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  1. I think I will sit down and cry is I have to be tired, nauseous, and dizzy for the rest of my life. :-(
  2. No I haven't. Will this contribute to fatigue and nausea?
  3. I hate the fact that practically nobody understands it.
  4. My dad told me last night that he was sick of hearing about my stroke in a conversation. He told me it was in the past and I shouldn't worry about it anymore. Some people are Beyond thick-headed.
  5. I am sorry. I can do most of the stuff I used to do except for I am perpetually balloon headed and nauseous with bad temperament and fatigue. I guess everybody here must have their own set of challenges.
  6. Thank you. I just had a big interview yesterday, and I'm trying to get out of my current crappy place of employment.
  7. I am so sorry for your loss. It is very hard to slow down so much. I am glad you are pushing on. I hope things can improve with your shoulder. Russ.
  8. I am working part time. I get very motion sick at my job and am interviewing for a sedentary full-time job next week. I am missing close to 38% of my cerebellum. The kids can be intense, but they're all great kids.
  9. Thanks for the reply, Mac. I am really having difficulty controlling my emotions. I can be very rude when people are rude to me, but I exponentially amp up the rudeness. Sometimes when I am alone I will just swear over and over again for no particular reason. I often wonder if I am losing a hold on my sanity.
  10. Thank you for the response. I retreat into music when I want to wind down. I have many great headphones and digital high resolution music players. Don't feel bad about not being sympathetic, because I have total problems being sympathetic now to anybody. I will look into mindfulness and appreciate the information. Good luck with you and I hope you're able to maintain a really good client base and improve daily.
  11. One of my coworkers was saying how useless I was because I'm on a small route. I get accused of milking my stroke. My coordination, vision, hearing, and speech are fine. All of my deficits are mood, a balloon headed feeling, nausea, defensiveness, and anxiety. I have roughly 38% of my cerebellum and 5% of my brain stem damaged. It is kind of a miracle I can even walk or am alive. I also get motion sick and fatigued really easy.
  12. Hello, my name is Russ. I have a fair amount of stress in my life because I have a wife of 29 years, a 24 year old daughter, and 18 year old quadruplets. I had a massive cerebellar stroke two years ago from an arterial dissection. Now I feel anxious, angry, and depressed almost constantly. I can be very rude to people. The people at work have been positively horrible upon my return, and I've been pretty nasty in retaliation and even had 911 called once at work to have me removed.