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  1. I am honoured to become a chat host. I hope to see you there sometime!

  2. HostSueC

    Please join us! Click on: Community Chat click on Chat Schedule I hope to see you there.
  3. HostSueC

    It was confusing to me too Mark.
  4. HostSueC

    That is awesome news Kelli! Good thing you picked up!
  5. HostSueC

    Brilliant reply heathber. I find myself sometimes saying exactly what I think with no filters and I have hurt people. I can't help it, especially if I am overtired. Today I was swearing a lot, which is not generally appreciated. I was sleep deprived and frustrated. As heathber said, it's always best to ask for clarification. And I am still learning to not take what people say personally, and to ask for clarification if I am offended.
  6. HostSueC

    What a stunning sunrise. The variation in temperatures in a day is mind boggling, I can't imagine!
  7. HostSueC

    Happy New Year Kev! Well, 2020 wasn't all bad - look at how much you were able to achieve and how much better you can do things now!
  8. Asha, I am so grateful that your son insisted you go to the hospital. And grateful that you didn't have any further deficits!
  9. HostSueC

    After all you are going through, I really hope the surgery is successful. As with stroke, recovery is slower than you would like. We are all there for you - be sure to reach out if you need a virtual hug or a shoulder to cry or whine on! I hope that wearing the mouth guard will help!
  10. HostSueC

    One of the most difficult things to do it to listen to my body. I start doing something, want to continue, and then overdo it. I am slowly learning ( after 2 years) that it is okay to do things in small steps, to stop when I am tired, and it's really important to sleep as needed. After all, the brain needs rest too! And it's a great idea to ditch the alarm clock! I am so glad it hasn't happened since. Sue
  11. HostSueC

    Oh gosh, what a scare! I get those symptoms sometimes when I am overtired, and it scares the heck out of me. Sending hugs to you.
  12. HostSueC

    That's the challenge, isn't it? Knowing how far to push and when to pull back. Kev, your determination is really inspiring to me and I find myself trying new ways to keep improving. Thanks for taking the time to write this.
  13. I have to add, I had stroke symptoms 2 months prior to the actual stroke. Numbness and tingling in my left arm and hand. I went to the ER, and they didn`t pick up on it, or do a CT scan at that time.
  14. HostSueC

    You are loved Kelli! We all do the best we can.
  15. It's the Butterfly Effect, one magical moment at the right place and right time can change everything. It was August 29, 2018. I was home alone. At 11 am, I woke up feeling really tired. I was about to roll over and go back to sleep, but then decided not to. I have fibromyalgia, and fatigue and lack of energy are a big part of it. Although I didn't really understand it at the time, this fatigue was different. I also had a weird headache in my sinus area beside my nose on the right side of my face. My left hand was completely dead to all feeling, something I didn't understand unti