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100 degrees Temps Setting Records In Texas



IT'S VERY HOT IN TEXAS! We are experiencing record for most days in a row and the number of total days over 100 degrees for the year. Today is 43 days in a row, a new record for temps over 100 degrees in my city. The next record sure to be broken is 63 days over a 100 degrees for the year!


IT'S HARD TO SENSE THOSE KINDS OF TEMPS, but living in Texas it's easy to see. I suppose it's like living in Hell, I'm told that's a very hot place and I hope never to confirm or find out, for me it's hear-say. We probably should have thought about hot days ahead when the past winter dumped record snow with some in place that usually don't get that much. The heat is truly following suit this summer.


Area Lake levels are at their all-time record lows. The marina boat docks got boats sitting in the sand the waters edge is 20 feet from where the boats are in the docks. You can see tree tops in places you didn't think there were trees near the center of the lakes! I'm told the water levels are normally 20 feet above the tops of the visible trees you can see now.


You know how you can walk out onto the docks and sit and fish? Well, I will never walk out on the docks again without a life vest. That water there is some 20 to 30 feet deep and right now you can see the bottom. There has been some cars discovered in the lake too, so far no bodies inside. Probably stolen cars that has been striped and dumped by car thieves long ago.


We stand nearby on land and watch the game wardens gather all kinds of stuff from the lake bottoms including rods and reels that are very old and rusty. It's like a treasure hunt on dry land. Right now no boats can get in the water from the usual boat ramps. In fact they are closed while they drag all this stuff out of the muddy bottom of the lakes.


We can still cook eggs on the sidewalks, probably pancakes too. I remember as a little kid we went barefoot most of the time especially when school was out for the summer. You couldn't do that now this summer! All the grass in many yards is brown from the heat and not many sprinklers are operating on most streets in the neighborhoods.


I think I know how the people up north felt when they were covered in snow last winter. That was the most snow many states had seen in quite some time. This heat is sure the most we had in Texas in many years, in fact it was 1980, the records that are being broken. I think there has been only two heat related deaths so far! I'm staying indoors. The a/c in Walmarts is not as cold as it usually is. I guess they cut back some or the sun is bearing down on the roofs! :big_grin:


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Fred, we went through some heat when we lived in Narrandera, the heat beat down on the dry plains and the poor birds dropped dead from dehydration as they couldn't find water and shade.


Every summer ends and winter comes again and we complain of the cold. In our hottest places in Australia people live underground where the temps are lower. Maybe you should build a second basement or tunnel into the garden?


Here''s hoping you have a nice long cool fall to recover.



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Fred: our local newspaper here in Connecticut has been showing pictures of what is occurring out your way. Please just take care of yourself and heed all the warnings. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Always a water bottle handy. Debbie

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fred, i hear ya. this is not the welcoming weather i had anticipated in my move back home. but it is what it is! like you, i just stay inside where its cool. az heat did not have the humidity tx does. so 115 hot days were tolerable with water, shade or chances to cool off in the ac. my hubby used to work on roofs on those really hot days, then go sit in his truck with the ac to cool him down, then back on the roof for awhile. heat stroke got to him several times. i worried so much about him on those really hot days. we finally got some rain last week, a good soaking. hopefully your area got some too. stay out of the heat on your scooter, we worry about you out there.



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