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Ready To Run



Spring is almost here! Soon it will be warm enough to begin another outdoor running season. This week Twin Cities in Motion posted a blog about my running season last year. https://www.tcmevents.org/blog/2013/03/05/184/feeling_like_an_athlete_again


I did this story hoping to inspire others to get more active, running, walking, or wheeling.


My first race of the year is the TC One Mile race in May. It all starts with the first mile.


I’ve been in contact with the Minnesota Stroke Association about their ACT FAST Running Team. They plan to run participate in races around the Twin Cities throughout 2013.


Keep moving!


Recommended Comments

That's great you can run Dave, for me, I can hardly walk, but if I could use my scooter, man I would register. My friend Lenny is trying to make a come back in running marathons like he once did before his stroke. I don't know for sure how he is progressing but that's his sport besides baseball.


I wish you all the luck and success out on the course in your very first race of one mile. You can do it and not be last like I would be.

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