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Hello Everyone



It's still snowing in New York, so I've decided to go with a snowman theme. Yesterday my only living relative tried to warehouse me into a longterm care facility. I'm certain I don't need to be there. I've gotten more compassion from total strangers than this fool who is trying to sell me to the highest bidder. This is why I haven't spoken to him in years. I've done just fine without him, and I'm going to continue to do my best. With relatives like that, I'm better off alone! :goodjob:


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family can be intresting for sure, care less or care to much.. few have any common sense balance it seems...hopefully you can and will continue to hold your own, as you have been..keep it up.... nancyl

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Hi Cheryl: I'm a New Yorker, too, a little downtown from you (10024). I don't have family and am applying to residences that have assisted living. At 72, it is not a good idea for me to continue living alone. You should stay independent as long as you can, however. All the best, Henry

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Welcome to the Blog world and to Stroke Net support community. I sure hope you enjoy the site, members and all there is here to learn about strokes and the recovery process which takes plenty time to come a little ways but every little bit helps us in the long run.


This is the place to speak your mind, rant, rave or tell it your way about your stroke, how you are now or if you are a care giver to another person. I'm a survivor of 9 years this year and I'm still trying to recover some more. I know my stroke was real bad and I'm glad to be a survivor.


It's good to see you Blog and when you feel ready we may see you write a post on the message board telling us a little bit about your stroke and how you are doing presently. You know better than anyone else where you want to be so take your time look around and do what you feel.

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Welcome Cheryl, you have started an exciting project as a blog helps you in sorting out your troubles, finding support and information and venting so you feel better. Tell us more about your stroke journey and feel free to write whatever you need to write as often as you need to write it.



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hi cheryl :


welcome to best online stroke support community. from your blog you sound like strong woman, I am sure you will do well in your post stroke journey. I have found blogging & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul.



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Many thanks to everyone for their overwhelming show of support! My spasticity is at an all time high. I'll write more as soon as I'm feeling better. I seem to be much worse on cold, windy days. It's just my luck that this year winter has decided to last longer!

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