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What Next?.........



Yesterday, our son was involved in a car accident. No one was hurt and the damage is minor. That's the good news. What gets me is it's his THIRD one in the span of a year! He is working on his THIRD car! Lisa and I purchased the first two for him (one for graduation and one for a beater). The car he was driving yesterday was his mom's brand new Honda CR-V. It has only 7000 miles and she absolutely loves that thing. She has told me that she can't wait to drive again. I will hear about "tough love" and cut him off, but if I do that how will he get to work? What about when school starts again? Most of his pay goes toward school.


This got me think about what is going on in my life. The question I keep coming back to is "What next?". What else is going to be dumped on me to handle? Could I handle anything else? How much is too much? I am so sick and tired of all the questions, phone calls, problems, forms, tears, sugesstions, doctors, bills, and everything. It keeps getting harder to put the happy face on. This might sound desperate (what do I mean might) but I think I have done the best I could do. I have so much guilt about everything I do. I am always second guessing all my decisions. Am I doing the right thing, is there a better way, should I even worry about it. My mom has been a huge supporter of me and I feel guilty for dumping and venting on her.


That's it. All the thoughts I have right now. Butch

P.S. The car is getting fixed next week. blush.gif




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Stop beating yourself up, things will all work out given enough time. Although I do know what you mean by how much is to much? When life puts me on that path, I take a deep breath, hunker down and start dealing with things one by one with the important things being dealt with first. I've thrown most of my social conditioning out the window in order to deal with things as they come up. Basically just do the best you can.


PS. Welcome to the blog section.

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