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  1. HostSue

    Kelli, many of us will mourn Denny as a personal friend. He and I had many chats as we did a chat around the same time. He often came as a "guest" to Caregiver Chat. I had a great admiration for Denny's dedication to his work with stroke survivors on Strokenet and his great love for his wife Peg and his family. Farewell old friend.
  2. HostSue

    Looking ahead but not too far

    Every now and again something jolts me back to reality, today it was the post on Facebook by Steve Mallory announcing that our friend Denny (Dennis Jeffries) had died. Denny and I talked frequently during my years when he was a chat host on Survivor Chat and I was chat host for Caregiver Chat. He was also my friend on Facebook. Like so many of my friends on Facebook and Strokenet we never got to meet in person but nonetheless we were friends. In this modern age this will be so for many of our friendships. My heartfelt condolences to his beloved wife Peg and their extended family and all those who knew him and valued his friendship. As I minister to the older church members in my own church and others in the organisations I belong to I am probably over familiar with death but never inured to it. I know each death robs us of a piece of our history and breaks down some of the bonds between us and others. All we can do is to remember those friends who have passed, remembering why we liked them, what we shared with them, remembering all that was good about that particular person and the ways in which the friendship enriched both our lives. We also need to remember those they left behind. I have just had my daughter and her family here for the weekend. Not her husband as he had injured his back trying to start a stubborn water pump so he stayed home for some bed rest. It was only a day's notice so it was unexpected but turned out to be a really fun time. My grandson Chris starts University this year so is a grown man now, his sister Naomi is 14 so quite a young lady so it was funny to see them playing with the toys Alice aged six had got out to play with. The Nintendo Wii got a bit of a workout and more so on the second night when Pamela and the three Adelaide cousins joined us. I guess that is when I realise my house is small when five teens and near teens are fighting to see who will be the challengers in the new Wii games. I do so enjoy having my grand children here, every time I see them I can see the changes in them. With Trevor and Alice's visit the first two weeks in January and then all the others last weekend I have been so blessed with the amount of time I have been able to spend with them. The Adelaide kids are going home in a week's time to start back at school, they are all doing well according to their abilities. I love them all and want the best to happen to them but have no illusions about them. Like Ray and I they will have their own struggle with life. They know Granma prays for them, but only two fully understand what that means. Summer has been very humid so it is out shopping etc in the morning and home in the afternoons. I have to keep hydrated and remember to take some time with the affected leg elevated. I have just lined up all the appointments and tests for the second week in February prior to seeing the melanoma specialist, with more tests before I see the neurosurgeon in March. I figure this is all for my good, remembering especially that this is prolonging my life so I can look forward to seeing my grandchildren grow up. I have felt the negative effects of wearing the body stocking toes to waist bevause of the humid weather but try to remember that too is to ensure I live as full a life as is possible. On the whole life is good and I have many blessings to count. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and many good people behind me challenging and supporting me. At my age I know that as long as we have love in our lives we are truly blessed.
  3. HostSue

    Pam, I don't know what to say apart from I hope it is temporary. I have not had this happen to me but Ray was in a diaper for several periods of time over the years and then for the last 15 months of his life. One of the reasons I went to the nursing home daily was to make sure he was clean and dry. The care is so much better if you have regular visitors, it seems to keep the staff on their toes. I wish I was close enough to drop in from time to time.
  4. Yes. One of the reasons I blog is to look back on how far I have come. I am looking at who I was and who I have become. It is like the growth rings on a tree reflecting the good years and the bad years. I can see that also in those other members of the blog community who have been blogging for a long time as you have ASHA. I can see that post traumatic growth in both of us.
  5. Here we are in 2019, a New Year to think about the future, try to remember the best things from the past and use the skills you have learned to improve the present. If you haven't done so already why not start a blog? It is a good way to to record what is happening in your life, to vent if you need to, to seek advice or to offer advice based on your own experience. You might like to comment on some of the good things that have happened in your life after the stroke. Or how you feel stroke has impacted on your life, I have often done that in my blog. Start a blog and become part of our Blog Community.
  6. HostSue

    Wow! That is a miracle. Not a cancerous spot just a little white one. So pleased for you. And helping a person to get a phone, passing on your good karma, you ROCK!!!!
  7. HostSue

    I have Enjoy as my word again this year. I think I let the leg operation and dissection dominate my life last year and am not going to let it take another year of my life. 2019 is mine to enjoy. Asha, with your support and that of your husband and extended family your son will be fine
  8. HostSue

