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  1. Hi to all my Strokeboard friends,

    I have missed you all and the support you have given and I encouraging all who are new to this “new you”.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of pain and the State is cracking down on the Dr’s prescribing pain medication. I have a extreme torn Rotator Cuff in my shoulder. I now use a walker and am limited in driving.  But doing okay.

    I hope this note finds you all well in your daily needs. Keep your hope up and blessings to you all!

    Your friend,

    Nancy Farrell 


  2. After many attempts I finally found my old site.  Hello to all my friends. Hope 

    all is doing ok. I had a setback since our travels to Holland to visit oldest daughter & Dutch husband. Back hurting a lot. They did MRI & found Scholios & Osteporosis. Had back procedure to freeze back. A huge relief. 

    Good to be in touch again w/ help from Steve Mallory..  thank you! Good to be back in touch.

    Have a good day,

    Nancy Farrell

  3. Happy Anniversary Farrell!

    1. Farrell


      Thank you Steve for your tremendous help!

  4. Happy Birthday Farrell!

  5. Happy Anniversary Farrell!

  6. Happy Birthday Farrell!

  7. My Friend, I hope I didn't come across to harsh. We all have different paths in life. You are awesome with your desires to return to school now. And who's to say, that may be if your feeling to do it, the very thing you should do. Please keep us updated in your decision. have a good day;)
  8. I agree with Maria. I would use this time to focus on Physical Rehab, OT & Vocational Rehab. Building your strength up in every area. With a stroke takes time in Rehab (@ Home) of repeat training of weakness and endurance. Your just a bit into your journey. Katrina( Caged Bird) has some special blogs. (I mentioned her to you before but she was young as you and went on in time to get her degree in law, if I remember right) So if you want to go back to school I feel that desire will never go away. But for now I feel maybe you need more work to try & regain strength in arm(t
  9. Hello my friend, The answer to your question is YES!!! I also had an AVM erupt on me in 1995 @ age of 46. My right side became completely paralyzed after having a stroke. The Avm was located in the excecutive part of my brain. As I began P.T. in a nursing home while getting strong enough to have surgery for the removal of avm they began me @ a standing table. Got fitted for a brace to keep paralyzed hand open. (my husband put me in a nursing home that had 2 P.T. on shift during the week days) as there were handicapped children living on the second floor. The P.T. worked with
  10. Farrell

    Katrina, Your an inspiration to me & whenever you write a piece, it's like I'm reading about myself! I can not gather my thoughts to write back to you just now as my home is in a remodel but I just wanted to let you know Your not alone, and your not the only one who has anxitety attacks & feels this way. Even though there's an age difference between us we are on the same journey.. So good to hear your went out @ night in a dress & saw a play with a group of people & felt comforatable. I love the song by Alicia Keys about a caged bird! She has a deep heart & truly
  11. Happy Birthday Farrell!

  12. Farrell

    Goodmorning! When I had my bleed & stroke like 14 years ago I was not suppose to survive so I did everything possible to increase my strength. Was a slow process retrainng to walk, talk, swallow ect. yet w/out my therapists & faith I would not have regained all that I have. Even at that it's been a struggle to keep my focus positive, a daily reminder I am alive to watch my kids grow up. I have a wonderful husband. I know it must be frustrating for him to have patience w/ me yet we go through the rough spots & get up and walk forward. Still do my stretches daily before I
  13. Hope todays a better day for you:) Just checking with you. I may add our daughter suggested she go away to a school when she refused to go to school anymore. Best thing we did. She did not want to go to anyone for help like your son. Our son is in the Job Corps & he really likes it. They help you get your drivers license & High School diploma(which he already has from special ed) He's 21 and was living w/ us until the time to go in Feb. He's taking a trade. Have a great Day & keep us posted on how your doing. Happy Mother's Day!
  14. I feel for you and understand toatlly about being a parent disabled to a defiant child or" teenager". My husband & I raised 4 children. We were in process of adopting 2 when i had my stroke. It wasn't easy raising 4 children w/ brain injury but I tried the best i could. I like what Fred had to say, if your boy is not home or does not contact you & is taking advantage warn him you will call the police if he is not home. Sounds like you have taken all his privledges away. How is doing in his school work? My youngest daughter treated me terrible, We finally sent her away to a boa
  15. Happy Birthday Farrell!