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  1. HostSue

    Unfortunately the stockings are for life, lymphoedema never goes away. And after I pass this latest set of tests I still have two more years to go to be declared free of cancer. So I have to be patient.
  2. HostSue

    Thankfully very few changes

    I have a lot to be thankful for. My daughter Shirley took me to see the specialist in Sydney today. Luckily the heat of yesterday was replaced by drizzly rain but as usual that just made the traffic worse and so our two hour journey took half an hour longer. I know why I love my part of the coast so much, it is because I would much rather listen to the sound of waves rolling in to shore than the sound of squealing brakes and the horns of impatient drivers. Or park by the lake instead of trying to find a parking spot among the high rise city buildings. I have several tasks to do when I get there. I filled in the research paper I usually do on my post operation feelings which becomes part of a national survey, then I was interviewed by one of the associates which is part of their training and then I can see the Professor herself. It seems there is not any sign of further melanomas, no signs of secondaries. I do have some age related problems which the young doctor explained but these can be seen to one at a time. I don't have to see the specialist again for twelve months pending two more tests to come, one a biopsy and in March there is the brain scan and the visit to the neurosurgeon. I am so grateful for everyone's prayers. It was a tiring day but just to know I have passed the first year without a recurrence of the melanoma and no secondary sites is a great relief. I still will have some residual pain from nerves damaged during the operation but that is a small price to pay. I have been given another year and will make the most of it. My word for this year is enjoy and so far there have been few days I haven't enjoyed. My life may be shortened by this past year's troubles but it is still a good life. The week leading up to today was busy with all the tests but even then it was an interesting week. After one of the tests a woman friend picked me up and we went to lunch, a thoughtful gesture on her part. I am blessed with good friends. I don't have family close but Shirley is only and hour and a half away. I also had lunch out with my ex-daughter-in-law and caught up with her news. She is the mother of my grandchildren who live in Adelaide with my son and his new partner. I am lonely still, really no getting around that. I have plenty to keep me busy, I have friends locally I can connect with as I do, but when Ray died the centre went out of my world. But we widows and widowers just have to rebuild our lives and I have done that. Like any rebuild it includes things from the past as well as relationships which are more recent. The friends I have now are from different parts of my journey. It is inevitable that relationships change when your partner's dies and some friends drift away and new friends take their place. And of course at my age many older friends die. It was nice to have my daughter stay overnight and to and from Sydney we talk of so many things. She told me she now uses a lot of the sayings she heard from me and her father and her kids say: "where did that come from?" It is good to have a laugh together. I know she is busy and am glad she feels she can spend the time with me. It means a lot to me. Now it is onwards and upwards. No, I am not fixed or cured or guaranteed a future but for now I have a good feeling about the year ahead of me.
  3. I haven't had a stroke, so I just blame my lapses on my advanced years. You will work it out in the end. I know you have a fine intelligent mind so it is just a case of retraining it. Though I guess you must be sick of people saying that to you.
  4. HostSue

    Kelli, you are a champion.
  5. HostSue

    Madade, I am Sue the blog moderator. I searched for your blog and could not find it. So either you have deleted it or it is still in draft form. As you have said you could write an entry in the form you have open. Remember to give it a title and click on publish if you want the rest of us to see it and be able to comment on it. Blogging is very therapeutic and gives you a whole new community of friends.
  6. ASHA, I have so many wise words in my head that came from reading your blogs, I have learned to go with the flow because that is what you have taught me to do. I am so thankful to you and others on here for standing alongside me in my journey with Ray and since his death on my widow walk. Have a great celebration on your stroke/ Valentine's Day celebration.
  7. ASHA you will enjoy being a chat host and getting to know a lot of truly wonderful people. I am a better and wiser person for being in contact with people who were willing to share painful experiences we could all benefit from. There is a pool of wisdom we can all draw from.
  8. HostSue

    Kelli, thanks for the information, I like so many others wish I could be there. My thoughts will be with Peg and family.
  9. HostSue

