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Oh Darn!



Thought I published this earlier but guess I hit the wrong button! Oh well here I go again!


Sometimes I feel a little guilty posting good news but I think it helps us all to remember there are better days ahead so here goes!


Last night Mike and I were sitting here watching TV and just being lazy as we do in the late evening when he complained of being hot. That is unusual for him as he is always cold and even worse now that he is on blood thinners. Well I got up and turned the AC on to cool him off and myself cause I am always hot! The unit kicked on and after a few minutes he said " I can see out of my left eye!" I said ok, He says " NO Baby you don't understand, I can see out of my left eye!" realizing then what he said I jumped up and said watch my finger! I did the eye test where you put one finger up in front of his nose and told him to follow it without turning his head. As I went to the right he said I can see it then I came back to the center and continued to the left side of his face he continued to watch it without the least bit of "eye bobble" at least that's what I call it. Then I made him stare straight ahead and tell me everything he could see on both sides, passed parifrial vision with flying colors! He has full vision! Don't know what caused it. The doctor said when he was in the hospital that he may get his sight back but could not tell us for sure so since it had been so long we thought for sure it was gone for good! We were both so extatic we laughed and cried and praised God for all he has done for us. However this is not all there's more! After we calmed down and called everybody to tell them our news he started doing some arm exercises. He has always sat at the table with his arm resting on it and tried to roll his lower arm to make his hand go into a position like a hand shake instead of just laying flat on the table with the fingers downward. The muscles in his upper arm are pretty near non existant so he cant raise the lower part of his arm much just yet. Well he started his nightly routine and it happened! he rolled his arm over and opened his hand! He has been working on building his grip srength but just couldn't get those finger to extend for nothing! then all of a sudden there they go!


I don't want to take up too much of your time here so I can't tell you all the little things that are starting to come together but its like every time he exercises something new happens! We are so blessed. To God be the glory for it is by his grace all these good things are happening!


I thank each of you for your friendship and each and everyone on here is in our thoughts and prayers!




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Don't ever feel guilty about sharing good news with us. I know how it feels like you're waving a T-Bone steak in front of a starving man but in reality it gives us hope that even if not now, someday it can happen for us too. I understand though because sometimes I feel guilty mentioning my own arm and hand when so many of my friends still can't use theirs.


I still can't see out of my left eye much but your blog really made me smile. I had pretty much just accepted that this far post stroke, any blindness I have was permanent but your entry has sparked some hope in me.


Keep posting your good news! I love hearing it and love sensing your happiness.

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Guest hostwill



Sometimes when I yawn, My hand will go full open. Thanks for sharing the News. Never give up!


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Yes it is nice to hear the good stories too.... there is nothing to hope for if you don't know -what to hope for...nancyl

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Cat, if you can get hold to those cones like therapy use that would be great for finger and hand strengthening and those stretch bands in different colors works wonders in exercising the weak arm/hand in movements right at home. I got some tied to my bed post and I do stretches mornings and nights too!!


We are blessed by just being survivors and able to do all we can because being with your loved ones are great anytime!!

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Thanks everyone! We sure do feel blessed. I haven't seen any cones used by therapy but I never thought about those bands and using them for exercise that is a great idea! Thanks fking! We have some of those here and I could hook them to the bed to help build muscles in his arm and also help with the spastisity in it! Gonna definately use that info! Have a good night all and I will talk to you later!

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Cat: paper cups, upside down, lift and stack. Unstack.


Thank you so much for the wonderful news. He has had quite a week, Missy and I sure hope a celebration is in the making.


Always post the good. Again gives all of us hope and soemthing to strive. I think Bruce's arm is starting to come back, but he exercises so sporatically, it will take a long time. Mike is so diligent as to his recovery and I often read your posts to Bruce, just so he understands that he also has to contribute and not just when he feels like it.


Having a nice glass of wine, toasting both of you. Hugs and kisses, from me, to Mike. He is truly an inspiration. And to you, because we all know he needs your support and confidence in him - always never wavering. Debbie

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Cat :


I am so happy for both of you. I believe in posting only good things about my life I feel positivity brings in more positivity in life.so please don't feel guilty sharing good news, it lifts every one's spirit.



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Wow that is wonderful news, don’t feel quilty, news like that gives us hope that we all need to hear. So keep believing in God because he is the ultimate healer. I hope to have the same good news to share someday.



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Oh my goodness, I know you both must be beyond excited! This is great news and don't ever feel guilty about posting the good things. It gives encouragement to so many others that really need it. He is really working hard and getting results will just make him keep at it even more and hopefully with more good results. Just another reminder to never give up hope. I predict the two of you will be dancing quite a jig together at the wedding!!!



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Cat, Mike is having wonderful progress! I'm so glad you are together and helping each other thru this. I know we had days like that when Bob did something new all the time, but we were so much further in the hole than Mike is! With his new things popping up, and not that much left of his symptoms, I can only imagine the best results coming his way! :)

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Ethyl we are glad to know that my posts are an inspiration and it makes Mike feel good to know this too. He told me to ask what kind of wine are you drinking?


Acha, I too believe as you about good bringing good and I will surely continue to post all the good things and I hope you do also!


Dena, We have only danced twice in our two years together and remember he was in a band where we had to go to dance halls two to three times a week so that should tell you he is not very big on dancing! LOL But rest assured he will dance with me at our wedding! LOL


Sandy you will have more days like that also I am sure so just keep up the up the hard work!


You are all in my prayers and I do say one each night special for all the members on the site. We may have never met face to face but I feel like I have known you for years! (((((HUGS)))))) and love to all!

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supper cool. man i hope he took note of that milestone too. i have such good memories of regaining abilities. my most heartfelt moment was when i realized i was able to cross my legs again. i should my husband and the man who never crys (according to him) took a short walk so i wouldnt know his eyes were leaking. haha i knew he was just as proud as i was. i love your story.

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