Motor planning still a deficit after decades

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Hi Janelle, DST is good in the south, especially for TAS and VIC, we are far enough south that if we don't do it in Summer the sun is up at 4am and goes down at 8pm. So it's easier to pull everyone forward by that hour so we get light time after work when the weather is nice.  QLD don't do it either. It used to be that DST only started at the end of October. But then someone decided that the start of October was "better" I don't understand why so the sun now comes up at 7am and goes down at 6pm but as the days get longer that will change and be very nice for summer. It's just these first few days/weeks where it's hard, as I try to readjust my body clock to new clock time. Especially as most of the external time triggers don't exist when you are working from home.


Unfortunately a covidiot from the last big cluster in the suburbs has now taken the virus into a country town and infected 3 people by eating in a restaurant. He was allowed to be in the region for work , but was not supposed to be mixing with locals.  So now of course our promised let out date is under question, and they are talking about keeping the 5km rule to keep us out of regional areas, even if they do relax some of the local restrictions. If I ever meet that man I'm going to do something really nasty to him. I know he probably didn't know he was infectious, but my patience is running out.

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Heather I bet. Things really don't seem to be improving there.

The unfortunate thing is that it really does just take one person to ruin it.


Is your beloved cat over you being all up in her personal space?

I am pretty sure our girls love it when we are all out.



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Yep Jade's attitude to me being home fulltime varies from day to day. Sometimes she insists on being under my feet, and gets her paws trodden on, and/or sleeps on my desk while I'm working. Other times she very pointedly ignores me for hours, but then comes asking for grooming and play time.

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So sad that the area has been increasing due to lack of following the need to stay safe and take requested precautions.  It happened today in the largest trauma hospital in the state and invected large wings of the hospital.  It is a large country truama center and so many are infected and they do not know how the units were contaminated.  


It is either carelessness but the dangerous groups have been causing a lot of havoc in our country.  This whole situation makes me feel, like I am sure many feel in my country and other stroke victims in other countries.  Stroke made me feel totally helpless as I am sure it did for many or us.   Some for months and some for years thereafter, but others for many years of little or sporadic recovery.


Think we all can empathize in some way how so many are feeling in the world.  Perhaps better than most  who work with trauma.  Hope you and everyone on here are fairing well.  


So sorry, still not sure how to maneuver the blogs or even a new post as perhaps that would have been better.  Honestly, I do not feel safe in my own country due to other things than the virus, for the first time time in my life, which makes life a lot harder.  I also felt unsteady on a forum when I know very few folks.   Fortunately you kind folks who have known me and those who did not responded and that gave me courage.  Thanks one and all.

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