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  1. Hi Darell. Since Anne stopped using thickener, she has to drink only little sips at a time and make sure to completely swallow it before taking another sip .Also tell her to keep doing the tongue exercises she learned from therapy to strengthen the muscle in her throat which was weakened by the stroke. That will get rid of her coughing and choking issues. I had the exactly the same issue before. I also had that shaking and involuntary movements on my arms, hand and leg. My left leg would even kick out by itself for no reason.... Hahaha ! There was a time when I was an in-patient at a stroke rehab centre, while a PSW was bathing me, She bent down to wash my right leg. My left leg kicked out on its own and hit her on her stomach. Poor lady fell on the floor. Good thing whe didn’t get hurt. I was very apologetic and felt really bad. But she understands that it was an involuntary movement .And I have no control over it. But it went away be itself. Just be patient..... it really takes time for the brain to heal. As the brain heals, the symptoms will slowly improve. Also I went through that anger, frustration and wanting to die. I’m a single parent to a 22 year old son. Anne is lucky to have you by her side. I went through all of these alone, my son was still going to school at the time. Tell Anne to keep a positive mind that she will improve and don’t stress out so much about her condition. Her brain is still healing and stress wil slow down that healing process. Another thing that helped me a lot is I attended a stroke support group. It was far from where I live which I didn’t mind. We meet up once a month. It helps a lot to meet and talk to other stroke survivors. We share experiences. I met some people who’s going through the same stroke side effects as mine and I felt I wasn’t alone in this battle. We talk and learn from each other . Seeing other people’s improvements gave me so much hope and kept me to stay positive. Try to find a stroke support group in your area that she can go to. This will give the two of you time to get out of the house and breathe. Okay I’m gonna sign off for now. I’m keeping you and your family in my prayers. Please extend my warmest regards and tight hugs to Anne.
  2. Hi Darell... I also had a stroke due to AVM bleed on the right parietal lobe.I had a massive bleeding in my brain that caused a lot of blood clot.it took the surgeons four days before they can do surgery and dissect my avm.. my whole left side from head to toe was paralyzed and was cold as ice. . I had no balance at all. There wasn’t any movement on my left side of my body. Surgeons and doctors said I wi be in a vegetative state and will be on a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I can’t even sit upright because I don’t have any balance..me left arm and hand doesn’t have any sensation. Tell your wife to never give up. There’s always hope. I worked hard on my PT and OT. I had my stroke September 2018, I proved all my surgeons and doctors that they’re wrong. Now I can walk without any aid. My left arm and hand are moving, although still very weak but at least they can move now compared to before when they’re just completely dead. PRAYERS and PATIENCE is the key to our recovery. Never give up. Recovery takes time. Be thankful that you were given a second chance in life. Whatever you do in rehab, do them also at home. You will see little improvements one day at a time. I will keep you guys in my prayers..
  3. OGL

    I,m Elizabeth I live In Brampton Ontario. I had a stroke in September 2018.
  4. I had hemorrhagic stroke on September 2018. My neurosurgeon told me I will be in a wheelchair for life. My whole left side is paralyzed..I was determined to,prove my neurosurgeon that he’s wrong. I went for inpatient rehab . I worked so hard to learn to walk again. With prayers and strong determination, i was able to walk using a quad cane after 5 weeks. But using a cane bothered me a lot. I get confused where to put the cane and feet when walking. So I decided to get rid of my cane and try to walk without it at home. If you believe in yourself that you can do it. Then you can do it. Two months post stroke I was able to walk without any walking aid.. recovery takes time. I t involves, hard work, patience and prayers. No w I’m working on my arm and hand. I was told by my therapist that the arm and hand is very slow to recover. I’m a year and a half post stroke but I’m still doing a lot of exercises for my arm and hand. But I will never give up.
  5. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and then introduce yourself by posting in the the Newbie Stroke Survivor or Stroke Caregiver Introduction forum.  After that, post your question in the applicable forum and others will reply.  You will quickly get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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