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  1. As a stroke recovery educator, and counselor who experienced difficult issues with self image following my strokes and who knows how important it is to not just focus on rehabilitation of pur deficits; but to also make use of those skills and abilities we do have to do what we can do, I am always looking for opportunities where I and/or other stroke survivors can use our stroke experience to make a positive contribution. I have recently been in contact with someone from Imperative Care (makers of clot removal catheters) who is doing research to develop a STROKE DETECTOR/ALERT SYSTEM. Mike Strasser is interested in connecting with ischemic stroke survivors to learn about their stroke experience. Mike is located in the Bay Area, and would like to connect with you in-person, or talk with you over the phone about your experience to better equip him to develop this new innovative device. Please let him know if you are interested in contributing to the development of this new innovative device. If you are willing to help contact Mike at: mstrasser@imperativecare.com After learning through the American Stroke Association’s Support network of Mike’s wish for some assistance, I sent him a brief email with my phone number indicating my willingness to speak with him via telephone. Mike replied asking about a possible day and time for him to phone. In about a 10 minute phone call I told Mike about the circumstances of my strokes and answered a couple of questions about my thoughts on what he is developing.
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