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I Guess I Live On Facebook : )



Hey everyone,


I just dropped by to let you know that all is well with me and I think of my friends here on The Stroke Network often. Now I spend most of my time within the Facebook Community where there are many stroke survivors, caregivers, family members and health care professionals.


If you use Facebook then why not connect.


You can do a search for "garydotgray"


click on any of these links.

Gary Gray

My Life After Stroke The Stories Of Stroke Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery



"Like" any or all of my pages and you will automatically become a follower with all of my posts for that page appearing on your Facebook profile feed.


Thanks for allowing me to reconnect and I hope that you will be able to come and visit me on Facebook.


By the way The Stroke Network also has a Facebook page.

The Stroke Network

As of today The Stroke Network page has 2,208 "Likes" or fans or followers. whichever you prefer.


My very best to everyone on The Stroke Network.


Smiles :juggle:




p.s. You can find Kyle Jay on Facebook too. Just search for Kyle Jay. Kyle is doing awesome and continuing with his recovery.


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Every time I see the Eagle cam of the baby ones in the nest I think of you. Maybe it's being used more and more these days and here in Texas. I didn't think we had Eagles in this neck of the woods


Glad you are OK, enjoying being on Facebook and life is good to you. You still growing potatoes I think it was? I have not got up enough nerves to join Facebook yet. I hear all the bad stuff how the members pictures and homes are sent around the web as someone else's. That could happen anywhere I suppose.


Take care my man! Fred!

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Hi Fred,


It is sooo good to hear from you. I love that you are keeping up with those eagles. :You-Rock: We are getting more and more eagles making their home here on my Hidden Island Paradise


Of course, we are still growing potatoes here Fred. New P.E.I. potatoes are an excellent choice. We love our potatoes. Note to self: please do a post on my blog about eagles and potatoes for Fred.


Well Fred I will be honored to be your "Friend" on Facebook if you ever decide to set up an account. Actually Facebook is policed well and I have not heard of those things happening in any of the stroke communities. By the way Stroke Network is there with a little over 2,000 people on their page.


Take care my friend! I wish you the very best in your continued recovery.


Smiles :thumbsu:



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Thanks Gary, looking forward to the potatoes and the young eagles nesting! My wife got cockatiels nesting with 4 eggs in the nest. Nine weeks are about up which is what I'm told how long it takes for those birds!


She can hardly wait to be a bird grandma! She's just a caring lady I think! :big_grin:

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