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    Life....Gemstones, and by default, jewelry....Not the big four....Tough to do since stroke...Natural Essences...Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery....Also tough to do.....Ancient Coins, such as are affordable.... Science Fiction...favorite authors Jack Vance, C.J. Cherryh....
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  1. Happy Anniversary Le Hermite!

  2. Happy Anniversary Le Hermite!

  3. Happy Birthday Le Hermite!

  4. Happy Birthday Le Hermite!

  5. Happy Anniversary Le Hermite!

  6. Le Hermite

    Hi Justice..... I work closely with my GP Doc....We have a back and fourth info flow...And he's known me for a long time.... As savingthebrain pointed out, there are different types of Docs you see.... The specialists use the info from my GP Doc.... So....maybe a multi approach works better... Care...
  7. Happy Birthday Gary! Hope you had a good day!

  8. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

    Many, many more.


  9. Happy Birthday Le Hermite!

  10. Happy Birthday alsong with a bunch of Birthday hugs Love Karen

  11. Le Hermite

    Hi Dan..... Though I'm an older sort, having a Stroke can be the death knell of many a relationship.... I had a long term relationship, which was already on the down side, crash into the rocks, with my Stroke.... I was 57 and Single, and had had an up an down relationship with a wonderful person over the decades...It seemed to be one of those fluke things...Either I was married when she wasn't, or she was married when I wasn't... At Stroke time, we were both single, but the stroke put the shutters on permanently...The benefits, are history...<G>....! We are still buddies,
  12. Gary missed you in chat today so sending you a hug. Life is requiring to make tons of lemonade lately...... miss you my friend Karen

  13. Le Hermite

    Hi Julie..... At my renewal, I could have fudged the question because of a date time, similar to your situation....WI also qualifies as to affects you have in the same question...So...my stroke had happened more than a year ago, but I still had affects that could effect driving... I told my Doc about it, and he explained by falsifying the question, in terms of my affects, I might have my insurance company leak out on me, should an accident happen..... He filled out the required report and the Doc recommended restriction to daylight hours, no freeways, and a 20 mile radius from my h
  14. Le Hermite

    Hi Kaitlyn..... I also, anti depressants since day one of stroke.... I think it's almost SOP these days when one has a Stroke of severity...The Survivor is going to be facing major changes and challenges to their life/living...Way of life, relationships, rehabilitation itself... The apparent futility coping with these can often lead to depression....I saw it happen to someone in acute rehab...It was one of the scariest things I've ever seen... Several folks above gave very good advice about the time it takes for them to work, and if you are suddenly cut off...Those are importan
  15. Le Hermite

    Hiya Jade.... Each little thing you beat, or get better at, is an accomplishment... Example....I made a goal of mastering zippers...No tool, that time, just a "Dammit....I'm going to do this thing"....I got out of in-hosp rehab in the middle of Winter, and having some one zip up my coat got old, really fast...In the beginning, it sometimes took what seemed like hours....But I kept at it.... Buttons too....I mean buttoning them...I figured this kind of stuff is therapy for me, re: fine motor control... Congrats on the shower time...keep at it....I have to work on that one....<