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Mumbles....William's new companion.



I finally got William the dog that he wanted. It is true that the dog is really attached to me. But, William loves him and loves to talk to him and order him around. He loves that Mumbles is there with him all of the time.


Mumbles, is a little blonde , shih tzu. He is 4 years old. He is potty trained. He barks at me when he needs to go out. It is amazing! He had an ear infection when we got him. But, we had that taken care of. He also needed to be groomed. Had that taken care of. He still needs to get neutered. But, we will have that done in a couple of weeks. The vet suggested that he get settled in his new home before we do that.


He sleeps on the bed at William's feet.


This new job that I have is very consuming. It is 40 hours a week. This is a seasonal job...meaning they really only need you when medicare part D changes. We started out with 150 people and are now at 71 people. They will probably cut down to 50 people. I have made this many cuts so far. It is so unusual. I have never had a job that they cut people every week. I have been meeting William at the YMCA to get his swimming in. I have cut this down to 3 times a week.


The new job is very interesting. The cut backs or ramp down as they call it....makes for a very bad attitude among the employees that are left.


But on a higher note. The dog is alot of fun. He is more work. I get to walk him at least twice a day. He knows that when he needs to go out...he barks at me. He is very potty trained.


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Mumbles sounds like a keeper to me! As far as the job, that seems to be the way it goes now, if it ends then take a nice little vacation and then find something else. You know you can!

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hey Ruth :


your dog sounds like great addition to family & providing joy & distraction to both of you. Working outside home always have that layoff or firing sword hanging, that's why I love being retired & be my own boss of the house & family if they let me lol. but I am sure with your experience you will find something new quickly if need arises.



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Ruth in my neck of the woods a person with your degree is in such high demand -- i cant even comprehend a layoff of any type... ever...... the dog good deal... the dogs are so good for dan and me although they are work it is a "centering" and easy comparatively....good luck !!! nancyl

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I'm so happy for you and William with the dog. He seems like a real sweet dog. Larry would probablyl relate better to a dog than our cats but I can't part with them. They entertain us as well and are great companions.


Hope things work out for your job.



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Ruth: thank you for the update on Mumbles. Our chat time is so limited these days and once we talk about William and the new job, seems Mumbles is a quick mention.


I am so happy he is working out so well for you both. No surprised William is loving him. Kira is Bruce's one constant all day and I do so know it makes such a difference. New chore for Bruce this week is to feed her. She has some medical issues and has to be fed three times a day, special diet. There is no reason Bruce can't handle the noon meal while I am getting our lunch. Please do try to post a pix soon.


Kisses and hugs to both your boys! Debbie

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WOW Ruth, I'm glad to read you got a shih Tzu for William and he loves that little dog just like me. Unbelievable, I got the same little dog for our granddaughter a year ago named Princess. She was just two weeks old and now she is a year and two months old. She stays by my side while her owner is in school and loves to ride on the scooter with me. I hope one day I get to bring her with me to meet your Mumbles. Like him she has an ear infection but it's under control by our Vet at Pets Mart.

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