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  2. heathber

    Sounds good Ray! keep working on it
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  4. Second try since stroke number two last June. Still doesn't feel quite right, but way more comfortable than the first try. Definitely couldn't ride the big motorcycle without the sidecar. Good excuse to dust off the bike anyway, doesn't look right all that chrome not shiny... A little more work on those core muscles and I'll be good to go.
  5. Willis

    Thank you Walt. It is folks like you and your wife we have always looked up to. 61 years! Wow! It's a process, usually a fun and good one but it takes understanding from both sides of course. Wishing the two of you many more happy and healthy years together.
  6. heathber

    certainly something going on there!
  7. heathber

    life does tend to be full of ups and downs. Fingers crossed all the "bad" news is done with for now, and the new care system for Gary continues to be good. Hugs -Heather
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  9. SarahR

    Temps are Cooler While Life Heats Up!

    The temps are cooling off here - instead of triple digits, we're down in the mid-90s during the day but 70s at night. The water in pool is staying around 75-80 degrees, so most of the time too chilly to swim unless I try mid-day when the sun is really hot. Can't complain since my friends in ND are dealing with 2-3 ft. of snow right now and much colder weather. 🙂 Trying to find placement for Gary has not worked out well. All of the suggestions from "A Place for Mom" were for places that either didn't have opening or one that had two older gals who would not have been strong enough to handle him. He's 6'2" and weighs between 210-225, so a caregiver that is under 5' ft. tall and barely weighs 100 lb. dripping wet would be a problem. We looked at a memory care facility and at group homes, none of them worked for Gary's needs. I finally put a call in to Hospice of the Valley to see what options they had available, and they got him signed up for Palliative Care - providing a social worker once a month to assist us with resources. She put me in touch with local facilities and agencies and I contacted a private home health agency in Casa Grande. Since our other caregiver, who we've had for nearly 3 years, took off for two weeks and didn't really want to come back, I was without a caregiver for nearly a month. I had to do something soon. The new gal came last week Tues. and Thursday and she seems to be good with Gary and caught on to his routine very quickly. She's sending a different gal this week Tues. but she will be back on Friday, so we'll be getting 6 hours a week at much less than I was paying Carmen (because of paying 2 hours travel time each day). It's not as much time as I would like, but better than nothing. They say "when it rains, it pours" and that expression surely fits the past few months. Our daughter-in-law was recovering for several months from her initial surgery for cancer, followed by septic shock, failing kidneys, dialysis, etc. She was finally able to go back to work full-time last week. I heard this from our Colorado son when he informed me that he had been off work for neurological testing to find out why he couldn't feel his feet and was losing feeling in hands and having trouble focusing. He had surgery last winter that initially was supposed to help nerves in spine for the problem with his feet, but it turns out the recent testing revealed that he has CIDP - something like Guillain Barre syndrome. He went through four sessions of infusions this week to see if that would help, but will have a wait and see before trying other options. He is on short-term disability (from his new job) now but may have to go on long-term disability. He mentioned that if the treatments didn't work, he may be coming to Phoenix for treatment at the Mayo Clinic. I had hoped we could get to Colorado before colder weather set in, but found out last week when I got oil change and tires rotated that I needed new tires - which I hadn't anticipated this soon, so trips are out for now. Some days it feels like life really sucks - other days, I toss up my hands and say "it is what it is" and go on! Sarah
  10. will2

    I think the little beast dosed me with a "Micky" or "Roofie" whenever I look at him I've never seem him so colorful mannn...
  11. Jannelle, hearing this often myself and thinking and feeling no different than what Heather posted above. I don't always have an appropriate reply, so I might just nod. Like you Jannelle, this last week I've had several good days and others not so much. Fortunately for me, I spend a great majority of time alone (Fuzz not included) so it's not always from somebody's comment. I can wake up like that. When I have some of those difficult times I pray a lot, whether you're a believer or not, it helps me in very positive ways. I usually start feeling better, make conscious choices to do some things to snap out of the funk, just move or shift my world around me a little. I'm not sure of the science or psychology behind it, and of course there will be many explanations I'm certain! It just seems to help me. Maybe changes my perspective a fraction, just enough to see clear of my present thinking and slowly pull myself free of them, kinda moving away and putting time and space between those more uncomfortable thoughts. Lord knows Jannelle, I have my share of those situations as others here, all the time. We are indeed a very unique group, us strokers. Find consolation in that alone, tell us, were here to listen and help..
  12. Janelle, So often we see you comforting others, it is important to remember that you may not be feeling too chipper yourself. Within the last week, you sent me helpful thoughts when I was having a bad day. You are a really great person and ally for all of us in this group. You say you would scream and cry but can't because you have used up all your tears. In that case just do the screaming. I have gone out by myself and yelled as loud as I could at the trees and bushes. Not much effect on the trees and bushes but sometimes an effect on me. And on our bad days, just about any change or effect is helpful. So sorry you are feeling bad. You deserve happy days and rainbows.
  13. Sounds like you need comfort and affirmation rather than encouragement. I guess we all do. So here are a pile of virtual hugs in the hopes that they will help. And a virtual shoulder to cry on. Having a stroke is really shitty. Period.
  14. GreenQueen

