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My new self this summer



This will be my first summer since' my major stroke july31. Can I swim, can I take. My kids to the pool? Can I get out of the water on our boat ladder with my weak left arm, I think I will discuss trying water therapy to evaluate how I do in a pool. I am Readyto try and see what I can do time will tell, I was just curious what everybody else's water experiences have been, I guess I will know soon enough. Thanks,





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you will ( know what you can and cant do ).. and you are planning ahead , that in itself says volumes in stroke world.... the boat ladder i agree might be a challange , but being aware it might be - compensations can be made to assist you if needed....

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Go for it! Two summers after I had the stroke, I wanted to help out in the hay fields, I was able to get into the big tractor, unassisted, even though it was ugly to watch Just try and be careful John

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Hi I just wanted to share my swimming experience. I did not enjoy the beach because the sand was hard to walk on with my AFO and tennis shoes on. Crocs were better (when there wasnt hard rocks getting caught between the bottom of my foot and the brace PAINFUL). I tried getting in my mom's pool one summer at her apartment complex. Getting in was pretty simple. I just sat down on a chair then lowered myself to the side of the pool and scooted into the water until my feet were touching the floor of the pool. I had on swimming shoes so I wouldnt hurt my toes if they curled. Getting out was a nightmare. I thought I would just climb up the ladder using my good hand and both legs BUT my weak foot decided to get scared and spaz out ofcourse my good leg started spazzing as well. My fear of falling back into the water mixed with my fear of taking the next step made both my feet lock up and I could not move. I had to get my mom and her apartment manager to lift me out. Not trying to scare you! just saying be careful, don't be afraid to ask for help, and don't freak out like I did if you find yourself in a scary situation. Just take your time and make sure there's someone around that can help in case of emergencies.

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