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  1. Happy Anniversary EmilyBooth!

  2. Happy Anniversary EmilyBooth!

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    I did my best for Dad these past 3 years but there were a couple of times I lost my cool with him. In hindsight, and I know hindsight is always 20/20, I think Dad had a series of small strokes prior to the 2 he had in Oct 2006. There were changes in his behavior and a step by step progression in the loss of skills. It started with Dad unable to lock the door. He blamed it on his eyes and was misdiagnosed as having macular degeneration. Then he was misdiagnosed as having Alzheimer's. When I discussed this with his last doctor (who was a godsend), she thought Dad had multi-farct dementia.
  4. EmilyBooth

    Thank you for your very kind condolences and warm words of support. After the funeral today, I think I will be able to slow down and fully absorb Dad's loss. I am grateful for this board. Everyone has been so thoughtful and supportive. Thank you!
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    Thank you so much for your condolences and kind words of support. I had this website bookmarked under a heading on my toolbar called "Dad". I did not post here often but the times I came here I read a lot and always left here feeling less isolated. I am hoping to hear from more caregivers about their grieving process? Dad's not my first loss-- we lost Mom 10 years ago and I lost my fiance 9 years ago but Dad's loss feels a lot different because of all we've gone thru the past several years. Dad hated hospitals and I am happy he got to die at home in bed surrounded by his family. Thank yo
  6. Dad made his transition last night at 6 pm. He died at home surrounded by family. There's a part of me that still can't believe it's over. Dad had 2 strokes, Oct 20, 2006 and Oct 31, 2006. He had a heart attack Jan 23, 2007 and was diagnosed with stage IV nsc lung cancer in Nov. We've been thru so much together over the past 4 yrs. Thru it all, he never complained, he just did it. I just feel like its going to take time to absorb everything we've been thru together. How about other caregivers? What were your grieving experiences like?
  7. I lost my fiance 8 years ago suddenly and unexpectedly. Altho I was with him when he died, I had difficulty believing it. Suddenly he was gone and I could still feel the warmth of his hand in my hand, still hear the sound of his voice in my head... My feelings ranged from disbelief to grief to anger to a belief he was coming back. At work I felt like a zombie just going thru the motions. There's no right way or wrong way to grieve. It's a process and it takes its own time. I felt for a long time that I was in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. I was between the world of the livin