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    I like crossword puzzles, cooking, and hanging out with my husband. I have a warped, often dry sense of humor, and will laugh at anything if it's funny- right or wrong. My husband and I are very into music, it is after all, the soundtrack of life.

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  1. Happy Anniversary givincare!

  2. Happy Anniversary givincare!

  3. Happy Birthday givincare!

  4. givincare

    One foot in front of the other. I've sat at this computer a good long time trying to think of what to say next, something that could comfort you. But I don't have the words I imagine you truley wish to hear. So here is what I'll say to you instead: You are not alone. Ray is never going to leave your side. When you ask for him,he will be with you. When you need his advise he will answer. Yes, we all have to go through this in some way or another. Its part of life and death. Knowing this doesn't make it any easier to go through, however. One foot in front of the other, Miss Sue. Thoughts
  5. Happy Birthday givincare!

  6. Happy Birthday givincare!

  7. Happy Anniversary givincare!

  8. givincare

    You learn from life, I learn from you. Talk to you soon, Kristen
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  10. Happy Birthday givincare!

  11. givincare

    Thanks Stessie!
  12. givincare

    Thanks so much Jeannie!! And a "heads up" about voting: A few folks have had some problems so: click on the link above; "connect" onto Facebook; click "like" if needed, THEN scroll down to the Braid recipe and "VOTE". If page doesn't refresh to show the current standings / who's in which place, then your vote didn't go through. Please try again....every day. THANKS!!
  13. givincare

    Why Thank you!
  14. givincare

    Thanks Asha!!!!!
  15. givincare

    Your family is always in my prayers, and I'll remind Patrick, too (you might have better luck through him, anyway. He has a much better relationship with God than me, I'm afraid). I have this urge to cook you both a batch of chicken soup and bring it on over. Wish it wouldn't take me 2 days and thousands of dollars to do it. Just wish I could comfort you and Ray, let you take it easy for a minute. Anyway, gotta run. Someone is pestering me LOL. Kristen