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Epic failure



Well I tried the bike thing again, failed spectactularily. I didn't follow thru on my plans, which was to have a friend over to help me. I looked at my initial success and didn't analyze it enough to figure out why it worked. I wrapped my left hand on the handlebar, grabbed the arbor with my right hand to get my right leg over the seat. The left pedal was at the bottom of the arc so I could easily get my left foot on the pedal. I pushed off with my right foot and got the right foot on the right pedal, however since it was at the top of the arc I didn't have any leverage to start pedaling. So I fell directly to my left smashing directly on my left hip. On concrete no less, my upper body fell into the flower garden. A woman walking by asked very concerned if

I was ok. I assured her I was, I pried my left hand off the handle bar, got up and hobbled my bike back into the garage. What the difference between the two tries was that the earlier one had a slight downward slant from where I started so I started rolling downhill immediately, if I had waited for my friend to be around he could have given me enough of a push to get rolling. I hobbled into the house and as I'm walking in the living room I realize my head is spinning and if I don't sit down immediately I'll fall, I fall onto the couch and roll onto the floor(on my good side at least). While down there our rabbit comes by and sniffs me. I spent the rest of that day crawling on my hands/elbows and knees to get around. The next day I can at least use my single point cane to move around the house. Day 2 I am reduced to using my 4-point cane and very heavily leaning on it. So much that my right hand goes numb from the pressure on the nerves. I manage to drive my car to pick up some groceries and library books. That night I go to X-Men: First Class, good movie but sitting still for two hours stiffens me up and hobbling out of the theater is pretty bad. I thought I was slow before but now I am glacial, half-step every minute. I will be going to a doctor soon to make sure I didn't break my hip, movement while non weight-bearing is ok. So I now have skinned knees and floor burns on my left toes. After three falls onto my left hip I wonder why none of them bruised and colored up. :sword:


Conclusion: I didn't analyze why my first attempt worked and was too arrogant to think I needed help the second time if the first time worked. I was already imagining long bike rides on the converted rail lines near our house. Baby steps were needed and I went off into full speed running instead. I know there is a medical term for that inability to see our defects. I will have to remember that when I attempt to run.

:oops: At least it happened immediately rather than a mile away.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! :bop:


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Dean, all of us have days when our wisdom turns to folly! My weakness is falling off ladders. That is without having a stroke, just a sort of gung ho attitude that defies my advancing years.


Yep, in hindsight you should have waited for your friend and gone for a few easy rides first. Better safe and healthy than broken, bruised and battered.



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Dean: you promised you would be careful and safety first. Please recover 100% before you try this again and have help there, even if just for support. You can do this, have learned a lesson and next time, you will do great having learned about your deficits and short-comings. You will do this-one step at a time. Debbie

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Dean, Dean, thinkingmachine,


Quoting you, "...my upper body fell into the flower garden..."


That seemed good, right and poetic to me.


Go forth, brave man and


fall into more flower gardens!


Far better than sitting like a lump


and moldering.



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But it does give me more therapy, sensation pain, trying to find its way back to the sensory cortex. And since my sensory cortex is intact, it is just the white matter underlying it that needs connecting and boy does pain work well for that. I shouldn't make light of this, it was stupid, as long as others don't try to follow me.

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Well doctor says hip is not broken,possibly a hairline fracture, only be able to tell if I get an MRI on it. But I wonder what the point would be, would there be any difference in treatment if I do have a hairline fracture? Maybe pain meds? Yippee. :bouncing_off_wall: :laughbounce:


Don't follow me in anything I do. If I wasn't so young(55 hah) and healthy, this would have resulted in a total hip replacement. You know what they say, falls kill elderly people.

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I am glad you have a sense of humor about all this and are looking at the positive effects. I, for one, am still trying to catch my breath. Not a nice thing to do to little, old, frail ladies. I want you to keep in mind that a hairline fracture can turn into major total hip replacements if you should reinjure yourself in that area again. Bones do not repair as quickly at 55 as they do at 25. Seriously, give yourself plenty of time to heal. Walk=don't run, diet, fluids and rest. Keep it elevated when resting. Don't make me ask Uncle Bruno to make a road trip. He gets very cranky if he spends too much time in the car-lol. Best, honey, do take care. Debbie

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