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the Dentist...



Today we went to the dentist. They could not get both of us in. So I opted to have William's visit first. I have set mine up for this Wed. William went thru with flying colors. He needs to take his time and brush longer. He is so impatient. He was impatient before the stroke but the after he us even more impatient. The dental hygientist stressed that he needs to take his time. I have been flossing his teeth for him. I do this while he is in the shower. I figure that we may as well do all of the messy chores at one time. I give him toothbrush and he brushed while I get the soap and things set out for the shower. This is like one top shopping. Except it is one stop showering. Everything is done in the shower.


We have not been visiting the dogs. It is too hot in the summer.


We are doing the pool thing. William does not always want to go. But, he does go without much complaining. The best thing about this hot weather is that we can use the cool pool. I do not look forward to this winter and I will have to drive to the warm pool again.


I have toyed with the idea of getting tickets to a show. "The Screw tape letters" but, with this heat I do not think that I will bother.


The Nook is working well with William he is reading again.


I got 3 new doors put into the house. This is supposed to decrease our energy useage. I also had two new toilets put in and two new storm doors and a fan in the living room. This will all help with our comfort in the house.


William has has a new caregiver and he seems to like her alot.




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Ruth: I had such high hopes for you with Tropical Storm Don. Your part of the country just can not catch a break. We had our typical thunderstorm outbreak this afternoon. Happens often if we have a few days of hot, dry weather. We are on the other side of the jet stream, which does not seem to like Texas much this season. Have a nice tree limb straddling the fence=no damage to wires or houses, but yet another thing to add to the list. It never ends. Hopefully our lawn-snow guy can handle this without damaging the fence.


Good news on William's check up. I was also flossing Bruce's teeth, but have switched to those floss picks which he can do himself. His dentist approved. We have to forego the Peridontist for a bit-he totally understands. Once we get off this COBRA and onto Medicare, things will ease up a bit.


Looking into the Nook. Jen picked up the brochure from Barnes and Noble for us, so will get into that. I too am dreading the season changes. Seems like I have had no summer and yet here we are on the edge of fall. Debbie

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Ruth, The Dentist, yes, yet another appt. for Larry. Had to cancel last week due to my car being ready for pick up at the same time. The last appt. with his periodontist, I sat in the room with him while the hygenist did the cleaning. When he got ready to get off the chair, I helped him down. He told the dentist, "that's why I brought her along". LOL So, he goes next week and said I could wait in the waiting room. It was too hot to go last week anyway. I wish Larry would get interested in reading again. I would buy him a Nook or Kindle. His biggest interest of course is TV TV TV! <_<



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