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I thought my sister was the only one



When I was a kid my family lived in the country what is now know as Cleveland, Ohio.


My one brother and two sisters which are older than me, would always have to watch over me and take me with them.:whack: We had lots of open land and as well as wooded land.


Some of my memories are pretty funny thinking back.





I can remember my oldest sister Ann dressing me up in a dress, why I don't know.:hug: Taking


me out to the field and making a camp fire. :growl:I guess she was playing girl scouts with me.


The fire caught my dress and Ann threw dirt on me.:oops: The rest of my memory is being


scolded by my mother for getting my dress dirty. Ann got away with just a “don't play


with matches”.:blah_blah:





Ann was the one always to get poison ivy, some time during the summer if not more. I never once got it as a kid that I remember. But, Ann would seem to always having that


pink stuff all over her. Calamine lotion.:goodjob: Back then it only came in pink. Well, this


last week I've been itching on my forearm. I'm thinking it's sun poisoning. (cause I spend


so much time outside). I called Ann, we talked about what she thought it could be, for my memory is shot. If Ann could see it she would know.





So now I move on to go see my girlfriends, Mary. Mary is from Cleveland Ohio also. I am going over to see her for other reasons. She gets up from her chair whips around to the side of me and says “What is that” pointing at my forearm. Before I could get a word out.:juggle:


She says “I know what that is, Poison Ivy”. She continues “ Is it itchy?” and of course


it is. But, Carl says” That's why I'm itching, I have it too.” :silly:


Mary the good friend that she is brings out the cream she used on herself the last time


she got it. Then she takes Carl out to her yard and shows him what the leaf looks like.


Mary knows we have it in our yard, cause she has seen it their.





I am now covered in white cream. Every itch I get I put cream on. I don't want this


to spread. Now I have a itch on my face. That's is one of the last placed I want to have poison ivy. It's so gross. Looks like I have lepers skin (all bubbly).





Now I'll email my sister and let her know the update that it's poison ivy that I have. I'm also going to ask her if I ever had it as a child. She'll remember.


Now to top it all I am itching from ant bites. These red ants in Georgia are the nastiest ants. Their in my mail box. I'll soak the mail box and area around with ant killer :Explode:





Remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean


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Jeannie, I am picturing you with pink spots like polka dots...lol. Thanks for the peek at your childhood. I'm afraid I was the one accused of leading my sister astray.


Poison Ivy isn't a problem weed here but I am very allergic to ant bites (formic acid) and forever digging the little meanies up in my garden...sigh.


Keep on reminiscing, I really enjoy it.



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Thankfully they knew what you got into and what was needed to take care of it. Your childhood and older sister took good care of you as big sisters do so well!


I remember those days in the County in Houston, TX that's now in the city limits. No more animals, chickens to feed or veggies to bring in. Through all of that, we made it!


We were the good kids all those Bad kids in my neighborhood are dead now. They got shot by each other or the police.

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Jeannie: I am the oldest of seven. Bottom 4 think I walk on water. Brother John, number 2, knows that as a team, no one can challenge us. Poor Mary Beth-right there in the middle. And I punished her every day! My parents were Rh incompatible. I was OK, John jaundiced and Mary Beth required a transfusion. We had an Uncle who was universal donor and went to hospital with every delivery after John. Funny, Nurses thought he was the Dad!-lol


She was beautiful, tiny, smart and quick on her feet-had to be. Mary was allergic to Poison Ivy, I was not. Should have bought stock in Calamine for what I did to her. I tossed her out of a boat and told her to swim to shore to learn how to swim. I was NOT a good role model, but she loved me.


Flash forward to the night Bruce stroked. Mary is here with her two daughters, celebrating Liz's birthday. Don't know how I would have coped without her. Her husband met her half way with a suitcase and took the girls home. Mary was here two weeks, and you know from my blogs and posts what she has done for me.


That bond is unbreakable and thank you for reminding me how much I love her and how much she means to me. Debbie

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