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It has been five years since my strokes



I look back over the past five years and I realized that I have made tremendous progress. Even know I have made progress I still feel depressed and lonely and a burden to my husband and my family. Although I can walk and talk and do most things on the assistant I still need help with some things my children are 1512 and five years old and it is hard for them to understand why I need so much help around the house. I used to be a very independent person and now I have to depend on people to drive for me sometimes to help me walk and to help me tend to the things that I used to enjoy such as my gardening my horses and various other things that I can no longer do by myself. My strokes occurred on or about February 10 of 2008 I was two weeks postpartum when I began having headaches and I went to the emergency room several times before they transferred me to a different hospital on arriving at the different hospital they then realized that I was having strokes not postpartum depression I suffered to massive strokes one on each side of the brain anyway scheming strokes not hemorrhagic strokes and I was lucky for that I spent three weeks in the critical care unit and three months in inpatient rehab. Once I arrived home in late May 2008 I had a baby that I had not really had contact with for the first 4 1/2 months of her life that was depressing to me. At first when I got home there were plenty of people who were willing to help with anything that was needed around the house from cooking cleaning tending to the children anything that I needed personal care My husband and my family and friends were very supportive and eager to help. As the years have gone by people that were so eager to help have now distanced themselves from the situation even though I still need a lot of help around the house and I cannot drive so I cannot get my children to the places that they need to be for afterschool activities As well as my doctors appointments and physical therapy appointments. Those aspects have solely fallen on my husband and my mother. At first glance I look like a typical young woman but looks can be very deceiving I still get very confused when too many things are happening at one time and having three children all school-age now that tends to happen a lot. I tried to stay as positive as I can and as happy as I can but with so much going on around me I feel like I'm slowing my family down and that saddens me. All in all I am extremely blessed to be here still and I am very happy that I'm still here to be a part of my children's lives because that was not expected the doctors expected for me to either be in a vegetative state or not make it at all. I feel that I have a lot to share with you young people about strokes especially young women because if I can help prevent someone from being in the state that I am in I will feel that I have made a difference in someone's life.


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hi there :


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I too stroked after delivering & loosing premature baby in 2004. my stroke paralysed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved. luckily for me it did not retired me from stay at home mom & wife job, and I am having time of my life. It feels great that I can enjoy all growing years of our son. For me blogging & chatting with other survivors hss helped me deal with my new normal & also helped me combat my feeling of worthlessness. Though for me using calender for my son's activity helped me. Thanks to stroke I have become organised person now. things will improve, don't destroy your present moment by thinking horrible future (I did that & suffered, so please don't do same mistake). nothing lasts forever good times or bad times, so go with flow of life without resisting. you will be driving soon & things will be changing for good.


Asha(now 42 year old survivor stroked at age 34)

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Welcome to the Blog community. It is sad you have had such a struggle at such a young age and with a small baby to look after as well but you have done it. Soon you will have one of your young ones driving and that will make a huge difference to all of you. In the meantime see how many of your former friends are still willing to help out, some will come back to you with an offer for sure if you tell them of some of the difficulties. And as you say you have the help of your husband and your mother too.


I looked after my husband Ray for 13 years and he spent a year in a nursing home and sadly died last September. I didn't begrudge anything I had to do for him, it iwas what I had promised to do and whatever wasn't a pleasure I soon got over.


Keep us updated on you and your household, always happy to have another person to be a part of our special group.



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