    ASHA, you will be a great host.
  10. HostSue

    Kelli, many of us will mourn Denny as a personal friend. He and I had many chats as we did a chat around the same time. He often came as a "guest" to Caregiver Chat. I had a great admiration for Denny's dedication to his work with stroke survivors on Strokenet and his great love for his wife Peg and his family. Farewell old friend.
  11. HostSue

    Looking ahead but not too far

    Every now and again something jolts me back to reality, today it was the post on Facebook by Steve Mallory announcing that our friend Denny (Dennis Jeffries) had died. Denny and I talked frequently during my years when he was a chat host on Survivor Chat and I was chat host for Caregiver Chat. He was also my friend on Facebook. Like so many of my friends on Facebook and Strokenet we never got to meet in person but nonetheless we were friends. In this modern age this will be so for many of our friendships. My heartfelt condolences to his beloved wife Peg and their extended family and all those who knew him and valued his friendship. As I minister to the older church members in my own church and others in the organisations I belong to I am probably over familiar with death but never inured to it. I know each death robs us of a piece of our history and breaks down some of the bonds between us and others. All we can do is to remember those friends who have passed, remembering why we liked them, what we shared with them, remembering all that was good about that particular person and the ways in which the friendship enriched both our lives. We also need to remember those they left behind. I have just had my daughter and her family here for the weekend. Not her husband as he had injured his back trying to start a stubborn water pump so he stayed home for some bed rest. It was only a day's notice so it was unexpected but turned out to be a really fun time. My grandson Chris starts University this year so is a grown man now, his sister Naomi is 14 so quite a young lady so it was funny to see them playing with the toys Alice aged six had got out to play with. The Nintendo Wii got a bit of a workout and more so on the second night when Pamela and the three Adelaide cousins joined us. I guess that is when I realise my house is small when five teens and near teens are fighting to see who will be the challengers in the new Wii games. I do so enjoy having my grand children here, every time I see them I can see the changes in them. With Trevor and Alice's visit the first two weeks in January and then all the others last weekend I have been so blessed with the amount of time I have been able to spend with them. The Adelaide kids are going home in a week's time to start back at school, they are all doing well according to their abilities. I love them all and want the best to happen to them but have no illusions about them. Like Ray and I they will have their own struggle with life. They know Granma prays for them, but only two fully understand what that means. Summer has been very humid so it is out shopping etc in the morning and home in the afternoons. I have to keep hydrated and remember to take some time with the affected leg elevated. I have just lined up all the appointments and tests for the second week in February prior to seeing the melanoma specialist, with more tests before I see the neurosurgeon in March. I figure this is all for my good, remembering especially that this is prolonging my life so I can look forward to seeing my grandchildren grow up. I have felt the negative effects of wearing the body stocking toes to waist bevause of the humid weather but try to remember that too is to ensure I live as full a life as is possible. On the whole life is good and I have many blessings to count. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and many good people behind me challenging and supporting me. At my age I know that as long as we have love in our lives we are truly blessed.
  12. HostSue

    Pam, I don't know what to say apart from I hope it is temporary. I have not had this happen to me but Ray was in a diaper for several periods of time over the years and then for the last 15 months of his life. One of the reasons I went to the nursing home daily was to make sure he was clean and dry. The care is so much better if you have regular visitors, it seems to keep the staff on their toes. I wish I was close enough to drop in from time to time.
  13. Yes. One of the reasons I blog is to look back on how far I have come. I am looking at who I was and who I have become. It is like the growth rings on a tree reflecting the good years and the bad years. I can see that also in those other members of the blog community who have been blogging for a long time as you have ASHA. I can see that post traumatic growth in both of us.
  14. Here we are in 2019, a New Year to think about the future, try to remember the best things from the past and use the skills you have learned to improve the present. If you haven't done so already why not start a blog? It is a good way to to record what is happening in your life, to vent if you need to, to seek advice or to offer advice based on your own experience. You might like to comment on some of the good things that have happened in your life after the stroke. Or how you feel stroke has impacted on your life, I have often done that in my blog. Start a blog and become part of our Blog Community.
  15. HostSue

    Wow! That is a miracle. Not a cancerous spot just a little white one. So pleased for you. And helping a person to get a phone, passing on your good karma, you ROCK!!!!