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  1. Happy Anniversary lisas!

  2. Happy Anniversary lisas!

  3. Happy Birthday lisas!

  4. lisas

    MJ, It's very normal to feel nervous and excited all at the same time. When we brought our daughter home after her stroke 3 1/2 years ago, I felt the same way. I did keep a notebook with phone numbers of doctors, therapists, pharmacists, appointents, medications, etc... It helped a lot. The therapists worked with us to get set up at home. I asked a ton of questions. You will feel overwhelmed in the beginning. It takes a while to get in a good routine. I'm praying for your strength and sanity during this time. Take it slow. You will probably both need lots of rest.
  5. lisas

    Donna, You have meant so much to me. You've always prayed for and encouraged Rachel and I. It was a blessing to have you here volunteering so much of your time. I know that you will continue to do well with your therapy:pt, ot, and Botox. I love you. Keep in touch.
  6. lisas

    Well it sounds like you and your mom are learning to deal the the ups and downs of stroke life. :dribble: That is indeed what brings all of us here to this great cyer world. :chat: To tell our story and help others and be helped from what we've learned through our own expereinces. :hug: As a caregiver I know first handedly that there will be good and bad days. We need to have spiritual guidance to get through even the hardest moments. I know because I reach for Gods hand daily and ask for patience, guidance, and strength. :juggle: I was glad to hear that your mom wasn't hurt more then she was during the car accident. Drunk drivers make me so angry! :Tantrum: They put so many lives at stake My daughteer Rachel had her stroke 3 1/2 years ago. She was 22 at the time. We've had to make many adjustments but we keep pushing forward. I will pray your family will do the same. :hug:
  7. lisas

    My sisters Wedding pictures

    Pictures of Rachel, NikKi, John and I at my sisters wedding in Cary, Il. on the Fox River. What a beautiful day!! My sister is MaryAnne and her husband is Mike.MaryAnne's best friends were bridesmaids, I the matron of Honor, Rae and Nikki her flower girls, and John gave MaryAnne away. Mikes brother Jim was the best man and Randy is groomsman.
  8. lisas

    Hello Michael and :welcome: back, My daughter Rachel had her stroke 31/2 years ago. She works one day a work at a local restaurant for about an hour a week. This is about all she can do right now. She loves it though and looks forward to going every week .
  9. Mary Jo, I'm glad to see you''re getting such good advice from people who have been there. :chat: My daughter Rachel had her stroke 31/2 years ago. She can't move her right arm or right foot. She wears an afo brace so she can walk with a quad cane. She is mostly in her wheelchair. When we left the hospital after 2 months, Rachel was evaluated with OT and PT. They tell you what is needed at home. Rachel needed a wheelchair, quad cane, afo brace, shower chair, and a bathtub transfer chair. She still needs all of the above. I took lots of notes and carried a notebook as to not forget anything. I wrote doctors names, addresses, medications, appointments...you name it. :juggle: Rachel sees a physiatrist, nuerologist, OT and PT, cardiologist, and her primary care physician. The cardiologist of course is for her heart condition. My husband and I are Rachels caretakers. I work a full time job and John stays with Rachel during that time. I am home by 3:00pm. I would need to hire someone if John weren't here. He's getting older too(61). It's getting hard on him and I may need to get someone for a few hours a week. Our daughter Nikki gives us a break sonetimes, but she is a full time college student working a part time job. :cheer: I think the idea of a trial run is a great idea. Also, the therapists coming to your house is good. :cheer: I wish you all the best. :hug:
  10. lisas

    Cathy, Your daughter is beautiful!!! I'm sure your proud of her!!
  11. lisas

    Oh my goodness!!! Your new home is just beautiful!!! Hope all is well. Lisa Spiess
  12. lisas

    Dwight, I pray your mom is at peace. I know she must be so proud of you and your brother. She raised 2 loving sons. :friends: May God Grant you all strength during this difficult time. :hug:
  13. lisas

    Dwight, I know exactly what you're going through. My father had prostate cancer 5 years ago. I was his power of attorney. He told me that he would try the injections to shrink the cancer, but he was not going through any chemo or radiation. He was of sound mind at the time. He also told me and had a will stating that he too didn't want to be on life support. My father went into heart failure and the doctors asked me at the hospital if they wanted us to do everything possible to save him. Of course, I'm crying and stating yes, do everything you can. He made it, but wasn't doing too well. I consulted with my sister and she agreed with me . After my father came to a few days later he asked me about what happened and he made me promise not to save him the next time. I was so upset, but this was his will. About a week later my dad looked at Rachel and I and said, "I wont be here much longer". He went into a coma in a couple of hours. The nurse asked me what I wanted to do and I said, "my father says it's time to let him go". That was the hardest decision for me. They made him comfortable and he died 2 days later. We can't tell you what to do Dwight, only tell you what we've been through ourselves. I think deep down inside though, you already know what your decision is. God Bless You. :friends:
  14. i had a stroke - 3 yr

    My name is Rachel Spiess

    and heart deiblltor

    25 yr

  15. lisas

    Dwight, So good to hear about the new doctor. That's half the battle. I don't believe we've met. My daughter Rachel had a massive stroke on 2/17/06. She was only 22. She is 25 now. She also has CHF. She had a blood clot form in the heart and break off to the brain. She was also born with a growth hormone deficiency. My husband John and I are her caretakers. I applaud you for helping with both your mother and your brother. :Clap-Hands: It can be difficult at times, and so rewarding at others. We live in Southern Illinois. My sister is in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago and my father lived on the South side in Brighten Park. I graduated from McHenry High School in McHenry, Il. Rachel and I came up to a Stroke Convention last year in Hoffman Estates at the Alexian Brothers Hospital. Good luck to you all and I will add you and your family to our prayer list. :hug:
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