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  1. Willis

  2. Willis

    Those are the things that take me a few days to recover from. I had to get up early a couple weeks ago and payed for about 3 darn days! GRRR...
  3. Willis

    Totally get all that. It is nice to go out if we have time to mentally prepare. The absolute biggest thing with me is comfort. That picnic table didn't sound very comfortable at all. Still nice to get out but yes I love not going anywhere too.
  4. Don't have any idea about what that might mean but great movie! Did not know it took place now. Well they were kinda close. lol
  5. Willis

    Fantastic Alan! One question, have you come close to unpacking everything? lol I'm working on it in the attached garage (1st one ever) but it's been too hot and muggy to be out there long right now. Come fall I'm hoping to get much more done out there. What is nice is even though I was pretty organized at the farm house and could find what I was looking for most of the time there were "piles". 39 years of "I'll put that somewhere later" adds up. Now as things are unpacked and sorted everything is getting a place. Yes isn't it nice not do many stairs. We actually moved into much more hous
  6. Willis

    Thank you. It does Tracy. If you like to read check out "No Time Like the Present" by Michael J. Fox. Diagnosed with Parkinson's at 30. There is a part in there I recently read. He was having a hard time staying optimistic which had always been his MO. His father-in-law told him to remember this: “With gratitude, optimism becomes sustainable” Word!
  7. Willis

    I would like to add that in spite of all these wonderful things going on I am still struggling like everyone here with my physical and mental challenges. Same every single morning for me still. We wake up and nothing has changed. The new home has been a nice distraction but I hope I didn't sound like all my challenges were over and everything was peachy keen.
  8. Willis

    Yay I love it! Thank you! ✌️🕺
  9. Willis

    Yep and often those comments and judgements are coming from blokes (how's that for speaking Australian?) who have failed at any kind of real friendship with another. 👫 0
  10. Willis

    Yep well rested and still a typical (I assume) senior marriage lol. I know, same on the comfort thing and being restless keeping a partner awake also. It all makes so much more sense than giving a crap when someone might ask in shock "You 2 don't sleep together"? It really is quite common. 🤗
  11. No I am an hour train ride from downtown Chicago now. 3 hours closer! Yay!
  12. Willis

    Well that is plenty for anyone to deal with I would say. Shoot
  13. Willis

    That's our special skill now I think, learning how to work around things and work out a useable solution. I will email the article I just read about the benefits of sleeping separate. Forget the stigma. We do in the new home and I have the luxury of the hall bath steps away and we both are better rested usually😴.
  14. Willis

    My daughter deals with very serious IBS and food allegies. She leans mostly holistic and we may be zeroing in on her gall bladder. Get better my friend. Eat what you should and try to remember the price when you don't Enjoy that get away.