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  1. It is a while since we have had a new blogger but it is never too late to start one. And never too late to find your old blog and give us an update. I have been blogging for many years and love the opportunity to go back and look at the changes that have happened in my life, good and bad, happy and sad. It helps me to remember that it is partly through the friendship of those on here and your support that I have been able to go on through the hard times. So I do recommend starting a blog as a way to record your trials and triumphs of dealing with stroke.
  2. Tracy, I wish I was a fairy godmother I would send you some of what I have. Just sit tight and see what happens, there may be people who will help you out with furniture when the time comes. You are a good person, helping out your family even though you have so many difficulties yourself. Just do whatever you need to do and the future will take care of itself. (((Hugs)))
  3. HostSue

    How sad, to lose a parent so young. Deigh we all want good things to happen to our kids and grandkids. A sudden death is so traumatic for those left behind.
  4. HostSue

    Happy and sad time.

    I just had a few days with my daughter and family, it was nice to catch up with the grandkids as I hadn't seen them since May. My grandson was busy studying as he starts his exams on Thursday. These are the last of his Year Twelve exams and give him his final score important for future employment and access to University entry. He is very focussed but I could see an element of panic which is quite common at this time. My grandaughter is still three years away from that stressful time. She is a good all round student and as yet unworried about the future. Shirley and I went to Gloucester about two hours away to my girlfriend's funeral on Monday. I thought I would need support as this is the woman I had known since I was seven. Jean and I went through school till our third year of high school together and had always kept in contact. She will be missed by many as she was an art teacher, a singer, very active in her community and recognised as an artist Australia wide. I know she is irreplaceable in my life. We had many friends in common so it was good to catch up with some of them. But I will always be conscious of her absence in my life. I am busy with rosters, they rule my life from now to Christmas. In Australia with Christmas, end-of-year activities and of course the coming of summer with school holidays starting in December. Our days fill with beach going and picnics etc so we are BUSY. I don't think the beach will be a big feature for me but when the kids are here I do take them so take advantage of living on one of the best stretches of coast in Australia. The Christmas raffle alone is two days a week out of my life for six weeks. The Royals are here, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, so Royal fever is gripping the media. They are due to land shortly in an inland city called Dubbo and the population has doubled there. Good timing as they have had rain there so the signs of the drought are overcovered by fresh green grass and they will see it at it's best. This is the fifth Royal visit Dubbo city has enjoyed so it is the envy of many. It is a boost to any little city to host a Royal visit. We are having a Fashion Parade and High Tea at the end of the month at church and I might purchase a Spring garment as my wardrobe contents is mostly old and tired. It is many years since I was a trend setter. But it does a girl good to have something fresh and new to wear. Call out to caregivers... remember to look after yourself and from time to time to treat yourself to something special like a pamper day or a new outfit. All caregiving is hard and you need to look after yourself and keep your sense of self. I am only really seeing that in perspective now. And so I am enjoying slightly warmer days and longer days as we are now on Daylight Saving time. Nice to have a chance to do some gardening that results in flowers brightening the back yard. There seems to be a time for a relax after a long day, this is when I really miss Ray as we used to review the day together. Ah well life must go on.
  5. HostSue

    Enjoy it while it lasts Pam. It is a gift. Let her enjoy your company, you are good for her too.
  6. HostSue

    I am so glad you are in with someone who is compatible, it should make your life much easier and much more enjoyable. (((hugs)))
  7. HostSue

    I have also had the same misunderstanding with my older son, over his leaving his wife and children in the lurch. I do stand by what I said but it was the wrong time and place. Sometimes my timing is way off. It has taken years to get back to a normal mother/son relationship. I hope you can remedy the situation easier than I did. Mostly it just blows over. Keep on doing what you do is all I can advise.
  8. HostSue

    Same thought here - it is what it is. T 'is true events are just events, blame neutral, so I just need to get on with it. Oh how I wish I could think that way when the going gets tough instead of giving in to self pity as I sometimes do.
  9. HostSue

    I agree, he needs to resolve his own issues. You are his mother who gave up a lot for him, now it is time for him to act the adult and see you as the one who needs the nurturing. Oh my dear, if only....
  10. HostSue

    That was a scary experience Kelli, you did well to get through it. Glad you are registered as a handicap driver so they could just issue a warning. Hope this doesn't happen again.
  11. HostSue

    I have not experienced what you are going through. I have only (((hugs))) to give you.
  12. That is a beautiful story ASHA, your husband truly is your guardian angel.
  13. HostSue

    It was a hard month

    Sometimes I take the hard decisions and accompany someone on the journey to death. It is something that I was trained to do as part of my Chaplaincy training. This time it was more difficult though as it was someone I knew well, the man I went out with for a while. Lyn and I broke up in November 2016 and four months later started a friendship that lasted till last Thursday when he died. He had twelve weeks in hospital and it was hard to see him slowly deteriorate and probably during the last two weeks the quality of life was no longer there. I will really miss him, he was a great conversationalist and we talked for hours over cups of tea and across cafe tables. Once I accepted that friendship was all he could manage because of his ill health we became the best of friends and I am going to miss him a lot. The funeral is on Friday. I have met all but one of his children and step children so will feel comfortable being there. I do go to a lot of funerals anyway but the closer I am to the person the harder it is for me to not be an emotional mess. Apart from that I have been doing some gardening, preparing for summer by doing a little Spring cleaning. This week I have Trevor and Alice visiting so we have been out most days. Alice loves going to the beach even though the weather is still cool and the ocean temperature cold she has been in doing her version of swimming. Today we went to an area with a children's wading pool and she loved it, she palled up with a girl her own age and they ran around together, a great way to burn energy and keep warm. Yesterday we spent the day with Pam and her three children and it was great to seen the four of them playing together. The boys play games Alice can join in and understand with her being so much younger they have to be gentle with her. I think being with cousins is a great thing for Alice. Unfortunately with major exams ahead for Christopher and much to do Shirley and family won't be coming down before Trev and Alice go home. A pity as she enjoys their company too. I may see them next week. The country is still very dry, Trev said kangaroos, emus, goats and cattle are competing for what little grass there is and carcasses litter the roads. Drought is heartbreaking for all our country farmers and my Lions Club among many others is collecting money and goods to send to the country to support farmers and their families. It is probably too little, too late but we need to show them we care about what is happening to them. After all we really do rely on the farmers for the food we eat and some of the materials for the clothes we wear etc. The year is flying by already people are asking about my plans for Christmas. I never know what I am doing this far ahead. Shirley is not moving for at least another year so that is good. I will probably spend Christmas with her family. There is a lot to get through before then. I hesitate to make plans, in the past so many things have gone wrong that for me planning too far ahead seems crazy. Just have to wait and see what happens.
  14. HostSue

    Pam you are a true friend, the kindly friend I would like to know in that situation. It is so hard to work out why someone would steal from a 96 year old veteran but it seems it is happening over and over. Your son is a saint, you are right, and learned it from his mother. I am amazed by the way you bring happiness to others under such difficult circumstances.
  15. HostSue

    I am sorry the nurses look at you but do not "see" you. That is very frustrating for you. You deserve better treatment. The pain dominates your life which is understandable, but I hope there is more to your life than that.