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  1. I did lose some of my peripheral vision in the right eye
  2. The same thing happened to me. My dad told me he didn't want to hear about my stroke, because it was in the past. I was pretty angry for a long time. The first 7 months after my stroke I literally wanted to murder someone, anyone. I locked myself up in the room with my dog because I would have probably not been very nice to my wife or five kids. I have 18 year old quadruplets and a 24 year old daughter. I had people at work making fun of me because I was on reduced hours. My boss where I work had to call 911 on me one day because he thought I was going to get violent. My mood sucked until just about 2 weeks ago or 3 weeks ago. That was the last thing to fall into place. The fatigue was probably second to last to leave. That has only been a few months, and I am over 2 1/2 years out.
  3. What treatments do they have you doing?
  4. I know it's hard, but try to stay positive. I believe that truly helps. I am uncertain as to what your symptoms are from the stroke, but for me it was balloon headedness and nausea.
  5. Ed, I hope you are wrong about that. I know everybody is different, but it took me about three years to feel my best. Get headphones and listen to music a lot. I have read that that really helps the brain after injury. I have various audio players, and listened to music pretty much constantly while I was flat on my back.
  6. How long has it been? It took about a year and 4 months for my dizziness to go away. After that I felt balloon headed for another year and nauseous.
  7. I hope and pray you can run again. Set your mind to it and it just may happen!
  8. The only problem is, now I have a bulging disc in my neck so I'm not able to head bang like I used to. Kind of sad, but hey, we all get older don't we?
  9. I have nailed antisocial down to a fine science and pristine art. There is nothing better and putting on something loud and obnoxious to block the world out like possibly Megadeth, Slayer, or some other intense form of music from Days Gone By LOL
  10. My doctors are actually a little surprised that I'm walking as well as I do. I can stand on one leg for several minutes even though I'm missing much of what used to help balance me. I honestly don't understand how it is happening. I will take anything I get as being grateful for it.
  11. Well actually my life is still my five kids... Four of which are quadruplets
  12. Music has become my life during the healing process along with my faithful puppy Oliver
  13. Each pair of headphones I own actually costs more than the car I drive. Having said that, I got a really sweet deal in a 2004 Malibu for $650. No rush whatsoever! LOL I have three different high resolution audio players and tons of high-resolution music.
  14. I am sorry you have lingering symptoms. I am missing about 6% to 7% of my brain stem and about 35% of my cerebellum. Incredibly, after 2 years of having a swollen head and nausea I finally feel perfectly normal again. I am really grateful, and I hope you continue to heal. My mood was the last thing to stabilize. I finally stop being a complete ass about 3 months ago. Literally anything could set me off.
  15. You wouldn't believe some of the rudeness I encountered. There were people at the post office, where I work, who thought I was milking the stroke to have less hours! They were all jealous. My new attitude is, screw them all if they don't understand. It's irrelevant to me. Headphones and good music are what I escape into. I have multiple high-resolution audio players and some Kick-Butt headphones and the world Falls away because I just can't worry about ignorance