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  1. Happy Anniversary Montana Survivor!

  2. Happy Anniversary Montana Survivor!

  3. Happy Birthday Montana Survivor!

  4. Hi Craig, I'm an almost 3 year survivor. On May 5 it will be 3 years since my stroke. I had many visits with a Psycologist (not sure of the spelling here) while I was in rehab after my stroke. He warned me that my emotions would be all messed up. I stll cry at the drop of a hat. Something I never did before. I also laugh at times when there is nothing laughable happening. My anger comes to the forefront quite often too. I and my wife were well counciled about this before I went home. So it makes it easier to understand and control these unexpected outbursts. My wife, now my caregiver, is an angel of understanding. I owe her a lot. Also I joined three stroke support groups in my local area. It get me out and about at least 3 times a week, and heelps greatly. We talk about problems such as anger management or depression. We all have similar problems and what someone else tries to aleviate them may help me. Thats why the interaction of support groups and our peers helps us cope. Also now that I can drive myself again, it gives my wife freedom away from me for a few hours three times a week. Sometimes she does attend the groups with me, and sometimes she does things for her. I strongly suggest you avail yourself of the support of your peers. Join a support group in your area. If there aren't any the heavily use this online group. We do help one another. It's good to have friends that face the same problems we do. Im sure everyone in here is willing to talk with anyone at any time.
  5. Montana Survivor

    Welcome Waterbabe. i'm sure you will find this and any other stroke groups invaluable with information. Yes i'm a survivor of almost 3 years now. It will be three years , May 5, since my stroke. Mood swings and depression are a result of stroke. I have always been a mild mannered person, but post stroke found myself flying off the handle regularly. The meds my Doctor prescribed for that helped. Im glad to report it lessens with time. So just hang in there. Things do get lots better. Humor helps a whole lot, don't ever lose your sense of humor. Talk to us anytime. we all seem to experience the same problems, and some things that worked for us, may be worth a try for you. Don't be afraid to ask.
  6. Montana Survivor

    Ah caged Bird we all live with the effects of our strokes for the rest of our lives. IM coming up on my 3rd anniversary of my stroke which will occur May 5, 2009. I now walk with a cane, limp badly, and have troubles with my right arm . But I still work hard at exercising and stengthening myself. I Don't care how I look. It's the fact that I can get around that overjoys me. Just keep working at it. We recover a little every day. Some day we will be almost back to where we were pre stroke. Our recovery never stops. It's a continuing factor in our lives. I personally thank God for sparing my life and giving me another chance. We need to spread the hope we all feel among our fellow survivors and their families.
  7. Montana Survivor

    Redsonya, I too have problems with buffets. Heres what I do. I always make sure there is someone with me who understands my problems to help me. When my wife is along I stay at our table and she gets my food. I walk with a cane in my left hand, and for all intents and purposews my right hand is almost useless. It is surprising how helpful people will be when they realize you have problems. Most of the buffets we attend have employees that graciously offer to assist me. too. I do go to some on my own now. Yes it's a bit scary but, one doesn't get better by not trying things. Also, explain to your friend, that you are treating, that special assistance may be needed by you. Im sure she/or he will graciously assist you. Venture into the unknown and scary world. It will help make you a stronger, more assured person. It will also help make your life a richer experience.
  8. Montana Survivor

    Yes Honda Daddy, stroke support groups are a great help. People just like ourselves attend. I helped start a stroke support group , sponsored by the Hospital I was in. I also attendthree other groups here where I live. I suggest you contact the hospital or hospitals in your area. They should be able to tell you if any exist in your area. I really reccomend you join a support group. We learn so much from one another. We all have similar problems and others may have tried omething that will work for you.
  9. Montana Survivor

    Wesley H , I love your sense of humor. Your comment to go out and smell the air instead of the dog poop is priceless. Humor s one of the best things us stroke survivors have going for us. Yes our personalities all change when we suffer a stroke. My wife tells me I have become much more considerate and appreciative, and not as ornery. And yes it feels very good to know we have a second chance at life. We need to use that second life to help others.
  10. Montana Survivor

    Wow you have made a miraculous recovery in just 5 months. For me it will be 3 years in May since my stroke. I have walked with a cane for 2 years now. But my right hand is still recovering verey slowly. I try forcing it to do things. So i think recovery for me is a little at a time. I know its still happening as i feel im getting better daily. My goal is to walk without the use of my cane, and to be able to use my right hand and arm almost as well as before the stroke. The secret, I think, is to keep working and never give up. I am driving again, with my Doctor's blessing. I believe this therapy helps me greatly because I use my right hand extensively without thinking.
  11. Montana Survivor

    Yes , I too became a stay at home hermit after coming home from the hospital. I felt inferior to others. I am right handed, and my stroke paralized my right side. I was forced to use my left hand for everything. As such I always made a mess when I ate. So eating out became a non event. Whenever I was forced to eat out I always tried to get a table near the restrooms so I could immediately clean up. Then I went to a stroke support group breakfast and learned there were others like me. From then on I no longer felt so selfconsious. I began forcing myself to go out more and more. Now you can't keep me home. I learned we need the interactions of others to help us improve faster. I also learned that most people just want to help you.You know it even makes me feel pampered when I let them, and I always say thank you. So please don't become a home body get out and get into life. I even volunteer at our local hospital and visit with new stroke survivors and their caregivers. You too could do this. Its good to be active and on the go. Don't give up.
  12. Hi Montana:

    So glad to meet you, I am a Brain Stem Stroke Survivor, just take things a day at a time, sometimes a sec at a time, you are a work in progress, stay positive and Keep the hope alive, I will keep you in my prayers, God Bless, Believe in Miracles and SOAR, I have always wanted to get out to Montana. I lived in Phoenix, Arizona and loved it. Sedona was my favorite place, have a gre

  13. Montana Survivor

    I too still have troubles getting up. I do the one two three method and when possible use things like the cabinet or wash basin or handicapped bars to help pull me up. Most public bathrooms have a handicapped stall with the handicapped bars. My problem is they are all built for right handed use and my stroke effected my right side, so I have to use my left hand.
  14. Montana Survivor

    Don't feel that way scaredabdconfused. Astroke support group is good therapy. I help run one for St. Patrick's Hospital here. We have all ages coming. Young and old, and we give one another ideas on how to improve and get better. By all means join a support group. It will be good for you. It took me a while to get started after I was released from the hospital but that was almost 2 years ago now and believe me this group has helped me.
  15. Montana Survivor

    If you can drive and function well enough to handle the job, go for it. I feel if I could get back to work again it would be a big boost to my ego. It was when they let me drive again.