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  1. Hi everyone Thankyou for all the messages,kindness shared, Zane has improved greatly over the last 3 1/2yrs, a very determined young man. I started trying to test the waters with buying a quad cane. And very slowly ,over some time Zane took first steps with a walkbelt and a cane , my support. Eventually one step became two ,two become three etc.. He now uses only a single stick. 10 mths after stroke Zane suffered a seizure that put him back into ICU in a coma again as his seizure lasted three days . This has caused him to loss his short term memory . He had his 2nd seizure exactly 1 yr later that lasted 2 hrs and he now has epilepsy, which hopefully is under control from 3 different medications . He also has bilateral blindness for left side of his eyes. He still cant read ,but can make out some words but due to aphrasia unable to put it all together . Hes in the possess of going through NDIS .so fingers crossed he gets some funding. Ill let Zane know there people out there cheering him on. Deb
  2. Zane suffers spasms, cramps n nerve pain 24/7 down his, left side, mainly arm hand, leg foot but like you all ,once he's in bed trying to rest it gets worse .we recently purchased a TENS machine. you .put sticky pads on limbs and smalls electric currents pass through, helps for short-term, Zane loves it even if its a temp situation. because as you say so many meds, to take hate the groggy feeling.
  3. Hi everyone, I stumbled across this site, looking I guess for support as over the last 3 1/2 yrs our world has been made smaller. as in my experience, most people that have had a massive Basal Ganglia hemorrhage were older an a lot of care is based on this fact. I was living 1000klms away when I got that dreaded call, saying I needed to ring the hospital as my oldest son was rushed there from his work, so as I rang the last thing I expected to hear was my son had a small bleed on his brain , I wanted to talk to him, they said to give them 20 minutes an they will ring back ,20 min felt like hours ,anyway eventually they rung back explaining he had just had a massive bleed an to get to the hospital ASAP. Took the first plane there an 3 hrs later they are telling me that the chances of him making it through the night was extremely poor. My poor sister had already had to sign to let them put a drain in his brain, didn't work. next day I was signing for him to have surgery to remove blood and remove part of his skull to allow for swelling and pressure. My son hovered between critical for 3 weeks in an induced coma. When Zane awoke he couldn't move from the neck down, couldn't talk, only swallow thickened fluids then 2 mths in high dependance unit, I remember them assessing him for rehab, they refused him as they felt he wasn't going to be able to be rehabilitated. it took me constantly on their case to reassess, eventually they did an glad I was there as with Zane in hindsight I think he didn't get there was a problem an refused to even try, I know this sounds silly ,but Over the time as i never left his side i watched him just look at them as if they were stupid for 8 mths Zane had his stroke on 2nd Oct 2014, wasn't discharged from the hospital until 17th Sept 2015, the whole time they kept telling me he would never walk or talk, anyways Zane is home 3 1/2 years on still has a lot of issues but his humor has kept both of us sane in some very dark days, Why I'm writing is it's taking me this long to be able to share. Zane has lost the ability to read an write, the truth I really need to know that he's not alone in this journey there must be other families going through this an be nice to get advice n just chat with others that understand. look forward to hearing from others cheers Deb
  4. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.