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  1. Happy Anniversary angb!

  2. Happy Anniversary angb!

  3. Happy Birthday angb!

  4. Hey everyone! I have worn my AFO for the entire 5 yrs since I've had it. I'm really just starting to experiment with walking minus the brace in public. I walk much better with the AFO and so I typically wear it all the time when I'm out and about. As a Physical Therapist, there is no way I'd be able to work with patients if I didn't have the brace on (it provides stability and support for my ankle/foot). That's great if you guys are able to walk pretty well without an AFO.
  5. Tom, My Physiatrist and I had talked about the Baclophen pump as well, but he suggested going another route since the pump is used for more overall spasticity. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! angb
  6. Tom, From what I know...the baclophen pump is more for generalized spasticity (i.e. cerebral palsy). I assume your spasticity is localized to your affected arm/hand and leg/foot. I'm not so sure the pump is what you want. I've had pretty good results with Botox injections to the spastic muscles in my forearm/hand. That might be something to look into. Let me know what you think. angb
  7. From a Physical Therapist point of view...I'd say first of all, you need to strengthen the Quad muscles (thigh area). The quads help with getting to a standing position. Then progress to walking, could use treadmill at SLOW speeds then to a more "normal" speed for you. I'm not sure you'll be ready to walk without the cane by May. Good luck to you! angb
  8. Dorrie, I'm a Physical Therapist as well as a 5 year stroke victor...still wear an AFO. It does take some time to get used to wearing the brace, but it does get better. The 2 different size shoe-thing is a pain, but I've found that Nordstrom's will sell a mismatched pair if there is a size-and-a-half difference between the two shoes. Most other places don't do that. I wish you and your mother well... Angie
  9. Debbie, Hi! I'm Angie. I'm a 5 year stroke victor AND a physical therapist. Others had mentioned using the pedicure toe spreaders. That's exactly what I would recommend. I was on Medicaid and disability from 6 months post stroke up until this past fall (I'm now back to work). You should definitely lokk into medicaid. You should not be walking without an AFO because it can and will do serious damage to your foot/ankle. Keep trying to get back into PT. Look for someone who does pro bono or reduced fee PT. I look forward to hearing how things turn out. Angie