    There is really nothing we can do about our past and we've all done things we are ashamed of, worried about or find distressing when we look back on them. But somehow we have to reconcile that and move forward with our lives. I have to say to myself sometimes" Not my fault, not my problem." Naturally I hope the other person can see that too but if they can't I try not to stress about it. I guess that comes with age though. Hope you have a fantastic year Tracy. You can think about what others say but you don't have to accept responsibility for it.
  9. HostSue

    Tracy it is heat, hot days and too warm nights, but I do fall asleep because I am tired. In our area crowded car parks because we are a tourist spot about an hour and a half from the northern suburbs of Sydney. Our beaches are crowded with sun screen baked kids and parents with sunburned faces, but we don't care because tourists boost the economy. It is a great place to live.
  10. HostSue

    Never a cool Yule

    Tracy wrote in a reply to Janelle that it is hard to get her head around the fact that we in the southern hemisphere are in summer and a hot one at that. It makes the Christmas we have very different from what most of our readers are experiencing. And it is hard to imagine unless you can think of the Fourth of July and Christmas coming together. Then add mosquitoes, bush fires, heatstroke and crowds of people flocking to your town from the nearest big city and you are starting to get a picture of my kind of Christmas. Despite all of that we, the Aussies and those who have made Australia home, love it. I did go to my daughter's place for a couple of nights, had a good time without too much trouble, enjoyed the Christmas Eve supper my grandson prepared and the lovely Christmas lunch my son-in-law cooked, going to church with the family etc. I got quite a collection of small gifts, the flavoured teas and home made jams being my favourites. As the grandchildren are now 19 and 14 there wasn't the noisy excitement of younger children but it was still nice to see them open their presents. My daughter drove me home late Christmas afternoon as they were heading off to see their other grandmother the next day and in a way I was glad to be home. The run-up to Christmas was very busy this year as I did extra shifts on the Lions Club raffle in our local shopping centre. One of our younger Lions had a stroke the week before Christmas and I replaced him as well as another Lion who finished up in hospital with pneumonia. We all push ourselves too much and end up with stress related illnesses if we are not mindful of the pressure. Anyway all that is behind me now. So my word for this year is one I have had before - ENJOY. I aim to 🎉 celebrate the life I have regardless of the way the year influences my health etc. I am learning that I will only be happy if I plan to be happy. I can no longer guarantee good health, or prosperity or even what will happen from day to day so I just have to accept that. I am blessed with people who care about me whether they voice that or not. I found out through the journey of the last year or so that people express love in many different ways, through flowers, food, visits , phone calls and dropping by with a cup of my favourite coffee. And of course emails and comments on social media. Some here are some thoughts for the year to come. Firstly to stay as positive as possible regardless of whether I feel lucky, happy or in control. Secondly to go on loving people and in whatever way I can to help and support them. This will include keeping in regular communication with some people I have neglected this year. I found out just before Christmas that one of Ray's favourite cousins had died five months ago. I guess I need to still send letters but to follow up with a phone call if I do not get a response rather than doing nothing and getting bad news later. I have a more exciting period coming up with a visit from my younger son Trevor and granddaughter Alice happening next week. I am not planning life for the next two weeks after that at all, I am sure we will be out and about, at the beach, visiting her cousins, having picnics and enjoying the summer. How my ageing body will stand up to that I don't know but enjoy it I will. That is a promise. And hopefully without negative results. So I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year but if it doesn't turn out that way I wish you the strength to carry on anyway.
  11. HostSue

    Pam I hope you are pain free and were able to sleep after the procedure. One day at a time my friend. I know how tired you can get of being strong so relax and know that many are holding you in their prayers.
  12. HostSue

    Thanks Tracy, our journeys are very different but we have a lot in common. I have just heard my next door neighbor come home. We don't speak often but I like to know he is there. I am out and about a lot of the time but still feel I am stepping into an empty shell when I come home. But I am used to it now.
  13. HostSue

    Most of my life my friends have been older than me,older and wiser, and that has helped me in so many ways. I hope you find the same with your new group of friends.
  14. HostSue

    It is as usual accepting what is and making contingency plans. Two pads, one on, one in your bag. I had to do that with my pregnancies, you get used to it . Sorry you are going through this at 46. Being away from home and not in your comfort zone can make the problem worse, I know from my experiences travelling with Ray. But if you enjoy yourself it is worth it.!
  15. HostSue

    Pam I am so sorry, this is just one more burden to bear. I would ask what the prognosis is, what rate of spread etc then make the decision. It is the way I work through things. But I do not have your pain so there is no comparison. You need compassion as well as information, I hope you get that.