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  1. Happy Anniversary DaddyzGurl!

  2. Happy Anniversary DaddyzGurl!

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    I'm not quite sure what that means?? Does that mean nobody will see my response to mottms post? Well, you did. Seeing as you didn't reply, does that mean don't have an answer??
  4. DaddyzGurl

    Mottm, Thanks for starting this topic. I just now happened upon it. I am an only child who has given up the past 2 years of my life to live at home with my parents. My husband is here with me, but we both miss our life in Montana. It is quite a distance from New Jersey, and plane tickets to and from are NOT cheap! At least 500$ R/t for ONE person! I have always wondered "when" I would reach this decision, but I think earlier today I DID.. I have realized that my dad seems disgusted when I talk to him. Oh, he'll laugh from time to time, but for the most part, he's always an
  5. DaddyzGurl

    Carol, Thanks for your reply, as well as thanks to all others who have replied. I guess I needed to vent, and you guys were here for me. Ten million eleventy billion thanks - sounds like a lot but it doesn't quite seem like enough... You guys have all managed to refocus my line of thinking, which is a GOOD thing. I am now very understanding of the situation and mom. It is all good, and again, you guys are WONDERFUL.. every one of you! Love, Cathy
  6. DaddyzGurl

    June, Thanks for understanding my situation and offering your best wishes. It really helped to calm me down a lot just reading them; I didn't feel totally alone. Annie, Well you have done it again lady! You have given me some excellent points to ponder! Your advice and suggestions are invaluable to all of us here, I hope you NEVER stop posting!! I appreciate your sharing both sides of the situation that you were on. That really helped. Some of it was not easy to "hear," but I know I needed to hear it, so "I was open for suggstions." I did make my post relatively short
  7. G'morning everyone, (apologies in advance, this will be long, sorry!) Please post responses or PM me. I really could use the support! Thanks. Just this week it looks like Mom is "moving on" with her life and leaving dad behind. It is upsetting to me. For months, she would go to the Nursing Home and stay for 7 7.5 hours to make sure everything was going OK.. dad was being changed, turned, fed properly, remained elevated for the required length of time after eating, there was NO abuse... Everything. My husband, I, neighbors, and other residents at the Nursing Home tried o
  8. DaddyzGurl

    Ann - Wow, thanks for your detailed explanation! For being so far away, you really came close in thought!!! You know exactly what I am feeling and thinking, and you have given me a LOT to see and understand. I will ALWAYS remember your words, thank you so very much!! BIG HUGZ and LUV!
  9. DaddyzGurl

    Oh Kristina, If it helps, I SOOO feel for you! I haven't been in your situiation for quite as long, mine started last January 6th. I left my home in Montana to come back to New Jersey.. where I HATE it... but I suppose when "life happens," we do what we have to do. I was having the GREATEST time back in Montana. Both my husband and I were having the most WONDERFUL time of our lives. Then shortly after Christmas, I got news that this had happened. I hadn't even finished Christmas! So for me, Christmas was never over. I still to this day am listening to Christmas music!
  10. DaddyzGurl

    Hi, Today marks dad's 7th month since his stroke. He has not been on REAL food since January 4,th. He also has not spoken since January 4th. He has been on a breathing aparatus since then and has been on both oxygen and a trache tube since then. My last conversation with dad was on January 3rd, the day after his carotid artery surgery. I'll never forget his voice that day. It's been 7 long months. His appts for the trache removal have been postponed on several different occassion for different reasons. My question to you everyone here is: Do you think dad c
  11. DaddyzGurl

    Hi Deb, Welcome to the site. I have found this to be a great place to read and learn, I hope you do, too! When you check out the "Classic Posting Forum," be sure to read the last thread: "A Message From Your Brain." It is very moving and makes so much sense. I found it awfully encouraging; it helped to put many things into perspective for me! I try to find the smallest of things each day that are positive that my dad does.. or that has happened. Looking at all the positives, regardless of how long the road will be, makes it that much easier to travel. Give it a try!