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  1. NikalPikal

    Oh yeah, I still can't see far away worth a crap. I'll be interested to hear what your neurologist says. I couldn't get in to one until February 1.
  2. NikalPikal

    I completely understand about wanting to paint your toenails. I couldn't wait until I was steady enough to go get a pedicure. That's always been the one little thing that I do for myself once a month. Now I get a manicure as well because I can't take care of my fingernails myself anymore. With your aversion to strong smells, the nail salon might not be the best place for you. Though, they do usually keep them well ventilated.
  3. NikalPikal

    Sorry to hear your bad news.
  4. NikalPikal

    Yes, please do let us know. I hope you get good news! I think my vision is the problem that I'm most anxious about.
  5. NikalPikal

    I know what you mean. I just got new glasses and I still can't see! The optometrist said my problem has to be neurological from my stroke. My family doc said that my brain is having a hard time interpreting what my eyes are seeing. I see the neurologist February 1. Have you seen a neurologist about your vision problems? If so, what did he say?
  6. NikalPikal

    Hi Mike! I'm glad to meet you. I'm also very glad that you missed the big bullet. I wouldn't wish this on anyone and I don't have it nearly as bad as a lot of stroke survivors. I do worry some about the possibility of having another stroke, but not excessively. I can't drink anymore because of some of the meds I'm on. I only used to have a few beers on Friday nights anyway. I've lost enough weight to come off my insulin and I'm still losing. I call it the stroke diet lol. I try a lot harder to eat healthier. I still smoke, though. I know it's the worst thing I could possibly do besides put a gun to my head. The problem is that I love smoking and I've got a hard core addiction. The stupidest thing I ever did was start smoking. I'm so glad that you were able to quit. I wish you the best! Nicole
  7. NikalPikal

    The other day I was sitting in my chair and my boyfriend's 16 year old son comes to the doorway to tell me something. He was holding one of those little cheese sauce cups from Little Caesar's with the top pulled up but still attached and he was licking the sauce out of it. I said, "Dude, are you seriously eating cheese sauce?" He said "no" and walked away. He came back a few minutes later to tell me something else and he was still licking away at the cheese sauce. I said, "Isn't that gross to eat just plain cheese sauce?" He said, "Nicole! It's a CUPCAKE!" He walked over and held it out to me so I could see it better. Sure enough, it was a cupcake. He'd been licking the icing off it. So I said, "And now you see why your dad won't let me drive." That really is a perfect example of the brain not being able to interpret what the eyes are seeing.
  8. NikalPikal

    Thanks, Becky! I googled it and there are some neuro ophthalmologists in Indianapolis. That's only a few hours away.
  9. NikalPikal

    Yeah, I'm going to my PCP tomorrow and ask for a neurology referral. Right after my stroke I asked if I needed to follow up with the neurologist and was told no. I've only got to see my own doctor once since my stroke. Everything in my part of Indiana is owned by IU Health and it kinda sucks.
  10. NikalPikal

    YES! We're a bunch of stubborn bad a$$ biotched.
  11. NikalPikal

    Yep, I think all of us who have had a stroke have to be stubborn or we'd never get any better.
  12. NikalPikal

    My vision problems don't sound nearly as bad as you guys have it. I don't have dry eye or nystagmus. I just want to drive and I can't see well enough to do that yet.
  13. NikalPikal

    Thank you! Your response did help. Now I know that I'm not crazy and stroke can cause all kinds of weird problems that most people never hear anything about. I hope your issues get better as well! Nicole
  14. NikalPikal

    Thank you, Paul! Most days I don't feel remarkable, but I am stubborn. Nicole
  15. The only post stroke vision problems I can find any information about are the patchy blind spots that some stroke survivors have. I'm sorry I can't remember what it's called. My problem is just with my far vision. I can see up close just fine, but I can't see far away well enough to drive. I got new glasses a few weeks ago and went back to the eye doctor to double check my glasses yesterday. He said the problem isn't the glasses. He spent a long time checking my eyes yesterday. At first, I could read the 20/20 line, then we he had me do it again, I couldn't. I was getting tired by that time. I noticed that when I could read the lines, I had to focus on it for a long time before I could make out the letters. When I'm riding in a car, I can't read street signs or billboards until I'm right on top of them and everything is super blurry. Has anyone ever heard of this? Thanks! Nicole