    James, we all got you during low times. J x
  15. Thanks Deigh for the giggle! Yes, Heather you are so right. I have adjusted quite well to this new life. People see that, but nothing else. I may have to start giving out a few truths. J x
  16. GreenQueen

    Thanks Heather. I think she's pretty perfect! She comes in every day and has a little nana nap with me. She sleeps up near my neck. I love it. J x
  17. GreenQueen

    Absolutely, will2. A spiritual fill up. I'm gonna steal that!! J x
  18. heathber

    She's gorgeous Janelle
  19. It can get you down if you let it. You need to respond in context. Some people say it because they care some because they don't know what else to say and want to be polite. It like people say "how are you" but its not really a question they want you to answer. As Deigh says find a witty response to turn the conversation, or you can reply with the truth, something like "that's odd, I feel like crap today" We don't have to all be wonderful all the time. it is OK to not be OK, so long as you are working to change things as well. Hugs -Heather
  20. Deigh

    Aha, I got that wrong, I thought it was your right hand affected like me. You have the worst deal, AlanD is in the same boat. My left hand lost much strength and to be honest I spent a lot of time searching for faulty frets looking for the cause of buzzing. It was quite some time before I realised that it was my bad fingering that was causing it. Since the GrandBarre is a major part of my fingering this took some time to correct, not that I've really corrected it yet! My main loves are jazz and big bands. I also play keyboards and the right hand is the major problem here since it doesn't always obey the instructions I send it. Since I play mostly jazz I can get away with blaming nearmisses on jazz expression! Deigh
  21. will2

    Deigh, I made the leap to acoustic guitar from the solid bodies and found found I loved playing them as much as I did with the solid bodies. I was cut from the rhythm and blues cloth in the late 60's early 70's, never much into hard rock or metal. I had a friend that played wonderful blues with a semi-hollow ES 335 that I enjoyed playing but never owned one. Over the years of playing acoustic I played a Martin D-28 and HD-35. My favorite was the 28, she was so resonate and could ring forever a sweet sound. My only experience with any kind of computer was a 4-track recorder so I could put down rhythm tracks and play lead tracks over them for personal amusement. I wish you the best Deigh, and let me know how your playing is going. I'm right handed and picking, strumming or finger picking isn't the problem, all my fret work is done with the affected arm and hand. It's painful just to attempt, fret buzzes, muted strings, and my strength to just keep my hand on the neck leaves something to be desired. Boy do I appreciate good guitar music and chops..
  22. will2

    Hi Jannelle, and thank you for the offer. Actually my leather bonded larger Bible is kinda the reason for ordering this one. Since my left hand is the non-functioning limb I have such a hard time keeping the leather Bible from flopping around as the pages and book just bend open and flex without proper support, making it hard to read, in addition to the smaller print. The one I ordered is a hardback with large print so it should make it much easier to read. I managed to find my way through the book two times since I first really started reading and studying almost 60yrs ago. Always found comfort and wisdom in the pages alone and a lot of Bible studies. My reading interests are so varied, but lately I find myself in need of more of a spiritual fill-up.
  23. Yes, one is frequently asked that question. I have to refer to my memiors to get the date. The occasion is locked in my memory, but the date easily forgotten! How is your recovery going? Deigh
  24. Deigh

    Aha, I see you are a user of the solid body instruments! I am happier with the large bodied semi-acoustic. Reading your comments about sessions with others you opened a sore spot with me. For many years I had a list of friends I could jam with and Saturday evening was the time to put the amp and guitar in the car and do the rounds of the local "Cosmopolitan" clubs and RSA's ( Returned Servicemen Association) to see who was playing. Most of them would be pleased to see me and welcome me to join in playing dance work and jazz. Quite suddenly (It seems) all that has vanished to be replaced with screaming rock groups and singers with a guitar around their neck and a computer full of other peoples music. I find the new situation quite unsatisfactory and have had to replace it with developing melody/rhythm arrangements at home. I use the computer with programs like Encore to make arrangements of standard jazz tunes and accompany them with me playing lead on guitar. In the old days I would busk using this setup with a laptop. Now I can't find anyone who can play guitar properly despite extensive advertising and am down to one guitar playing visitor a year who comes for my birthday! Grandsons and Granddaughters with whom I used to play have grown up and discarded their music for other teenager activities. Maybe one day they will return! My attempt to add a picture to this conversation failed but will try again shortly. DEIGH Me, ( pre-stroke) playing GB20 with Sunset Coast Big Band, Waiuku, New Zealand
  25. On my Sunday and Monday (In USA, your Saturday and Sunday) I am stuck at my computer every morning for half an hour with my feet on my Revitive device waiting for it to tick off the time. During the rest of the week I can use the chat forum, so I'm just going to lurk in the lobby waiting to see if anyone wants to join me at the afternoon session time . Deigh
  26. There is nothing more irritating than people trying to be nice saying, "Your looking well"...... My favourite reply is "You should have gone to Specsavers". Regards Deigh
  27. jwalt

    Thank you, Janelle. And thanks to Kelli for starting this thread. I think I have answered some of my own questions about this subject. Time spent on stroke net has been my best time for the last week. I've hit a low time that I will just have to work my way through. Onward and upward and thanks for letting me whine a bit.
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