of some I'm sure ha-ha) talked fine after not a very long time. I was a mailman at a major university in Detroit for 40 years. It was not a real demanding job but just the same I can't imagine going back post stroke. It sounds like you have a great support team like myself. We're blessed with that for sure. I think you will progress nicely. Onward!
  6. Willis

    Welcome MTKarens! You will find this a great place to visit when you need support or just to vent. It's so easy for us to feel early on we are alone with this.You will find many friends in the same boat here. Visit often and participate when the spirit moves you or the topic interests you. Enjoy!
  7. Willis

    Sure that makes sense Becky1. I guess I think of it that way because I'll be doing something and notice my left hand doing what it use to kind of robotically do on it's own while the right hand was busy. I don't entertain any fantasies about it ever returning to full function and feeling. However I do see it improving, very slowly of course.
  8. Willis

    The good thing is it does get better unless there are other issues besides the stroke. No we will never be that person the day before but it can be uphill just the same. It does get better just because by nature the human body and brain refuse to be ignored. Of all the things I often thought of is I remember being "normal" closing and locking the front door of our home (Friday the 13th btw) and leaving to visit my daughter and her family. It was almost 3 months before I was back home again.
  9. Willis

    Nope alansd not dumb at all in my book. I was 64 when I had mine Feb. 2015. I had ice skated and played hockey most of my life (still never was real good lol) but was still skating once a week with the old guys, riding my mountain bike all over the place in the country area I live. I miss that and my wife and I had just got back a week prior from a few days of downhill skiing in Northern Michigan. That was something we took up in our 30's to give us something to do during the winter. Won't be doing that again either. Over these 4 1/2 years I am accepting this "new normal". I use to hate it when I would go to a room like the kitchen to get a few things and would forget something. That has changed. I now gladly hobble, limp, walk to get whatever it was grateful I can. Btw I do Love all music and have seen, like they say "all the cool bands".Unfortunately I don't play an instrument. Onward!
  10. Willis

    So to my fellow lefties: Did you know that our recovery with our left arm/hand often is a little better than righties with a hemorrhagic? Why? Well the majority of the bleeds are on the right side of the brain compromising our left side. The tendency is to ignore the "bad" limb and use the good one. Our left hand has been "jumping in the game" our whole lives and won't be ignored. I find mine going into action sometimes without actually thinking about it. Pretty cool, I like that.
  11. Willis

    Yep that describes it. Can't tell the difference by feeling only. The way I have been describing it to folks is if I had a variety of coins in my left pocket I could probably eventually get a hold of each (because I know they are there) and pull them out with my left hand but I would never be able to tell you what the coin was until I looked at it.
  12. Willis

    So to your point Banjo I guess as they say "the jury is out". It works for many but it's a choice (if even available). My personal physician is from Canada but now lives here in Michigan. Quite awhile back I brought up the subject. He was neither negative or positive. A few visits later the discussion turned to Medical Marijuana again and he commented that his aged mother was applying CBD oil to her knee and he couldn't believe the improvement in her. Last visit I heard from his assistant that mom is now taking it orally.
  13. Willis

    Thanks Will2. It works in so many ways for me but as I stated mostly it turns this handicap/disability ( numb pretty much on the entire left with some mobility but little sensation) into more of an inconvenience than anything. Interesting how the thinking on this plant is burned into the mind of so many. People will swallow a pill whipped up in a laboratory (that has so many possible side effects they can't fit all of them in their commercials) in a heartbeat. Yet a plant which grows like our vegetables is taboo. How long have they been trying to establish any serious side effects now? Gateway drug? It better hurry up cuz I think Willie is edging up towards 90. I know it has been a life changer for me.