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have you ever notice?and i do mean slow, kina like the turtle



have you ever notice that if you want to cross your legs in order to dress that you are constantly having to pick up with your arms to lift your leg?well i use to as well but i have found that over time over munch time that i am now able to pick up my leg up without having to use my arm i just lift my leg up and get out of the car or into the car or when i am dressing i just pick up my leg and cross them over to put on my pants it has taken me a very long time to be able to incorporate the use of my leg but over time and munch walking to streathing up my muscle in my leg it has finally allowed me to do it so slow yes like the turtle , but you just remember about the turtle it may be slow but it always win the race and thats why it is such a good animal that is use to define our stroke so don"t sespire if it"s not working for you just find a new way to attack the problem and the brain will be there to help move the muscle like it use to

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Lenny: thank you so much, I did need this encouragement. Bruce's affected leg weighs probably more than me and with the AFO, it is so hard for me to lift. With the pants putting on that you described, I have noticed that he can help me more now. I am sure it would be even further along if he would just walk. But he is working with Leo and Jen and I think all is finally paying off. If he could lift the leg himself with his good arm, even that is an improvement at this point. Good to see there can be even more improvement after that.


Will try working the next few weeks on letting him do the lifting and me just spotting. That may be a step forward. Again thank you. Debbie

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